The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Que K – “The Greatest Comeback”

Que K presents “The Greatest Comeback” as he helps open up the playlist. The scenic production is underpinned by his laidback flow and reflective lyrics.


Sky Eyes – “Be somebody”.

Uprising rapper Sky Eyes team up with Tru Lyric for “Be Somebody”, an uplifting motivational tune that is needed in these crazy times. Over the soothing and somewhat moody backdrop provided by Foodj Madrigal., Sky Eyes implores us to stay positive, seive out the negativity and believe in ourselves.



Que K – “Been in my blood since Coretta”

Que K returns to our playlist with his latest effort titled “Been in my blood since Coretta”. Over a classic soul sample, he takes time to reflect on his hustle and grind.



John Brown – “Ain’t Going Back”.

Uprising artist John Brown puts his foot down against the system with his anthemic track  “Ain’t Going Back”. Backed by a rock-infused production, he pours his frustrations on wax and raises the middle finger to the powers that be with much gusto.




Torion – “TIME TO EAT”.

Torion makes his entry on our playlist with “TIME TO EAT”, a sublime and soothing piece that explores the ups and downs of life. Over a soulful soundscape, Torion gives us a glimpse into his life and the hurdles he had to overcome.



Landry M – “Saucy”

Landry M brings in that smooth Afrobeats vibe with his new release “Saucy”. The summertime jam is filled with joyful vibes and adulations towards that special someone in his life.


G-SALIH – “Hindsight”

G-SALIH returns to our playlist with “Hindsight”, an aptly titled track that follows his journey on two fronts. From his personal experiences and music career trajectory, he runs through the never-ending struggles and how these things shaped him.

The single “Hindsight” is taken from G-SALIH’s project GIHAD 2.



Philip The Artist – “Love You Phil”

Philip The Artist drops this love-themed tune titled “Love You Phil” which showcases his songwriting and expressive flow. The production is groovy and bouncy and his heartfelt lyrics center on the aftermath of a breakup and how he has moved on.





James Gardin – “Top Of The World”

James Gardin is in a celebratory mood in “Top Of The World” where he takes time to bask in his glory while cutting out the white noise and naysayers. Over a dreamy and reflective backdrop, he delivers an uplifting and joy-filled performance imploring us to live life to the fullest. he is joined by Sareem Poems who adds his own 2 cents to the topic.


ADST Music – “Hello Remix”

ADST Music teams up with Sing Steph for this genre-bending track titled “Hello Remix”. The record produced by Choppy Chop blends classic reggae dub with dancehall-bashment elements and the result is brilliant. From the slick guitar licks, reverberated vocal samples, rousing drums and rich melodic runs, listeners are given an ear-grabbing experience from these artists.



Rah Cashiano – “Ready For Whatever”

NY emcee Rah Cashiano is “Ready For Whatever” in his new single. The cinematic track has the classic dark trap vibe and it’s ripe with Rah’s vivid lyricism as he breaks down some of the street codes that he will never break.


IMNOTARAPPER. – “Burning Papers”

IMNOTARAPPER. delivers this heartfelt and impassioned tune titled “Burning Papers”. The hard-hitting track was written after the passing of her grandma and she uses that pain to reflect on her journey in this thing called life and all the hurdles she had to overcome to get to this point and how far she still has to go.


dom champ – “Timing Is Everything”


Brighton, England-based rap/spoken word artist dom champ shares with us his new single “Timing Is Everything”. A chilled and somewhat moody piece that explores the concept of timing and decisions in an unpredictable world.


Empress Lee – “Last a Lifetime” (feat. Xcluesivbeatz)


Singer/songwriter Empress Lee teams up with producer Xcluesivbeatz for her new release titled “Last a Lifetime”. The heartfelt tune has that classic RnB/HipHop feel with its warm textures, and hushed boom-bap drums all underpinned by Empress Lee’s sultry melodic runs and heartfelt songwriting that centers on what true love feels like.


Francis Verges – “Ego Pane”.

Francis Verges drops his debut track “Ego Pane” which is a soulful and reflective piece that explores the daily struggles he has to go through and how he perseveres through the craziness that life brings.


D’ Nairo – “Peace and power”.

Indie rapper D’ Nairo is all about “Peace and power” in his latest release. Over a punchy and cinematic backdrop made up of lush keys, vocal samples and thick 808 drums, he proceeds to share his thoughts on the concept of finding peace and being genuine nad authentic at all times.


Ninja Rem – “Introspection temporelle”

French emcee Ninja Rem returns to our site with his new single “Introspection temporelle”. Backed by a sombre and somewhat cinematic backdrop, the emcee proceed to share his thoughts on this thing called life and the unpredictable results that come with it.


Suave n Thick – “Do It All” (feat. Polyester the Saint)


Suave n Thick teamed up with West Coast artist/producer Polyester the Saint for this summer-tinged anthem titled “Do It All”. Over a bouncy groove, and lush bright synths, the emcees deliver an engaging performance ripe with go-getter themes that hinge on having a solid work ethic and basking in their success.


Rah Cashiano – “YOU GOT MY Back”.

Rah Cashiano delivers this new track “YOU GOT MY Back” which sees him paying homage to his ride-or-die chick. Over a moody synth-driven backdrop, he delivers the message with his distinct melodic flow and vivid lyricism.


JustiKe – “Wishbones.”


JustiKe flexes his verbal muscles in the go-getter anthem titled “Wishbones.” The production has an urgent and dark vibe and is well suited for JustiKe’s bass-heavy vocals and commanding demeanour.


Rah Cashiano – “Wicked”

Brooklyn emcee Rah Cashiano sure sounds in his element as he embodies the trap style to the fullest in his new single “Wicked”. The production has s ombre piano riff and sparse 808-driven drums and is underpinned by a no holds barred street savvy performance and a melodic hook.


nicoroc – “see ya there”


nicoroc releases his new single “see ya there” which sees him linking with Fedi for an edgy and off-kilter track. Blending dark pop with hiphop, the duo delivers a distinct performance ripe with vivid lyricism and aspirational themes.


Is our Children Learning x Open Mike Eagle x Pandaraps x Big Soda – “Quit “

“Quit ” is a playful and somewhat insightful piece that brings together Is our Children Learning, Open Mike Eagle, Pandaraps and Big Soda together for a genre-bending tune. Over a warm and soulful guitar riff and soft percussions, the artist give us a fusion of styles with vivid lyrics that center on financial and mental freedom from the rigmaroles of this thing called 9-to-5


Nalij x Lupo Freshh – “89′ Escobar”

“89′ Escobar” is a collaboration between Nalij and Lupo Freshh. Over a scenic flute-infused backdrop, the duo delivers a fiery rap performance ripe with graphic lyrical imagery that keeps ears locked in.


Shavon Moore – “Turn On”

Oakland CA, born Illinois-raised singer/songwriter Shavon Moore caught our attention with her new release “Turn On”. Over a bouncy synth-driven backdrop provided by Grammy Award-winning producer Barz Makes Bangers, Shavon delivers a sultry and sensual performance that centers on a steamy session with that one special person who gives her butterflies in her tummy.



Young Black And Gifted – “Dreams”


Rochester hip-hop duo Young Black And Gifted (made up of emcee Azariah and producer Kidd Called Quest) are currently working on their new album but in the interim, they drip the first single “Dreams”. The track flips a classic soul sample with soft crunchy drums underpinned by Azariah’s vivid storytelling. The project entitled Once Again Its On is available on Bandcamp now for pre-order and it will drop on 1/5/24


Gabby Poli – “Pure”


Singer/songwriter Gabby Poli starts 2024 with her brand new release titled “Pure”. The Gospel singer delivers an uplifting piece that explores the divine relationship between mortals and the lord above who has made things possible. She acknowledges the flaws we possess and is appreciative of the mercies God has afforded us. The track has a smooth blend of R&B/soul with inspirational themes that everyone can relate to.


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