Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.




DatKid Smoove – “Halftime” (Directed by DrewShotya)

DatKid Smoove opens up this week’s playlist with “Halftime”. The bravado-driven performance is enhanced by the feel-good and bouncy soundscape while the visual directed by DrewShotya captures Smoove’s laidback demeanour and engaging performance style.





Helaine Vis – “No Sugar”.

Berlin-based Polish singer-songwriter Helaine Vis makes her entry on our video playlist with her new single “No Sugar” which showcases her love of genre-bending. The track has a soulful, cinematic texture with pounding drums to match and is underpinned by Helaine’s distinct melodic runs and engaging songwriting that dives into being resilient and strong in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The title is derived from a Polish adage, When it’s raining outside and you struggle to get out your mom would always tell you “You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt”.  The visual style is quite engaging and blends live-action with retro-styled animation and special visual effects



M-Dot – “Not Today” prod. by Black Milk”


Boston lyrical titan M-Dot returns with the visuals for the Black Milk-produced song “Not Today”. Over Black Milk’s rugged soundscape, M-Dot displays pure resilience and a will of steel with hard-hitting bars to match. He dives in and breaks down the concept of things not going one’s way but at the end, it doesn’t matter when you have to keep grinding.  The video shot by Arvid Wuensch in Dresden, Germany depicts a “Murphy’s Law” scenario (what can go wrong, will go wrong). Here, we see M-Dot facing various obstacles as he prepares for a gig in Germany but armed with his determination he pushes through with the mantra, Not today. This is the 4th visual from M-Dot’s latest album Ego and the Enemy 2: A Dissolute Paradise now available on a Splash Colored Collector’s Edition Vinyl and all digital platforms.







Lord Willin – “Slow Burn” prod. by Mr. Phormula


As Lord Willin prepares his new collaborative album S.S.R.I. with Wales-based producer Mr.Phormula, the duo share the lead single “Slow Burn”. The single has a laid-back, introspective and melancholy vibe and it’s made up of lush jazzy, and experimental textures with crunchy drums to match. The accompanying visuals were shot by Tony Bizz who helped bring the song to life with engaging performance shots and slick cut scenes threaded by seamless transitions.




Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav – in the rain”

Darian Smith Jr continues his #DSMITHSATURDAYS II. with the latest entry in the series being “in the rain” which samples a classic soul song that hiphop heads would recognize. The sombre tune produced by The Most High Sav sees Darian contemplating several things while chilling on the front steps while the rain pours. The accompanying visual brings the theme of the song to life with a one-shot clip of the rapper sitting at home in Las Vegas, NV but there was no rain so that was created in post-production.




MoreOrless – “Squiggly Lines” (feat. Dane Austin)

Miami FL-based artist MoreOrless teams up with Dane Austin for “Squiggly Lines”, a feel-good summer jam that dives into finding solace in the good times and drowning out one’s sorrows. The laidback jam is soulful and relaxing and the visuals sure bring it to life as it captures the artist having fun with their friends on the beach and soaking in the fresh breeze and sun rays.


Akon – “Loco”.


Akon is back in business with “Loco”, a hypnotic afrobeats anthem that sees the superstar switching his style up. Produced by superstar producer Spellz, Akon delivers a smooth catchy performance with memorable melodic lines and a call-and-response type chorus to match. The visual is quite a spectacle as we follow Akon up in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria surrounded by a sea of fans and admirers who have come out to support the legendary artist. “Loco” is the lead single off his new project entitled Afro Freak, an 8 track body of work that represents an exquisite amalgamation of Afrobeats and a triumphant homage to Amapiano—the vibrant dance music sensation originating from South Africa, now widely regarded as one of the most electrifying and talked-about genres on the global music scene.



NewLanta CAP – “Oh Lord”


NewLanta CAP delivers a stylish and bravado-driven performance in his new release “Oh Lord”. Backed by a punchy and offbeat backdrop, the rising rapper showcases his lyrical prowess and adds his own stylish and distinct flavour into the mix. The visual makes use of a live performance approach and uses different cut scenes to match the rapper’s vibrant energy.




RYN SCOTT ‘s”TIME” is an introspective and insightful track that explores the concept of self-love, growth and cutting off detractors and naysayers alike. Over Jake Bass‘s cinematic and scenic backdrop made up of brass strings and violins, RYN proclaims that his time will surely come no matter how late it is. The visual makes use of simple performance shots and seamless transitions that capture his true thoughts.
This is the first song off of RYN SCOTT’s upcoming album, The Little Things.



Cherri V – “Lonely One”.


Singer/songwriter Cherri V shares the visuals for her song “Lonely One”. The heartfelt track produced by PRGRSHN sees Cherri diving into the concept of self-love, healing and self-discovery. The production has a sublime and ethereal aesthetic that works with Cheeri V’s sultry melodic vocals and engaging songwriting. The visuals have a DIY feel and use performance shots and cut scenes that capture the singer’s distinct style.



Twyce – “My Name’s Twyce”


Rising South London rapper Twyce helps close out this week’s video list with his new release “My Name’s Twyce”. The mid-tempo track is bolstered by energetic drums and moody textures underpinned by Twyce’s laidback flow and engaging lyrical prowess that takes listeners deep into the gritty side of his hometown of London. The visual is shot in black and white and follows the rapper as he makes his way in different spots in his borough

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