Long Island, New York-raised hip-hop music producer Zigg Zag graduated in 2013  from “The Institute of Audio Research” in New York City and took all he learned into practice as he kicked off his career in 2009. Inspired by Redman’s Dare Iz A Darkside and The Gravediggaz’s 6 Feet Deep, he delved into the dark side of the boom bap sub-genre blending the classical hip-hop musical style with his own horror-themed aesthetic garnished with his off-kilter sound design skills. He took time off after graduating and returned in 2017 with a series of retro gaming-inspired beat tapes with his last project Kata released on September 3, 2021.

His latest project DeadBeatz 2 is a 16-track body of work made up of horror themes and samples of different film sources and sounds that dig deep into the dark crevices of the human mind. The project starts off with “The Darkside (Intro), which opens up the floor with a strange narrator explaining how things are going to be from now on and shifts into the haunting “Needles Kane Vs. Calypso” which formally welcomes listeners to the land of DeadBeatz. “Ickabob Krane Type Beat” showcases a blend of retro and cinematic sounds reminiscent of the gritty 90s Memphis tapes with a modern twist. “Mostly Trippy Horror Shit” starts off with voice snippets from a horror flick and proceeds into haunting vocal samples, moody strings, and soft drums. The beat switches up in the middle part into a mellow, trap drum-infused piece laced with sombre guitar plucks and brooding sound designs to boot. Other notable tunes include The Shining-inspired “Jack Torrance Would Kill This” and  the trippy “An Untitled Acid Trip” The former opens up with a line from the classic film and flows into a dark trap piece made up of atmospheric pads, distorted synths and screwed vocal samples from Kendrick while the latter is made up of cinematic guitar strings, thick basslines and sombre pads.

Zigg Zag sure has a lot of gems for lovers of horror flicks, from the “Army Of Darkness” to The Shining, Frankenstein, Adams Family and even some Edgar Allen Poe-inspired flicks.

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