The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Welfed – “Black wallstreet”


Welfed flexes his pen game in his new song  “Black wall street“. Bolstered by an offbeat vocal sample with soft drums, the Flint, Michigan emcee holds nothing back and delivers a brilliant performance ripe with bravado, insight and a handful of gems for listeners to rock with.


Trevor Spitta – “FEEL SUMN”

Trevor Spitta
’s latest release “FEEL SUMN” is a chilled soulful tune that explores the concept of being numb to pain due to desensitization. Over the bouncy and sombre soundscape, he pours his heart on wax and asks to feel the much-needed emotions to make him human once again.




Jay Fortuna – “LOWEST DAYS”

Jay Fortuna delivers this insightful tune “LOWEST DAYS” which sees him paying tribute and pouring adulations on his wife who stood by him through thick and thin. He doesn’t hide his true feelings and reminds us that it was only with her strength that he was able to reach his potential.





Danny Kayy – “Eagles”

Connecticut native Danny Kayy soars into our list with his aptly titled single  “Eagles”. Over a punchy soundscape, he gives us a glimpse of his journey thus far and all the hurdles he had to scale over to reach his goals.



Leland Philpot – “Don’t Lose Hope (One For Ma) – The 2022 Remaster”

“Don’t Lose Hope (One For Ma) – The 2022 Remaster” is taken from Leland Philpot‘s mixtape and it’s a reflective and heartfelt track that sees him giving thanks to God and his grace as he weaves through the daily struggles that everyone can relate to.



Jane Swane x Panama Fargo x inso – “Ain’t in the Club”


LA-based Producer/Artist Jane Swane caught our ears with her latest effort titled “Ain’t in the club” which sees her teaming up with rappers Panama Fargo and Inso. Her production style is distinct and blends hard-hitting downtempo drum grooves with moody and cinematic soundscapes. The emcees sure do justice and bring the verbal hammer with their stylish and animated flows laced with bravado while Jane completes it with a lethargic and off-beat melodic chorus.


Tay Toe – “Invincible”

After giving us an insight into his life in his last release rapper/songwriter Tay Toe returns with a new song “Invincible”. The track is a mellow guitar-laden tune that explores his vulnerability and expresses his true feelings about a failed relationship.




Laniesha x Tristan Price – “I Can’t Wait”

Singer/songwriter Laniesha and multi-genre singer Tristan Price team up for “I Can’t Wait”, a smooth love ballad that explores true love between two individuals. Over a smooth and mellow soundscape, the duo expresses anticipation to showcase their feelings for one another.


White Collar Rhymes x Loose Logic x Chrit – “Ways To Go”

White Collar Rhymes, Loose Logic and Chrit show us the “Ways To Go”. Over a soulful and reflective soundscape, the artist delivers a mix of insightful and relatable bars complete with alluring melodic runs.



Superfi¢ial – “DO THE MOST”

Superfi¢ial pays homage to the go-getters and achievers who “DO THE MOST”.The self-produced record is sublime and exudes a nostalgic vibe that taps into the uplifting premise of the song,Superfi¢ial  sure holds it down as well with a smooth melodic flow and vivid lyricism.



Justin Tyme – “Anti Dope – Astronote Version”


Justin Tyme calls in the posse in this brilliant collaboration titled “Anti Dope – Astronote Version”.  Over a brooding and punchy soundscape, he delivers vivid and engaging rhyme schemes alongside emcees such as Rome Streetz, Stove God Cooks, JoJo Pellegrino and Styles P.





CTT Beats x Lloyd LaFlex x Shxngie – “Kuzolunga”

Hardworking Cape Town Based drill, hip hop, and Amapiano DJ/producer CTT Beats returns with the new single “Kuzolunga” which sees him teaming up with rappers Lloyd LaFlex and Shxngie. The laidback and brooding tune explores self-perseverance, daily struggles and being up to the task in one’s affairs. The emcees bring forth a refreshing take on the topic as they showcase their go-getter demeanour with a blend of English and Swahili. Overall, it’s a honest and relatable tune that everyone can rock with.



SIVH – “The Crisis Maker”

SIVH gets into an introspective mode in  “The Crisis Maker”. Over a sombre jazzy soundscape, the rapper runs through his life’s journey, from the losses and pain, he found the strength to move on and implores listeners to never lose hope.

GaKnew Roxwel – “Hustle Up”


GaKnew Roxwel  is all about the grind as he drops his new release titled “Hustle Up”. The LA-based artist holds nothing back with this hard-hitting gem and he drops a blend of bravado and life lessons that listeners can grow on.



P. Wess – “Out The Way”

P. Wess is all about finding a way out and he expresses it in his new single “Out The Way”. Backed by a solemn soundscape, he delivers an emotional performance ripe with intent and a go-getter mentality to match.


So-Si – “Cali, Pt. 2”

So-Si drops a hard-hitting tune titled “Cali, Pt. 2”, an 808-laden tune that showcases his versatile flow and knack for penning catchy choruses. The beat switch is dope as well and overall the song is dynamic and engaging from start to finish.


Jace Mankin – “Phases”

Jace Mankin is going through “Phases” and he gives listeners a brief incursion into his life. Over a dreamy and sublime soundscape, he delivers a laidback flow underpinned by soothing melodic runs and candid lyrics that everyone can relate to.


Dantaya x Virusidic x Anita Stylez – “I Got U”

Dantaya, Virusidic and Anita Stylez team up for “I Got U”, an R&B/hiphop-infused tune that dives into the essence of love. Over a soulful soundscape, the artists share their thoughts on love with relatable lyrics.

Tay Stixx – “Run It Up”

“‘Run It Up’ is the first single off emerging rapper Tay Stixx‘s upcoming project LEVELS. The track sees him reflecting on his musical journey and how far he has come.

“GOD DID” – Remix by Steve N’ Chris

Blood brothers Steve N’ Chris share their own version of “GOD DID”. Backed by the same regal and uplifting soundscape, the brothers deliver a solid blend of insightful and heartfelt lyrics that listeners can relate to.

Drew Skeyewalker – “Indica”

Drew Skeyewalker‘s “Indica” is a smooth and soulful record that sees him reflecting on life as he soothes his mind on a good roll of herb. “Indica” is taken from his new EP Drew Got Soul.

MoneySign Hines- “Past Ain’t Pretty (feat. Roman Beats)”

“Past Ain’t Pretty” is a song by MoneySign Hines that dives into his life as a sufferer of Cerebral Palsy. Over the soulful and dreamy soundscape, he delivers a heartfelt and reflective performance that is both candid and nuanced.


German rapper Nias‘s “GAME OVER” is an off-kilter single that showcases his love for video games and how he uses it to relate to life as it is. Over the offbeat soundscape, he uses video game references to paint a picture of a young man trying to survive the daily madness

Miss Benzo- “Sin 702”

Miss Benzo‘s “Sin 702” is a reflective record that was inspired by her own childhood. Over a sombre and soothing soundscape, she takes listeners down memory lane when she moved from Canada to Las Vegas as she shares what really makes her tick.


P. Wess- “Mary Jane”

P. Wess pays respect to the stoners in his new release titled “Mary Jane”. The track is a nice blend of Drill with a sample of the classic song of the same name by Rick James.

Raymond Xu Vlog – “Money Means”


Raymond Xu Vlog shows us what “Money Means” in his new record. Over a moody ad urgent soundscape, the rapper gets into his bag with his offbeat flow and detailed lyrics.

HENRY ABERSON – “Much to Do”

HENRY ABERSON comes through with “Much to Do”, a chilled r&B/funky tune that displays distinct melodic runs with heartfelt lyrics to match.

No Komment – “All Night”

No Komment‘s “All Night” is a smooth blend of runk/r&b vibes with a modern hip-hop aesthetic. The adulation-filled tune sees the rapper praising the lady who caught his eye over a lush and soulful soundscape.


Tall Genius  – “Walking on Clouds” (feat. Rich Notch)

Tall Genius and  Rich Notch team up for “Walking on Clouds”, a bravado-laden tune that showcases the rapper’s off-kilter style over Tall genius’ smooth and punchy soundscape.
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