Carbondale Colorado-based multi-talented artist/songwriter/producer PAUL REVERE caught our attention with his genre-bending track “Brush It Off”. With a knack for fusing melodic raps with pop-infused instrumentation, PAUL takes us deep into his world where he explores modern civilization and the change brought about by technology, information overload and the never-ending societal chatter that leaves us numb. Backed by the rich guitar-driven backdrop, PAUL goes straight to the point with direct lyrics like

Discourse concerning
Simple and small shit
Completely irrelevant
To any form of discussion
That could actually produce
Something intelligent
The verbal diarrhea
I can’t stand the smell of it
So Ima spit my mind
Just for the hell of it

Ultimately, “Brush It Off” aims to declutter our brains and remind us that we have much more to give than wasting our time on less important activities.


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