PGonDaTrak’s debut album One Medal at a Time is a 13-track body of work that dives into a myriad of themes revolving around imbibing in the good life, self-awareness, racism, having fun and making the best out of one’s situation as they see fit.

The project opens up with “Let The Games Begin (Intro)” which sets the tone with its introduction into PGonDaTrak’s The Multiverse Marathon of Music, a theme which is used throughout the project. The commentators succinctly break down how the universe works and give the perfect exposition for listeners to get ready for the musical ride of their lives. “Elevated” is the first official track on the project and is bolstered by a cinematic and anthemic trap soundscape made up of rich brass stabs and thick 808 kick drum grooves. PG is in the element here and delivers a fiery and somewhat nonchalant performance that shows his elevated mood and no holds barred rap style.

After the short interlude, we get into “Like Dat?”, a sparse one-note-styled bouncy track that is laden with a catchy hook and PG’s bravado-driven style shown in all its glory. Lines like “Kicking the beat, real fast like Bruce/People are buzzing when I’m in the booth/ Got people tripping, don’t know what to do/ Got people dizzy cause I’m getting busy, call me Abdul cause I’m finna shoot”. On “Tha Juice”, PG once again flexes his verbal muscles and reminds listeners that he got the flair and over the sparse punchy soundscape, he lays down the law.  The craziness continues as PG experiences police brutality in “Ugly Everywhere(Interlude)” This is followed by the solemn “Chil’ren”. The moody track sees PG in reflective mode as he pours his frustrations about how haters and detractors try to derail him from gaining traction. “Ugly Aftermath(Interlude)” serves as the conclusion of the previous interlude where PG was accosted by 2 overzealous Multi-verse cops who racially profiled him.  “Conquer” is a solemn ballad that is built on a sombre piano riff and thick trap drums and serves as PG’s theme to the ultimate comeuppance. He acknowledges the rough road ahead and braces himself for the task at hand.

The last two tracks “Pachata” and “Together” are quite distinct. “Pachata” is a midtempo bass synth-laced track that employs an offbeat drum groove and PG’s use of an eclectic flow and catchy chorus sure make sit engaging and different. “Together” on the other hand, makes use of an R&B aesthetic and showcases PG’s melodic style to the fullest. Here, the rapper tells a fictional tale about lost love and the aftermath of heartbreak. Armed with his stylish melodic runs, he pours his heart on wax and rues on how a girl jilted a down on his luck guy. The project closes out with “The Closing Ceremony (Outro)”, where the main announcer Brendan Shuttlesworth delivers the closing announcements and allows some satisfied attendees who enjoyed their time in The Multiverse Marathon of Music

At 25 minutes and 15 seconds in playing time, One Medal at a Time gives listeners enough time to immerse themselves in its conceptual theme while the topics sure have some varied elements and will keep listeners locked in.

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