We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Medium Wave – “Easy”


British producer Medium Wave taps into the ethereal side of things with this sublime and summer-tinged piece pie with soft drum grooves, atmospheric textures, and guitar riffs to match.

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Zigg Zag – “Death Before Dishonour”

Zigg Zag  delivers a cinematic piece titled “Death Before Dishonour” where he takes a moody string sample and ominous vocals and layers them over hard-hitting drums and the classic vocal sample from Kill Bill.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Step Up”


DaMarcus VanBuren switches his style on his new effort titled “Step Up.” The beat here has a bright energetic synth, moody basslines, and punchy drums. It’s crisp and well-crafted all the way.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Brainfood”

Prolific producer Ogi feel the Beat is always crafting new sounds and on his latest effort titled “Brainfood”, he blends futuristic and trippy sounds. From swirling arpeggios, moody synths and strings layered sparse drum grooves. The track is taken from his new 5 track body of work titled Future Dial.

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Pico Panesa – “July”

Pico Panesa  taps into the summer spirit on his guitar-driven beat titled “July.” The track is as soothing as the summer sunray and has a nice soft bounce alongside the heavenly guitar riffs.



Annie Tisshaw – “T.I.T.E.B.I.J.M.B.”


Norfolk singer/composer Annie Tisshaw makes her entry on our list with “T.I.T.E.B.I.J.M.B.” a synth-heavy beat that also employs soft keys and warm textures over booming drums.



R2K. feat Exo-d – “No City – Instrumental version”


R2K. and Exo-d release the Instrumental version of their song  “No City.” A beat made up of sublime guitar riffs, lush keys, and punchy drums to match.





Imperial – “Crimson”


Producer Imperial taps into a retro funky spirit on his new release “Crimson.” The production has a warm nostalgic vibe and is bolstered by dreamy guitar riffs, keys, and horns to match.

Stream/Download his newest EP Dusk here.



Dropout Marsh – “Soleil”

Dropout Marsh’s “Soleil” is a soothing reflective beat ripe with nostalgic vibes and soft drums.

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Quickmatter – “Two Machines”

Quickmatter’s “Two Machines” is a guitar-driven piece that aims to paint a vivid picture of an outward experience. It follows the journey of an astronaut through a desert alien world and his interaction with hostile wildlife. The beat is quite dramatic and expressive. From the breakdowns, guitar solos, punchy drum grooves, the listener is slowly drawn in from start to finish.

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80 – “Vaccine”


80 follows through with “Vaccine” as part of his weekly beat releases. The track has a downtempo and trippy feel. It’s quite dynamic and the way the beat pauses at certain parts keeps the energy flowing.




Pillowbop – “Hang Gliding”

Pillowbop gives us some laidback mellow vibes on his new release “Hang Gliding.” Here he infuses jazz/soul elements over punchy drum grooves and the result is a chilled, reflective piece that everyone can rock with.

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Toranpetto – “Twilight”


Toranpetto (トランペット) makes his entry on our list with this somber jazzy-lofi track titled “Twilight”. The track sees him working with Trumpeter Farnell Newton who throws in a dreamy horn solo over the producer’s sublime and soul-gripping backdrop.

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Blue Fox x Dario Lessing x No Spirit – “Palo Santo”


The trio of Blue Fox, Dario Lessing, and No Spirit team up to bring us this new refreshing instrumental titled “Palo Santo.” The mid-tempo beat has dreamy and moody textures, pulsating basslines, and a smooth head-nodding drum groove to complete the job. It’s perfect to drive around to or just study.

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CamPackman – “With Pressure”


“With Pressure” is an offbeat cinematic production by CamPackman who makes use of stirring strings, thick basslines, and punchy sparsely arranged drums. The beat is quite dynamic and switches into a moody jazzy vibe as it progresses.


Alex Lane – “Secret Agent”


Alex Lane’s “Secret Agent” is a moody cinematic beat that doesn’t conform to the norm. The sparse arrangement is bolstered by the pulsating basslines, wobbly airy synths, and rocking drum grooves. It’s quite off-kilter but gets the job done.
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Mozeezy – “cherries”


Canadian producer Mozeezy shares some ethereal vibes on his new release “cherries” which is quite somber and solemn from start to finish. He employs moody keys, dark strings, and sparse and punchy drum grooves for this one.
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Complx Baysixx- “TimesUp”


Complx Baysixx rafts something groovy on his new effort titled “TimesUp.” He flips an old-school sample with vibrant elements. It’s quite engaging and punchy too.

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Pico Panesa – “Jump!”


Pico Panesa switches the vibe with his new release titled “Jump!” A mix of electronic sounds, punchy drums, and a thick synth-bass to complete the job.
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Vicstradamus – “Focus”


Vicstradamus‘s “Focus” is a hard-hitting beat ripe with sad layered sounds. The guitars sure cut thru the mix and the synths are somewhat off-kilter.

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Padre Tóxico – “Almighty High”




Padre Tóxico delivers this somber and moody track titled “Almighty High.” Bolstered by sparse drum arrangements, airy textures, and solemn keys.
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Scottie Royal – “Easy Monday”


Scottie Royal wraps up the list with the perfect closer titled “Easy Monday.” a laidback soothing beat ripe with reflective and airy textures.

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