The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kayos – “No Respawning”

Kayos gets charged up in his latest release titled “No Respawning”. The vibrant track is made up of a hard-hitting drill backdrop and unapologetic street raps that are ultra graphic and engaging as well.



Ariel – “In the Wild”

Ariel‘s “In the Wild” is a soul-lifting tune that explores the topic of forgiveness, faith and religion in the modern world where greed and non-righteous activities are the norm. Backed by a sublime and warm backdrop, Ariel runs through the ups and downs of this sinful world and how having faith in God helped her find her way.



Jorj Sabio – “Bed”.

Singer/songwriter Jorj Sabio‘s “Bed” is a reflective love ballad that explores the dynamics of love and personal struggles and their intersectionality. Over a stripped-down backdrop made up of rich guitar strings and plucks, he delivers a heartwarming performance ripe with relatable and insightful songwriting.



Danny Whacko – “Goat Talk”.

Danny Whacko and M.I.C Mike are the mythical 2 headed GOAT as they share their collaboration titled “Goat Talk”. The production has a solemn and dark vibe while the rappers proceed to wreak havoc and they leave no stone unturned.




Chris Meraki – “Like I Stole It”.

Chris Meraki is taking the bull by the horns “Like I Stole It”, a mid-tempo and bouncy tune that remind listeners that he is wasting time focusing on the wrong things. The piano-driven backdrop and Chris’ fiery raps exude an urgency like no other but ultimately the message is clear, always be intentional and seize the day.



Kid Infamous – “Level Up”.


Kid Infamous is ready to “Level Up”, an anthem aimed at those who want to break the mould and make something out for themselves. The production is dark and cinematic and Kid Infamous’s lyrics are passionate as he details his mission parameter which is to level up.



Skye Houston – “Intimacy”


Emerging singer/songwriter Skye Houston caught our ears with her new release titled “Intimacy”. The record is a smooth blend of classic R&B with Afropop aesthetics and showcases her distinct vocal runs and style. Her vocals sure take precedence and the lyrics that dwell on blossoming love and being intimate with one’s partner are relatable and heartfelt.  The backdrop is lush and soulful and the undeniable groove also adds an exotic feel to it.



Lana Burford – “angel”.


Lana Burford‘s “angel” has a retro-neo soul vibe with a tinge of lofi. The soft tones, mellow pads and pulsating basslines all add to create the perfect backdrop for her sublime vocal runs and heartwarming songwriting that dwells on the matters of the heart.




Swervus x Jimmy Vegas – “Goal Den Ours “(feat. Jimmy Vegas)

Swervus and Jimmy Vegas team up for “Goal Den Ours “, a reflective track that explores days of the past when young men did what they did to survive. Bolstered by a lush and somewhat soulful soundscape, he takes listeners down memory lane and hot it all and adds up to the present.



GRZLY – “THE LOWS” (feat. drug$onwar)


GRZLY drops the new single “THE LOWS” featuring drug$onwar and it immediately caught our ears. Over a dark and ominous production, the emcees break down the dog-eat-dog concept of the streets. From surviving the elements and daily struggles, these emcees show us what it really means to get by.




Kendrick Lamar – “reverie” (Remix by Flowervillain)

Producer Flowervillain gives us his own interpretation of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Reverie”. The production used is as sombre and reflective as a come and sure fits the heartfelt and emotional lyrics.



PGonDaTrak – “Chil’ren”

PGonDaTrak caught our ears with “Chil’ren”, a heartfelt and soulful track that explores focusing on one’s true purpose. Armed with a distinct vocal tone and melodic style, he brings to the foreground a mix of contemporary R&B with an alternative hip-hop touch.


Milli Smoke – “Smoke a Sac”


Multi-genre rapper/songwriter Milli Smoke caught our attention with her new single “Smoke a Sac” which showcases her distinct flow. Backed by a cinematic and hard-hitting soundscape, she proceeds to wreak the mic with an unapologetic spirit and fiery raps that break the mould.




Brodeezy – “Champion” (feat. Bruce Wayne)


Brodeezy and Bruce Wayne team up for this anthemic tune titled “Champion”. As the title suggests, it’s an ode to victory and celebrating goals and sees both artists embodying the spirit of the champion who is ready to go the extra mile to achieve his or her goal. This is a perfect uplifting and motivational tune that is also perfect for one’s exercise playlist.


LNJ Jones – “Too Broken to Be Loved”


LNJ Jones‘s “Too Broken to Be Loved” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores the dynamics of relationships and how certain actions go against the original values and bond between two individuals. Over a meid-tempo bouncy backdrop, he details his shortcomings as a partner and how some of his actions were ultimately not fair towards the other person and now he seeks redemption by being truthful.




Demi Jordanae – “Final Warning”


Singer/songwriter Demi Jordanae delivers her first label release in the form of the new single titled “Final Warning”. The track produced by Muse L’Artiste has a moody and ominous texture and sees Demi pouring her heart on wax and imploring listeners to take action before its too late. Armed with her sultry and distinct vocal tone, she delivers a heartfelt performance that keeps listeners locked in.



Brandon Kai – “TINT”


Brandon Kai drops “TINT”, which is the second release from his EP Nuff Said. The beat is vibrant and upbeat and his melodic flow sure takes precedence while the lyrics that dwell on loyalty is heartfelt as well.




passive the rapper x Almighty VA -“murmur” (feat. Almighty VA)


passive the rapper and Almighty VA team up for “murmur”, a dark and reflective track made up of ominous textures and cinematic elements. The emcees take us down the road of a man surrounded on all sides with troubles, ranging from inner demons, fake friends and such. In the end, he had to dig deep and analyze the situation from a different perspective.




Ayo Da Don – “Lifelines” (feat. Dboog’z)

“Lifelines” is a lyric-dense collaboration between Queens artist Ayo Da Don and Bronx Native D- Boogz!. Over a mellow soulful soundscape, both emcees blend vivid rhyme schemes with wordplay and insightful elements that keep listeners locked in from start to finish.


Neko Neezy – “TWENTY2”


Neko Neezy gets into the zone with “TWENTY2”, a punchy upbeat track that showcases his fiery flows and unapologetic lyrics. Over the vocal sample 808-driven track, he proceeds to tackle the beat with unbridled stylish raps and pure unfiltered bravado.



Mathilde Widding – “Love (and everything between)”

Uprising Norwegian singer/songwriter Mathilde Widding caught our ears with her newest single titled “Love (and everything between)”. The track has a retro-soul element which is bolstered by contemporary aesthetics. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and unique melodic runs, Mathilde delivers a heartfelt and soul-gripping performance filled with evocative lines and soothing harmonies. The track is one of 2 releases from her repertoire.


ZENtheRapper – “Only You”.

ZENtheRapper’s new release “Only You” is a blend of bravado and stream-of-consciousness flow over a punchy and moody boom-bap soundscape.


Trag Blakk – “Moment”


“Moment” by emerging rapper Trag Blakk is a heartfelt and insightful record that dwells on the daily struggles of a young black man in an unforgiving world. Over a dreamy and solemn backdrop, he details the many hurdles and obstacles he had to overcome to reach his destination.


James Gardin – “Run It”.


Hard-working rapper James Gardin is on an interesting run with a slew of releases under his belt. Switching from his distinct soulful vibes, he has embraced a more mainstream sound in his recent releases including the latest being “Run It”. The Mydayoff-produced track is a vibrant and high-energy record that is as anthemic as they come and sees James embodying the spirit of the resilient individual who is all about walking the walk with actions. The song has already been selected for sync licensing on a Major League Baseball (MLB) pregame program.


FVNTVNV & Lskii – “Ain’t Sorry”


FVNTVNV and Lskii change up the feel of the list with “Ain’t Sorry”, a dark gritty collaboration that is ripe with hard-hitting lyrics. Bolstered by the menacing and ominous soundscape made up of thick boom-bap drums and ethereal textures, the emcee bring us closer to the mix with engaging rhyme schemes and much more.


Sunset Black x Lowki Lee x Bubba Sparxxx – “Country Boy/City Boy”

Summerville, South Carolina-based award-winning Hip-Hop/Punk-Rock/Country artist Sunset Black teams up with Lowki Lee and veteran rapper Bubba Sparxxx for this heartfelt and fun-filled track titled “Country Boy/City Boy”. Over smooth guitar licks and soft drum grooves, the artists detail the life of country and city life and how it all intersects in many ways. Sunset Black is the owner of Slummerville Records a collective of Southern Hip-Hop & Rock-inspired artists.


Apollo Black – “The River”.


“The River” is a track by emerging rapper Apollo Black whose style is distinct and somewhat off-beat. The production used is moody and sparse and his laidback choppy flow sure works in an unusual way.


Telica x Opollo Heights – “Seasons”.


The duo of Telica and Opollo Heights caught our ears with “Seasons”, a summery jam ripe with warm and nostalgic vibes. Over smooth jazz-soul soundscapes, the duo delivers a heartfelt love-laden tune that centers on blossoming love and the changing seasons.


JRoberts – “Street Locked” Featuring Mickey Diamond

JRoberts, A Canadian Hip-Hop Artist from Toronto, Canada is not new to us and on his new single “Street Locked” he teams up with Mickey Diamond for a gritty collaboration ripe with graphic and engaging bars. The production is ominous and punchy and both emcees hold nothing back and let loose from start to finish.


Step Back J – “Know Me Now”


Santa Barbara, CA-based rapper Step Back J delivers this anthemic track titled “Know Me Now”. Made up of cinematic and somewhat triumphant synths and hard trap drums, Step Back J embodies the spirit of a go-getter who has gone through the wringer and faced his demons and risen up to the task.


Vivek Mehmi – “Find My Own Way”


Eclectic Canadian artist Vivek Mehmi makes his entry on our playlist with his latest single titled “Find My Own Way”. The track has an exotic and somewhat atmospheric aesthetic and it’s bolstered by his stylish flow and reflective lyrics tinged with bravado and reflection.



Mongoose the Artist – “Pap”


Uprising artist Mongoose the Artist helps close the playlist on a solemn note with this reflective tune titled “Pap”. The track is made up of warm and melancholic piano riffs and moody textures which serves as the perfect canvas for his vivid and relatable tale about inner demons, struggles and pain. He delivers his bars with a subtle melodic-tinged flavour ripe with pure unfiltered emotions.

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