Long Island, New York-born producer who goes by the moniker Zigg Zag makes his way to our site with his new full-length instrumental project titled Blue Dream.

The project is a mix of different sounds and styles that capture a wide variety of sub-genres ranging from the boom bap to trip-hop moods. The title track “Blue Dream” is very solemn and introspective with its soft strings and moody textures laced with a classic vocal sample from Biggie Smalls.  The next track “Diddy Kong” makes great use of a sample from the classic Nintendo video game Donkey Kong Country. It’s very nostalgic and lovers of the game would love how Zigg Zag interpolates the melancholic sample over smooth boom-bap drums. “Vibe Check” has a dreamy and ethereal pad and texture that feels like sounds swirling from the left and right hemisphere of the brain. The drums here are crunchy too and fit the backdrop to a tee. “Tsushima” sees the producer going back to his video game inspirations, this time he flips a sample from the game Ghosts of Tsushima and layers it over soft drums. “Loneliness” has a nice soulful sample rife with triumphant stabs as it switches over the thumping drums, tt’s quite crisp and well crafted. The final track “Any Color You Like” is very chilled and uses an airy vocal-like sample and cinematic synth that plays through the beat.

For the most part, Blue Dream as a project sticks to its theme and delivers a plethora of sounds that are laidback and atmospheric. The tracks are well-produced and crisp too so no complaints here. Hit the play button and enjoy it.

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