Rising rapper Zone00 returns with  K.O.A.K. II (King Of All Kings II)  which serves as his follow-up LP to King Of All Kings.


K.O.A.K. II (King Of All Kings II) opens up with the cinematic “91 Cinco” which runs through the artist’s journey from the bottom to the present. Over the solemn orchestral-laden trap backdrop, Zone00 delivers a reflective driven performance laced with some bravado that reminds detractors not to mess with him. This is followed by “All I Want Is Money”, an upbeat go-getter anthem that speaks for itself. He makes use of a mantra-like hook that states his primary agenda while the verses detail his day-to-day hustle and the many side distractions that try to derail his traction.

“Microphone Michael Corleone” is made up of an obscure vocal sample and thick 808-driven drums and solid trap grooves that merges perfectly with Zone00’s unfiltered and R-18 lyrics. It’s a mix of styles and an overall display of lyrical prowess from the rising emcee. Up next is the title track, “KOAK 2” which serves as a turning point with its dark and ominous soundscape all underpinned by Zone00’s impassioned flow and bravado lyrics. Lines like “Featuring no features, no amigos/All these rappers my mios/Like Ben Simmons running from their free throws/Dog a bitch, call me Rasco Pico, I don’t like Police though, That’s KKK without the sheet though” is enough to set the tone and surely gives listeners the direction he is going. Things change up a bit with the contemplative and playful track titled “Love Song” where Zone00 states he initially wrote a song about a girl who turned out to be flaky but he didn’t want to trash the song so he reworked it into this. It’s quite unadulterated and unapologetic as he details the numerous steamy sessions they both had without the knowledge of her new man. The track really gives a new meaning to a 3-way relationship with Zone00 being the side guy just doing his thing and enjoying his turn.


Buzzards” is a fiery street-savvy tune that tells a tale of a man who is being tested on all sides by different events and characters who want to see his true nature. Over the solemn and punchy backdrop, Zone00 reminds his detractors to be cautious of stepping up to him with lines like “Be nice for what to a catfish/I showed up for a bad bitch/ Block her number before I get to my car/Outside 2 guys arguing/ then one said what if I get to my car/The problem was he didn’t get to the car”. Again, his knack for painting graphic pictures seems to be his forte and it’s sure an undeniable skill.


The project continues with “Say Less” and “Picasso”, 2 songs that fully display Zone00’s storytelling abilities. The former is a violin-laden cinematic track that breaks down the facade that fake players try to put up. The flow, as usual, is vibrant and impassioned and lyrics like “I can’t let a rapper bullshit me/ Million dollar deal but his credit score is still 550/first thing he did though was cop the 550/in the strip clubs all the homie threw was 50’s” help explain the situation further.  “Picasso” is a vivid storytelling of epic proportions that dives into an encounter that almost turned deadly but save for his wit and savoir-faire he was able to manoeuvre through the jungle concrete unscathed. Verbally he draws listeners deep into the mix of the action with the following lines “These niggaz talk shit they know they can’t back up/Its best you back up before I back up and make him back up/I know he gonna get back up, trying to catch me at the light when the traffic is backed up so I can’t back up but on my waist, I keep back up”. The project wraps up with “Lone Star From The Lone Star”, a pure bravado track that brings the project to a close with its dark and punchy soundscape and unfiltered hard-hitting bars. like “Feel like Jonah but I didn’t let the whale swallow a nigga, This is king of all so why would I follow a nigga that follow a nigga, I’m Solomon nigga”.


At just 28 minutes and some change, K.O.A.K. II (King Of All Kings II) sure packs a punch with its adult themes and hard-hitting production.

Watch the video for “K.O.A.K. II” below




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