For the second single from their upcoming collaborative album, Sareem Poems and Newselph take the fatal four-way approach and link up with James Gardin and Macklyn to reflect and celebrate all the joys this life has to offer.

Newselph’s production guitar-laced production is uplifting and smooth. Think prayer meeting meets praise break. The bar inspection begins with Sareem Poems morphing into Joel Flow Clean and turning his gaze away from algorithms and synthetic buzz with a sincere appreciation for the love that surrounds him. James Gardin, also known as Bishop T.D. Breaks, takes us on an Uber drive to the seventh heaven with slick wordplay and references to Marvin Gaye and De La Soul. The song is threaded together by the feel-good refrain of Macklyn. That boy can sing. As in “sang sang”.

This life has it’s up and downs as well as its peaks and valleys. In spite of it all, this life is meant to be lived and loved.

This Life is out now on Illect Recordings.

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