A couple weeks back i uploaded two songs from a artist called Rozewood to my channel, the songs got allot of love and Rozewood himself reached out to me through twitter and email and after some talking he agreed to do a interview with us and here it is.

So first of all for those who don’t know you introduce youself!  Tell us a bit about you?
Well I go by Rozewood aka Sonny Carson Aka Amexum aka Amen lol.  I use music as my main outlet of expression and I only pump life in my music no death and falsehoods.  I’m a man of God and I love the idea of life and not death and lies so that’s what I reflect in my songs.   I was born is raised in Amityville Ny aka Horrorville (because of the movie lol) and I’ve been recording music since I was 13 years old.

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Who or what inspires your music?
My main inspirations for my songs are life and all that encompasses it.   I don’t hold any punches, I’m the rapper’s rapper like Nas said lol but I’ve witnessed a lot of death in my life so I make a conscious effort to pump life in my music.


What are your feelings toward the current state of hip hop?
My feelings on the current state of hip hop is a love hate thing so to speak.   I mean I love to see brothers from the hood make money and change their lives for their families but I hate to see when certain cats sacrifice their art form in order to obtain that success

I hear you man allot of artists they come up sounding one way then blow up sounding another, Your debut album: Rozewood – 2012 – is out on Digicrats Records April the 20th, tell us a bit about the album and how you came to get it released via Digicrates?

The whole Digicrates release was courtesy of homie Huss from Tha Connection he heard my old album Alpha Sunrise and when he got the chance to put out hip hop music via Digicrates he offered me the opportunity and the rest is history!!

I read somewhere that you once battled Mos Def to a draw while attending college in ATL, tell us about that?
Wow that was ancient history! I doubt at this point in his career Mos Def would remember that night but I used to frequent the battle scene in Atlanta and one night I won and he was their and the crowd just hyped it up and we really just went back and forth for a while freestling and at the end the crowd just cheered proudly that I held my own against him…It was great moment!  Best night ever!

RozewooD Freestyle

Whats your plans for 2010?  Any other releases in the pipeline?
As of right now its the 2012 release and our compilation of course. But I’m mainly trying to purge myself of all my songs and get my name out there its not about the money at this point.   Its the getting the Rozewood name out there . And making it synonymous with quality hip hop for everyone.

Finally, is there anything else you want to add? Any message you wanna send the fans/shoutouts?
Yeah Support real music and I promise I will give myself every time I breathe on a microphone.   Shout to the UK and the whole hip hop world..Real music is out there and waiting to be heard, just promise to support that music and you can find me via twitter.com/thefallenroze and on Facebook and my new blog Thefallenroze.wordpress.com and Blakfam.com! Rozewood 2012 thanx for the <3 homie..Roze

Rozewood: 2012 is due April 20th on Digicrates records be sure to get your self a copy the album is dope and i aint just saying that either, if you liked the songs i posted and the songs you hear on the mixtape you’ll love it!

ALSO: Tomorrow night in connection with Rozewood & TheWordIsBond we got a exclusive 9 track deep mixtape from Rozewood dropping!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to download the dopeness!!  You don’t want to miss out!

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