I had a chance to sit down with Mad Hattr to discuss his new music video, “The Dirt.”

If you follow him online, you will know that he owns his own masonry business. He often posts pictures and videos of the high quality work he does. It only makes sense that he extends this further.

“I wanted to include a look into my real day job to show what getting my hands in the dirt looks like for me.”

The video was shot in two different locations. The first was an actual job site on a Sunday while a drywall taper was busy working. The performance footage was taped in the privacy of his backyard.

Of course, I had to ask him why he decided to shed it all and appear naked in the video. He said it was “to represent the feeling of vulnerability you get when you put yourself out there. In order for it to be genuine, I had to be really uncomfortable. I was. It was a cooler morning and getting hosed off afterwards at full blast was unpleasant, to say the least. I also like the idea of the guy being scantily clad and the woman being fully clothed in the video. It’s kind of opposite of what happens in the typical rap video.”

The woman you see in the video is not only the featured vocalist, but also his wife. She goes by the name of Ladyface. The guitar is courtesy of Bobbi Redd, with production by J Reno, and direction by Patrick Younger. The song is featured on the 519ers Compilation album.

Hattr wants us to know that the song is a call to action. “You can sing the lyrics and let them ring true about yourself. Be relentless, goal oriented, and focused on things that genuinely improve your life.”

So, come on, get you hands in the dirt!

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