“Pretty Fly On A White Guy” is a rousing genre-fusing track by Brooklyn Psychedelic Artist, Fashion Bird Danger Danger, and eclectic emcee MC Lars.

The record is bursting with enough rage and energy and shows a full range of psyche-rock-infused sounds. The drums are punchy, the distorted electric guitars are hitting the red, and the cinematic texture adds an ominous feel to the overall mood. MC Lars definitely knows the drill and finds an ideal pocket to punch in his off-the-cuff rhymes while Lisa Hammer (Voice of Triana Orpheus, Radiana) adds her goth-opera vocals into the mix.

Fashion Bird Danger Danger is a musical collective made up of John N Wlaysewski, Olive Hui (Late Cambrian), Matthew Milligan (Wheatus), and Lisa Hammer and Levi Wilson. Hit the play button and get into a Psychedelic Rock/Pop HipHop fusion from Dimension C-137B

The group’s newest LP is titled Chemtrail Bae 

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