Danny del Ray makes his way to our site with a 12 track body of work titled Tales On Exhale, which explores this life’s journey as a musician and much more.


The project kicks off with the uplifting and bright mood of “Little Light” which showcases Danny del Ray’s lighthearted demeanor and use of catchy melodies to keep the listener enthralled. IT sure sets the tone for the project with it’s an upbeat vibe and insightful lyrics. The next track “Ghost” sees him working with Matthew Bento who delivers a gripping chorus against’s del Ray’s profound lyrics such as “I’d show you where my brain must be insane/To maintain all my frame, I got ice bumping through my veins.” “Giddy Up” is a boomy track that is laced with solid 808s and country elements from sound effects and whistling reminiscent of classic Western flicks. Joining him on the track is Young Buck who brings that extra punch to the already heavy track.  “Rise” includes a nice ethereal chorus by singer Liv Lovelle who glides effortlessly over the cinematic, triumphant backdrop as del Ray reflects on his time as a war veteran adjusting to civilian life while coming to terms with his past. “Social Eyes” has a solemn texture and sees del Ray reflecting on good times regardless of the dark cloud floating around him. The track also has a verse that pays homage to Kobe who died the morning when Del Ray went to record the song.

The project is quite vibrant and while it contains a lot of personal elements, tracks like “Bang Bang” and “Lion Den” captures the rapper’s bravado style over hard-hitting beats while the closer “Altitude Unknown” tones it all down with a solemn mood and somewhat engulfing backdrop. del Ray sure brings a refreshing take to the tracks with his expressive and emotive style while maintaining the entertaining aspect of song making.

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