The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Yorke – “210 breezy”

Yorke follows up his previous single “Mirrors” with “210 breezy”, a reggae-soul tune that once again showcases his versatility as an eclectic artist. Over the sombre and nostalgic reggae guitar licks and soothing textures and head nodding grooves, the rapper details a beautiful sunny day, free of stress and trouble.




S.Crow – “Fairy Talez (single version)”


S.Crow  caught our ears with his newest release titled “Fairy Talez (single version)”. Inspired by his own experiences growing up in Oakland, the rapper takes us through the ups and downs of parenthood, weaving through the dangerous streets and overall tense atmosphere in the city. Backed by a groovy soundscape and a classic breakbeat to boot, S.Crow gives listeners a cinematic view into his life.



Jbsteez – “Faded Memories”

Jbsteez’s “Faded Memories” is a heartfelt piece that digs deep into the rapper’s hopes, dreams and fears as a young man trying to find his footing. From personal loss, financial struggles and broken friendship, Jbsteez runs through the gamut of daily hurdles and how all the tribulations made him stronger over time.


Sir Hop – “Alley Off The Glass Freestyle



  “Alley Off The Glass Freestyleis the newest release from Sir Hop who takes charge with his commanding vocal tone and blend of bravado and thought-provoking bars.



ZackThaMack is fully engaged in his new single “LOCKED IN FREESTYLE” which sees him taking over a rousing hard-hitting backdrop. Armed with his animated flow and knack for penning insightful and relatable bars, the rapper give listeners a glimpse into his life.



Rachael Kay – “Ain’t Even”

South London’s emerging songstress and producer Rachael Kay delivers her self-produced record titled “Ain’t Even” which showcases her multi-faceted skills. Listeners can hear the 90s influence in her music and her whispered vocal runs are distinct and soul-girpping and the songwriting is brilliant.



Miss Benzo – “Cycles”

Singer/songwriter/rapper Miss Benzo shares a heartfelt tale in “Cycles”. The track dives into the dynamics of working through a toxic relationship and how she found a way to move on. Over a bass-heavy and sublime soundscape, she delivers her verses with much gusto giving listeners a glimpse into her journey in this cycle of love.




Daz Guy – “New Levels”

Daz Guy takes off to “New Levels” in his new single. The production is eclectic and has a blend of funky basslines and crunchy off-beat boombap drums while his lyrics are insightful and dig deep into his personal demons and struggles.


Kat G. – “Boss Ish”

Kat G. is back on her “Boss Ish” as she flares up the playlist. Starting it off with a classic vocal sample from Charlie Sheen‘s rants, the track switches into a bass-heavy banger ripe with Kat’s sultry and confident flow. This is pure bravado on wax and Kat G is the lady in charge.


Akete – “TnE”

Akete (AKA Té)  shares his new single “TnE” which showcases his off-kilter, unassuming flow and unfiltered lyrics. Bolstered by the self-produced percussion-driven, sublime soundscape, listeners get a feel of this rapper’s distinct sound and insightful lyrical schemes.



Seneca Tyree – “Faithful”

Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper/producer Seneca Tyree takes time to reflect in his new single “Faithful”. Over the soulful backdrop, he details the inner emotional and mental struggles that come along with life’s challenges and the unorthodox ways he has to employ to get back on track.

Lujza – “Over You”

Australian singer/songwriter Lujza delivers this retro-tinged soulful jam titled “Over You”. Over bouncy drums and warm and dreamy textures, she details her experiences in a fledgling relationship and finds the strength to move on after coming to terms with the toxic situation.

Skee – “Highlight Reel”


Super lyricist Skee returns with this conceptual track titled “Highlight Reel”. Over a cinematic soundscape, he weaves a wordplay-laden track using cinematic terms with a whole lot of bravado.

Reverb And The Verse – “Boogeyman”

Reverb And The Verse‘s “Boogeyman” is an offbeat and experimental tune that is quite different and bouncy. The vocal performance is rousing and animated and the sound design is quite engaging too.

NovasNotion – “Top Down Back It Up”

NovasNotion caught our ears with “Top Down Back It Up”, a bright and fun-filled tune that sees him dropping jewels on pushing through the hurdles and a lady who is playing hard to get.


ARYA and Yuni Wa get down and dirty with the hard-hitting collabo titled “ARISTOPHANES”. Backed by a cinematic and gritty backdrop, the emcees get into their element, flexing on the detractors while taking jabs at those who perpetrate the fake lifestyle that is prominent in this social media era.

Drew Skeyewalker – “Lavender + Eucalyptus”

Drew Skeyewalker‘s “Lavender + Eucalyptus” takes inspiration from Two of the most popular plants used in aromatherapy treatments. The mellow sublime track serves as a form of audio therapy for the rapper who takes time to dig deep and reflect on the things bogging him down and clearing them out of his way.


Matt Nye x Young Noble – “Something in My Soul”

Matt Nye teams up with Young Noble (of the Outlawz) for this reflective tune titled “Something in My Soul”. Backed by a somber and jazzy soundscape, both emcees take time to talk about their growth and how their music can help listeners to get out the doldrums.

Nazzy the Mic- “Hopeless Pt. 2”

Nazzy the Mic delivers “Hopeless Pt. 2“, a heartfelt follow-up to her song of the same name. Over a sombre piano-driven beat, she reflects on her struggles and experiences as she enters adulthood. Armed with her unique melodic flow and mellow flow, she gives listeners a glimpse into her.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids – “HOT PLANET”

The Polaris Prize was shortlisted and JUNO Award nominated indigenous hip-hop duo of Young D and Yung Trybez known as Snotty Nose Rez Kids drop their hard-hitting tune titled “HOT PLANET”. Over the punchy and somewhat playful backdrop, the duo delivers fiery rap performances with confidence and bravado. “HOT PLANET” is taken from their new LP titled I’M GOOD, HBU?.

Swervus x Queen Prophecy – “Game Over (Checkmate)”

Producer Swervus teamed up with Queen Prophecy for this glorious tune titled “Game Over (Checkmate)”. Bolstered by an anthemic vocal-driven backdrop, Queen prophecy drops some insightful and thought-provoking gems that listeners can relate to.

King Vee – “Head in the Clouds”

King Vee come through with the sombre and reflective record titled “Head in the Clouds”. Over a moody and melancholic soundscape made up of airy vocals, and soothing pads, King Vee details his daily struggles as he tries to find himself through the craziness.

Coi Leray – “Players”

Rising rapper/songwriter Coi Leray is in her element in her new single “Players”. The playful tune sees her doing her thing over a refurbished version of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five. Armed with her mellow laidback flow she rips through one bold and braggadocious bar after another, exuding confidence and charisma. It pops off with the instantly unshakable hook as she proves, “‘Cause girls is players too.”

Blac Samurai – “Coogi Sweater”

Chi-town emcee Blac Samurai showcase his lyrical skills in his new single “Coogi Sweater”. Over a classic soulful soundscape, he comes through with his offbeat and mellow cadence with vivid lyrical schemes. The rapper got his name from the Wu-Tang name generator.

Blake Anthony x Soufend Music – “World Party”

Blake Anthony and producer Soufend Music team up for “World Party”, a bouncy tune that is fun-filled and catchy too. The beat is smooth and makes use of a classic vocal sample while Blake delivers his verses using a stream-of-consciousness style.

Xersize – “Janus”

Swedish rap artist Xersize caught our ears with this thought-provoking record titled “Janus”. Over a sparse guitar-laden soundscape, he delivers a heartfelt performance as he dives into his own struggles and inner demons. The title is a reference to the Roman God of beginnings and explores Xersize’s progression

Dashius Clay – “1-800-Hotline”

Dashius Clay gets into the sensual mood in his new song “1-800-Hotline”, a blend of R&B and hiphop. The lyrics detail all the fantasies to take your girl to a new plateau and the men in charge are Operators Dashius Clay and YJ

Joe January – “Grammys” (feat. Ciano & Big Ashley)

San Diego X Indianapolis: The duo of producer HazeBanga and artist Joe January team up with Big Ashley and Ciano to paint a picture of a young person of colour growing up, finding a place in society, and learning to love themselves.

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