Joseph Witty recruits NXGXL for his new single “No Love Lost.” The record touches on societal issues that cause hate-on-hate outrage toward each other.

An arrangement of smooth, soulful instrumental blends commences the record with head-nodding bass and drums to follow.

Intricate wordplay is delivered that translates into minutes of gems and lyrical jewels. In a world where we pay dues and pay fees why is it that we emanate hate towards others especially hate towards the same cultures and ethnicity? The duo sheds light on this and emphasizes how hostility leads to shooting each other, other forms of violence, greed, and degrading bragging.

The harsh truths expressed by Witty and NXGXL are gripping in nature and the rawness spewed from their lyrical performance resonates. Stream “No Love Lost” and connect with Joseph Witty below.


Connect with Joseph Witty


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