The project starts off with the song titled “Gifted Tension” which is produced by Clockwork. The soundscape is solemn and somewhat moody and sees Witty embodying the spirit of someone who has been through a lot but is still resilient enough to keep going and pushing. The theme is far from being in the doldrums but rather being strong to appreciate the bad times amidst the good ones and gaining new experiences as well. This is followed by “Living”, a soulful track that uses a classic sample which hip-hop lovers would recognize. Over the sombre vocal samples, moody organs and soft percussions, Witty reflects on life in general ranging from loyalty, love, pain and finding one’s true North in the middle of the proverbial storm. On “Notes of Elaboration”, Witty recruits producer Kowhai Beats who gifts him with another soulful backdrop made up of a classic drum break, rich vocal samples and melancholic piano riffs and it’s the perfect canvas for Witty’s descriptive songwriting that takes listeners deep into his world. he gives us a glimpse into his life, and his family by using videogame analogies as a motif. It’s quite clever and engaging from start to finish.

The project closes out with 2 songs “What It Means” and “No Love Lost”, two tracks that add distinct emotional layers to the project and help close it out perfectly. The former is a self-produced track that sees Witty teaming up with NewLanta CAP and the result is a heartfelt goal-oriented track that details how the duo put their all into ensuring their goals are achieved. The track is as soulful as they come and begins with a befitting vocal sample that sums up the entire dream-chasing concept.  The latter is moody and eerie with its ominous textures and crunchy drums that form the perfect backdrop for Witty’s graphic songwriting that dives into the cycle of life in the hood, from the young kids, adults and OGs who all go through similar things albeit in a different era. He is joined by fellow emcee Nxgxl who adds his own perspective to the track and sheds light on the generational gap between the young and old.

Overall Good Day Witty is quite dense and packs a punch but it may be too short for others, in this case, it’s enough to give listeners exactly what they need. The choice of beats is excellent and cohesive and the subject matter also varies from song to song while the overall performance is emotionally powerful and revealing as well.

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