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This is a review of the album Neo Nectars Presents Soul Sister which features: Backpack Slackers, Stacy Epps, Mina, Marvelous Mag and more.

The whole album is a Soul/RnB/Hip Hop journey, In a time where the radio is filled with the same old RnB fake thug scenario and Soul appears a ‘thing of the past’ this album is a breathe of fresh air.

The first two tracks Our Little Secret and Slow Train start the album off with some laid back funky soul sounds especially Slow Train which sounds like something Madlib would of produced.  Up next comes the talented Stacy Epps (J Dilla, Madlib, MF DOOM) with her track Keys which is one of my favourite tracks on the record everything Stacy sings on she makes her own, she’s so talented she is definatly up their with Erykah Badu and Jill Scott as one of the best female singers of the last few years in my opinion.

The next track Island Lady takes things to a new level as soon as the beat starts you know your in for a treat!  Tif the Gift raps over a jazzy hip hop beat on this standout track and sets the bar for the other tracks as the album takes a turn from Soul to Hip Hop.  Up next comes Marvelous Mag and Asia J with the track Red Silk everytime i hear Marvelous Mag i get more impressed, the guy can sing, rap, juggle ok well not the last one but he’s multi talented, the track is another laid back jazzy track and both of them flow over the beat great, the chorus can get a bit repetitive but overall its a solid track.

Then come duo Backpack Slackers who i must admit i had not heard of till now, both of them hold their own exchanging verses over track which is another standout track in my opinion  The album ends with the track Daughters of Zion by Faynt Amor which is my least favourite off the album whilst its a good track it aint a track i would listen to over and over again.

The album overall is pretty solid and features a few artists i had’nt heard of before.  It definatly has replay value which these days is rare to find. Hopefully the album doesn’t fall of the radar as you don’t really find too many releases like this these days.  A must own for fans of: Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Stacy Epps, Flying Lotus, Madlib etc.

Rating: 4/5

The album is out: 21st April 2010 and is brought to you by the good people at Digicrates Records be sure to check it out when it drops.


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