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Mountain Soundsystems – “Cymatic Patterns”

Mountain Soundsystems takes us on mind gripping journey with his new release “Cymatic Patterns.” The dynamic production is a blend of musical styles that take elements from traditional Indian music and breakbeats. The slow build-up and cinematic texture sure keep listeners locked in from start to finish. The name comes from the phenomena at Vijaya Vitthala Temple where a cymatic tone can be heard when the pillars are struck, a feat that is still a mystery.

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Ogi feel the Beat -“Chillin in the Game Boy”


Ogi feel the Beat takes us deep into another realm on “Chillin in the Game Boy” where he blends contemporary sounds with experimental aesthetics.

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Milli Beat$ – “Sunday Stroll Through Gaza”

Milli Beat$ takes us on “Sunday Stroll Through Gaza” where he blends smooth jazz-soul elements with good old lo-fi hiphop. The result is as dreamy as they come and a solid addition to your afternoon playlist.

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Zigg Zag – “harakiri”

Zigg Zag goes for an ethereal and somewhat off-kilter style on his new release “harakiri.” He makes use of laidback drums, airy texture, somber keys and a haunting vocal sample to deliver a solid beat.

MelodicDissonance – “anxious fuck”

Producer MelodicDissonance makes his entry on our list with the offbeat and somber track “anxious fuck.” The arrangement has a sublime and somewhat nostalgic vibe as well. Get it on Spotify.

Platinum Beats – “To Infinity”

Platinum Beats‘s “To Infinity” is an atmospheric-infused trap beat ripe with dreamy textures, heavy 808 drums, and a dynamic aesthetic that draws listeners in as it progresses.
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Krisengebeat – “Rough, Rugged & Raw”

Krisengebeat shares his new “Rough, Rugged & Raw” from his upcoming instrumental album Ill Vibe. As the title suggests, it’s a crunchy boom-bap track ripe with gritty sound designs, textures, and a sample from EPMD.
Released via UK imprint The Get Down Records in collaboration with Amageddon Musik (GER).

Padre Tóxico – “Chill-Fi”

Padre Tóxico dive into a whole new territory with his new release “Chill-Fi” where he blends atmospheric textures and sparse drum arrangements. It’s quite relaxing and soothing from start to finish.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Empty”

Ogi feel the Beat got something solid again for us this week as he drops “Empty” a chilling nostalgic jam ripe with punchy drums and a somber but driving texture to match. The track is taken from his newest Album LP Endless Searching.
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Dillon Holder – “Got Me Thinkin'”

Dillon Holder‘s newest effort “Got Me Thinkin'” is a somber, reflective piece ripe with soulful textures, dark synths and mellow drum grooves. It’s quite solid too.

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BOYardsky – “Ghetto Key”

Russian producer BOYardsky shares his new release “Ghetto Key” which takes elements from rock, hip-hop, electronica, and other genres. The dark synths, punchy drum grooves, and somewhat somber textures are quite engaging from start to finish.
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Macabe – “Anything You Want”


North Dakota-born songwriter/producer Macabe thrills us with some summer vibes on his single “Anything You Want.” A bright uplifting piece made up of warm basslines, lush textures, vocal chops, and a soothing guitar arrangement to boot.
This is the second single off of his Summer EP.

Jaeji x Paul Sombric – “Asimov”


Jaeji and Paul Sombric‘s “Asimov” is an offbeat experimental piece that is hard to put in a box. From the ethereal and airy textures, punchy drum&bass infused grooves to the obscure vocal narration, the result is quite gripping from start to finish.
Jaeji adds that this is the first beat he made after getting fired in July of 2020. The title is a tribute to one of his favorite sci-fi writers, Isaac Asimov.

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SHORT BUSS13 – “Homecoming”


SHORT BUSS13 delivers some nostalgic vibes on “Homecoming” where he packs a punchy boom-bap drum groove with jazz elements ranging from lush horns, sublime keys, and sound designs to complete the job.
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Trifouille1er – “Nostalimbus”


Producer/instrumentalist Trifouille1er makes his entry on our list with something refreshing titled “Nostalimbus.” The beat has a cinematic and somewhat moody vibe and it’s multi-layered from start to finish.

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G-Roy Beesting – “The Stank”


Leeds, West Yorkshire-based producer G-Roy Beesting closes up this week with his new release “The Stank” a smooth percussion-driven beat ripe with warm keys, pulsating bass guitar riffs, and dreamy textures.
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