Emerging alternative rapper Kngpressure breaks the mould with his brand of unfiltered, aggressive and unapologetic style of rap. His latest effort WTF is a 8 track project that strays from the norm with its dark, haunting and cinematic soundscapes underpinned by off-kilter lyrics that talk about modern societal issues ranging from the influence of social media, the rise in the reliance on technology, self-awareness and the standard irreverent attitude of a rebel trying to find his footing in this unforgiving world.


“WHY THE FUCK IS ELON TRYNA PUT CHIPS INSIDE OUR MINDS” is probably the wildest title I have come across since I started writing music reviews. The record is a haunting piece that is comprised of intrusive thoughts, menacing instrumentals and fiery bravado raps with a vivid tale that will keep audiences glued to the speaker. There are some humorous lines such as“Am a hot boy, you a fan, let me cool off/Red beam on the clock now that nigga Rudolph/Chasing money, could have fuck your bitch but I was too soft” that had me rolling on the floor.


Next is “DENNIS THE MENACE” which is introduced by a dark synth and thumping 808-trap drum. Here, Kngpressure embodies the spirit of the titular character and shows us the duality of his existence. He is calm at certain points and switches to his aggressive self as the situation permits. The track is way too short and before I could get deep into the theme it stops and we get GET OUT MY EAR”. This track serves as a continuation of the previous song and Kngpressure gets to display his true self. His fast-paced flow is prevalent and edgy unfiltered bars that talk about the detractors and naysayers do stand out but get a bit repetitive for me. “REAL NIGGA YOU CAN SEE IT IN MY FACE” continues Kngpressure’s lyrical pressure and no-holds-barred songwriting. The production is dynamic and uses jersey club bounce and a dark sting layered with that overused vocal sample (lifted from the Pharell Williams song from years ago). As the title suggests, it’s just Kngpressure flexing on the haters and imploring the ladies to shake their behinds to the club-ready soundscape.


The next tracks “TAKE DAT RISK” and “GET OUT CHEA” go completely left with their distinct and experimental sounds. “TAKE DAT RISK” starts with a tuned and somewhat robotic vocal and thick bassline before it switches into an electro-pop soundscape. This is unexpected and adds a different feel to the project. The lyrics are expressive and I must admit playful as well. “GET OUT CHEA” employs a tribal drum groove and warm synth chords for its canvas and it fits his reflective lyrics like

Chasing the check, I check shit off my checklist/I ask for head but you just give me headache/I thought. a lot of things but never said it/You almost broke my heart I need a ….

Here, Kngpressure shows us his emotional side and confesses his feelings on wax. The verses are reflective but the chorus ventures into more irreverence and bravado which is an interesting contrast.


The last two tracks “FUCK SCHOOL” and “I AM NOT FUCKING WITH YOU CLONES” help bring the project to a close with their distinct and genre-bending sounds. “FUCK SCHOOL” features ALLUME and it’s a modern punk rock piece underpinned by aggressive verses and a sublime melodic chorus that flips the bird to the system while “I AM NOT FUCKING WITH YOU CLONES” uses a blend of edgy rock guitars with downtempo trap drums to good use.


My final thoughts on WTF are mixed if I am going to be honest. The production is varied, punchy, and experimental and may not appeal to some but we can applaud it for pushing the envelope. The songwriting is not mindblowing but gets the job done and while the topics are a bit narrow, Kngpressure’s energetic performance keeps the songs from being mundane.


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