The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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the divine saint of love – “What a Day” by The Divine Saint of Love

the divine saint of love makes his entry on our list with “What a Day”, a summer-tinged and reflective tune that is made up of jazz-infused soundscapes and bravado lyrics.


Aviant Redz – “Come Over” (feat. Abeni Vana)


Aviant Redz and Abeni Vana team up for “Come Over”, a sultry love tune that blends smooth r&b/soul elements with a dash of hiphop. The lyrics are heartfelt and candid and the melodic runs are alluring.


Ron Dayvu – “Samba Samba”


Ron Dayvu returns to our list with “Samba Samba”, a smooth jazz-infused track that exudes pure summer-love vibes. Armed with his stylish melodic flow and candid songwriting, he reflects on the girl who caught his eye and how he feels about her.




Jimmy B Fearless – “I Wish”

Jimmy B Fearless makes his entry on our list with “I Wish”, a mellow and menacing track that talks about the challenges of pursuing one’s passion as an artist while having to balance the demands of everyday life, such as paying bills and holding down a job. The premise is quite relatable and sees Jimmy pouring his thoughts on wax without restraints.






Realiti Limi – “It’s Hard”

Realiti Limi reflects on hard times in his new release “It’s Hard”. The soulful track exudes a mix of hope and uplifting themes that reminds listeners that rough times will always be around but we just have to push through with perseverance and prayer. The blend of melodic runs over punchy production is well crafted.



Lu-Tang – “Beechmont”

Lu-Tang makes an entry on our list with “Beechmont”, an off-beat track that showcases his freestyle prowess.


Jawn Locke – “Eve”

Jawn Locke‘s “Eve” is an engaging tune that talks about love using the garden of Eden as a metaphor and explores the dynamics of love, life and the in-betweens of it all.





7even7ide7moke – “1988 Freestyle (True Story 3)”


Alberta, Edmonton-based rapper/businessman 7even7ide7moke makes his entry on our site with “1988 Freestyle (True Story 3)”, a heartfelt and vivid tale of his life through the ups and downs. Over a dark and cinematic soundscape, he runs down memory lane to when things were not kosher and he had to do whatever it took to stay afloat.


Notcho Aziz – “That’s Enough”

Notcho Aziz shares an intimate ad rivetting tale in “That’s Enough”. A pounding track that explores issues that affect black folks, from disenfranchisement, police brutality and the overall nonchalant attitude of the government towards our plight. Notcho holds nothing back and tackles the issues with much gusto and with his fiery flow and vivid songwriting he really delivers the message in the most engaging manner.


StroSkii – “PYRO”

Arlington Tx based rapper StroSkii gets fiery with the aptly titled track “PYRO”. The cinematic beat is peppered with his melodic flow and stylish cadence.



PRVNA – “Only U”

South-London-based PRVNA drops new single “Only U” which sees her merging dance, pop and a bit of afro-Latin elements. The production by DJ Naughty is bouncy, rich and layered while her vocals seamlessly float over it with such elegance and melodic richness. “Only U” marks PRVNA’s first single of 2023, to be followed by her debut afro-fusion EP Move my Hips later this summer.




Amiccella x Ishan Evo – “Cap Lock”.

Amiccella and Ishan Evo deliver some fiery raps in “Cap Lock”. The track is filled with engaging performances and vivid lyrical schemes that listeners would love.



NewLanta CAP – “No More Heroes”

NewLanta CAP represents New York and Atlanta and in his new single “No More Heroes”, he gets candid and honest with the bars. Over a sombre and punchy backdrop he gives a nuanced and reflective performance that shows listeners his roots and his daily struggles.




Tim Blakeney – “The Pressure”

Tim Blakeney acknowledges  “The Pressure” in this day and age where trials and tribulations and the day-to-day grind are enough to crush one’s soul. He delivers a fiery performance and looks at life from the stand point of a survivor who has gone through the wringer.



Rio Thomas – “Words Never Spoken (Bottled Thoughts)”.

Rio Thomas opens up with “Words Never Spoken (Bottled Thoughts)”, a soulful track that sees him pouring his true thoughts over a smooth vocal-sample-driven backdrop.



Den Brooks – “Beautiful” (feat. Swoo)



Den Brooks‘ “Beautiful” is a moody love track that blends moody soul elements with a dash of hiphop. Over a sublime and dreamy backdrop, Den delivers an expressive performance ripe with sultry melodic runs and a relatable tale of finding true love and the need to keep hold of it to avoid losing it. He is joined by Swoo who adds a soul-gripping vocal run to complete the song.




Jezeb – “Sunbeams”.

Buffalo, NY-based rapper Jezeb showcases his rap skill in his new release titled “Sunbeams”. The track has the classic boombap aesthetic with its solid drum break ad moody jazzy textures and is underpinned by smooth flows.




OTGFIVE – “Gold Bottles”

OTGFIVE teams up with TYRNT and Money Corp for this hustle anthem titled “Gold Bottles”. Backed by a punchy backdrop the emcees remind us that they are going all out for their goals and won’t let anything distract them.



Coi Leray – “Players (Busta Rhymes Remix)”

Coi Leray‘s “Players” gets a boost from the legendary Busta Rhymes as he jumps on the official remix. Busta blesses the track with a head-spinning display of his signature lyrical virtuosity. His turbulent rhymes only bolster the track’s bounce as Coi’s instantly irresistible hook remains undeniably unshakable. From the moment you hear Busta Rhymes says “Coi Leray” in the intro, you know that this remix is an epic merging HipHop royalty of the past and present generations. Together, they lock into a dynamic volley on their very first collaboration together. It arrives on the heels of the “Players (David Guetta Remix).” Right out of the gate.

Quincy Jamal – “Can’t Trip”.

Quincy Jamal gets into the zone with “Can’t Trip”, a bouncy tune that sees him reflecting on loyalty and staying focused on his grind.

Crooks 2D x Precinct Phantom – “SOLID”


Crooks 2D and Precinct Phantom share “SOLID” which serves as the second track from the new HOLLOWGRAPHIC EP. The track is experimental and moody and the emcee delivers graphic bars that lovers of classic hip-hop would enjoy.


Marco Mello – “Nu Cool” (feat. Kamikuza)


Marco Mello links with Kamikuza for “Nu Cool” , a jazz-infused tune that dwells on the concept of self-confidence. The raps are vivid and even incorporate legendary rappers and albums into the lyrics to add an extra layer of authenticity.

Coline Creuzot – “Nothing”.

Coline Creuzot returns with the new single “Nothing” which sees her dropping the proverbial hammer on a man who broke her heart. Over a sublime texture and punchy sparsely arranged drum, she pours her heart on wax while exploring the depths of heartbreak through a piercingly honest and delightfully cathartic lens.


Emerging femcee CHĪMA delivers a conceptual tune titled “BLOW” on our list. Armed with her sultry vocals and fiery raps, she details some intimate sessions with much gusto.

Bravado Bard – “A New Life”.

Bravado Bard pens a heartfelt letter to his unborn child in this soulful piece titled “A New Life”. Over the sombre piano-laden backdrop, he assures his unborn kid that he would be the best father and he will be their support system.

Quincy Jamal – “Payback”.

New Orleans rapper Quincy Jamal makes his entry on our list with “Payback”, a mid-tempo lyric-driven track that showcases his fiery flow and vivid lyricism that dwells on the journey of a young man who made his way out of the mud.

K.I.R.B. – “Rebellion”

K.I.R.B.’s “Rebellion” is an insightful song that dwells on the inequality people face on a daily basis and the struggles that come with it. He acknowledges that the government is corrupt and the odds are stacked but one has to find a way to stay afloat in a most confusing world

Fortunato x Sean One – “It’s You”.

Rapper Fortunato and producer Sean One return with “It’s You”, a reflective tune that dwells on finding one’s strength within as opposed to seeking external validation. The song is the second single from their upcoming album, Blue Collar 2.

79.5 – “Our Hearts Didn’t Go That Way” (feat. Durand Jones)

79.5 teamed up with singer Durand Jones for “Our Hearts Didn’t Go That Way” and the result is a smooth melodic tune that blends upbeat drums with an equal mix of pop and contemporary music with a unique aesthetic.



Chris Borelli – “Pronto”



Emerging rapper Chris Borelli gets into his bag in his new single titled “Pronto”. The track is an upbeat record that is built on a rousing trap soundscape and sees Chris delivering a wide variety of flows ranging from chilled to rapid and he does it effortlessly.

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