The LOX are currently on tour to celebrate the release of their latest EP ‘The Trinity‘.

Their latest EP ‘The Trinity‘ is a 4-track EP that dropped back in December of 2013 and it took everyone by surprise. Later this year The LOX are planning on releasing a new album entitled ‘We Are The Streets 2‘, this will be their first new album in over a decade.

The LOX are once again together for their new tour called The Trinity Tour. The tour is currently spanning 16 different dates, and according to The LOX member Jadakiss, more tour dates will continue be announced. Peep the flyer for the entire tour below.


Tomorrow nights show has The LOX preforming on April 3rd, 2014 and is brought to us by Sean Healy (Follow him on twitter @webookbands). The latest tour date will be at 1050 South Hill ST. Los Angeles CA. The flyer for this event can be seen below. If you are in the greater LA area then make sure you come out and see the legendary group!

Tickets for all tour dates can be purchased here.


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