The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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T Clipse – “MALICE”

T Clipse opens up the list with “MALICE”, a track that sees him teaming up with Blvck SVM and Loneninjah. Bolstered by a somber piano-laden backdrop, the emcees explore the different experiences of loyalty and friendship.







Darius Christian – “Give Me Something” (feat. Mark Kevan Jones)


Multidisciplinary artists Darius Christian and Mark Kevan Jones team up to “Give Me Something”, an uplifting inspirational song that implores us to turn our worst into our best. The track is ripe with layered melodic runs and harmonies laced with uplifting lyrics that give listeners hope in these dark times.

Kiarrah Ireland – “Close To Me”


Edmonton Alberta Canada-based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Kiarrah Ireland shares her new single “Close To Me” on our list. The track is a smooth love ode that showcases her sultry melodic style and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on the dynamics of finding that special someone. Backed by lush synths, punchy drum grooves, and ethereal textures, Kiarrah delivers a soul-stirring performance that really stands out.



Thatfool AL – “Ms. Rose”


Thatfool AL makes another splendid entry on our list with his new release “Ms. Rose”. The laidback track sees him pouring adulations on his partner who has held him down all along. it’s quite emotional, candid and relatable.




Dennis Moonlight – “Feel Something”




Italian musician Dennis Moonlight makes his entry on our list with his new release titled “Feel Something”, a mellow somber tune that explores the feeling of depression and its aftermath. Over a guitar-laden backdrop, the artist takes us deep into the darkest part of his life and how he struggled to climb out of rock bottom. His lyrics are candid and heartfelt too and the pop-infused backdrop and hook really add a unique touch to it. This single is taken from his upcoming first album, Darkdays.




RemLaRoc x Birvin x Banko1Hunnit – “Eating”

RemLaRoc , Birvin, and Banko1Hunnit team up for “Eating”, a mid-tempo jam that dives into the hustle mentality that helps propel boys into men. The trio shares their respective experiences coming from the trenches while detailing the ups and downs of life in their hometown.



Gianni Taylor – “Hate You”



Gianni Taylor‘s new release “Hate You” is a hard-hitting trap-infused track that showcases his melodic flow and songwriting prowess. The rapper gets insightful and reminds us that people will only focus on you when you’re popping and how he keeps the positive mindset in the face off adversity.



FrankieOG – “TALKIN’ BOUT”


FrankieOG and producer Trade Voorhees team up for “TALKIN’ BOUT”, a smooth piano-laden boom-bap track. FrankieOG is in his element here and delivers his lines in a carefree and stylish manner showcasing his off-kilter rap schemes.


SHDW – Last Minute”

SHDW delivers this mellow sultry track titled “Last Minute”. Over a smooth and silky soundscape, he delivers a stylish melodic performance ripe with vivid lyrics about a steamy session with his woman. Also joining him is singer Kae Roshon who adds her own sultry melodic runs.




YG – “Do It to Ya (Remix by Tony Rod)”

Tony Rod does his own version of “Do It To Ya” by YG and flips it in his own unique way. Over the bass-heavy, piano-laden track he kicks his verses in Spanish and a smooth melodic chorus to boot.



Paul Prodigy – “Self Obsessed”



Paul Prodigy‘s “Self Obsessed” is a reflective and candid tune that explores his take on self-love. Over a soulful and moody backdrop, he shows us how external forces and naysayers can try to bring him down but whatever they do will not affect him.




Baby Basile – “Addiction Wasted Years of My Life”

Baby Basile‘s “Addiction Wasted Years of My Life” is a deeply insightful piece that dives into his own inner troubles. Over a mellow guitar-driven backdrop, he takes us into the mix of the situation with raw unfiltered lyrics that touch on intimate issues from depression, self-doubt, and addiction.




S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) – “Drama (On & On)”


S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity)’s new release “Drama (On & On)” is an introspective and reflective tune that dives into personal loss and trying to build broken relationships. The production by Bristol, U.K. producer Funki Flava is perfect as it blends somber jazz vibes over boom-bap drum grooves



Michi – “Canvas”



Emerging Vancouver singer/songwriter Michi paints us a sensual soulful ballad in the form of her new release titled “Canvas”. A solid blend of airy and warm textures and alluring melodic runs. The track details a moment between two lovers and paint who explore the depths of their intimacy on a blank canvas, revealing a masterpiece of their love.



Chiffon Zoo – “Answers”


UK neo-soul collective known as Chiffon Zoo shares their new release titled “Answers” which is their second single. The neo soul/r&b infused track has warm textures, mid-tempo bounce, and layered melodic runs that grip the ears. The project was started by Rona Ray, Lee, and Paul, 3 talented artists who managed to build a unique bond that goes beyond music.



Virgø – “Sincerely, Bjorn”



Emerging rapper Virgø pens a 2-sided track titled “Sincerely, Bjorn”. The first half dwells on the seedy side of life over a moody haunting backdrop while the second half switches into an uplifting soulful track that sees him penning a letter to his family who held him down.



Tone D. – “Floor Seats”



Indie rapper Tone D. gets insightful with this reflective tune titled “Floor Seats”. The track dwells on the daily struggles the everyday Blackman deals with, from financial troubles, police brutality, poverty mentality, and disenfranchisement, he takes us deep into the issues at hand and gives a nuanced perspective that we all can understand.



Dylan Joshua – “Wishing You Were Still Here”



Versatile Canadian recording artist Dylan Joshua delivers this heartfelt love ballad titled “Wishing You Were Still Here” on our list. The somber track is made up of lush guitar licks, soft textures, and punchy drums that blend with his mellow melodic runs and reflective lyrics that dwell on lost love and the emotions that come with it.




SageMoon – “What’s the issue”



Canadian singer/songwriter SageMoon gets candid on her new release titled “What’s the issue”. The tack has a nostalgic and soothing aesthetic and captures her unique melodic style and evocative songwriting.




Genius Black x Drell -” In It to Win It”



Genius Black and Drell team up for ” In It to Win It”, a mid-tempo punchy soundscape made of cinematic strings and thick bass-laden drums. The rappers deliver a blend of bravado and motivational lines throughout. It is the perfect go-getter anthem.



Joseph Witty – “ChildHoods”


Joseph Witty‘s new release “ChildHoods” makes use of a classic soul sample that rap heads will recognize. Witty employs it in a unique way though as producer Ghowste keeps the lush textures and haunting vocal chops in place with no drums. The rapper takes us back to the genesis of his upbringing and unpredictable environment where death and destruction can occur anytime. It was inspired by his own experience with gang violence.



KAMOBii – “Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees Cover)”



Ibiza/London-based duo KAMOBii caught our ears with their version of the classic Bee Gees record “Stayin’ Alive”. This version is infectious, and soulful and is underpinned by the layered alluring vocals, multiple lilting harmonies, and futuristic production to match. I love how they really strayed from the original and injected their own unique flavor into the track.



Oyakhire – “Weight”


UK emcee Oyakhire gets the “Weight” off in his new release. Bolstered by a jazz-infused boom-bap backdrop, he delivers a solid performance ripe with vivid lyrics bout his journey in this game of life and an impassioned flow to match.



Luh’ra – “Nice”


South African songstress Luh’ra makes her entry with “Nice”, a mellow love ballad made up of sparse guitar riffs, ethereal textures, and soft tones. Her vocals are quite commanding and take precedence as they cascade the alluring backdrop laid before her. The premise is heartfelt and reflects on sisterhood and true friendship as it applies to her own experiences.




Leland Philpot – “CounterTrap The Mixtape (The 2022 Remaster)”


Leland Philpot closes out this week’s list with “CounterTrap The Mixtape (The 2022 Remaster)”, an upbeat video game-sounding track that showcases his off-kilter and impassioned flow.

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