The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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PG Blao – “On My Way”


Nigerian emcee PG Blao opens up the list with a somber and reflective track titled “On My Way.” Over a solemn guitar-laden backdrop provided by Austin Sinister, he dives into his struggles and tribulations and the acknowledgment of being alone despite having people around him. He digs deep and pours his emotions on wax as he finds the resolve to conquer the troubles plaguing him.
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Ash the Author x L Martin – “Daniel Kaluuya Freestyle”


Ash the Author and L Martin team up for a sober but punchy track titled “Daniel Kaluuya Freestyle.” Over a solemn texture, UK emcee L Martin delivers a heartfelt and insightful performance filled with vivid lyrics that dive into his journey in life. This is followed by Oceanside, CA-based Ash the Author who shares his own experiences in the same vein.



Kouch x Wordsworth x Big Kakez – “Her”


Kouch, Wordsworth, and Big Kakez pay homage to women on “Her” over a laidback somber backdrop, they deliver different stores where women were forced to do the things they should be doing to survive this made-driven world.

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David Daudin x Manny Solo – “Bam Bam”


David Daudin and Manny Solo deliver a solid jam in the form of the new single “Bam Bam” the track flips the classic Bam Bam sample and switches it into a fun record we all can rock with.

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Que Believe – “All Else Fails” feat Jadakiss


Brasilian/American artist Que Believe delivers a heartfelt track titled “All Else Fails” A soulful and gripping track filled with emotions and the rapper’s experiences growing up in the hood. Joining him on the track is Jadakiss who also adds his 2 cents to the topic.



Tarik Robinson – “Everyday”


Canadian emcee/producer Tarik Robinson (Teekay of Dragon Fli Empire) shares his new single “Everyday” which sees him reflect on life and the pressures that come with it. From trying to create unique art to chasing success, it’s easy to fall into complacency, Robinson runs through the variables that one has to deal with every day. This is the first single from Tarik’s new album, Rotations.

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Flash Peasants – “The Boys”


Corby, Northamptonshire rap duo Flash Peasants put their love for comics on their latest release “The Boys.” Over the somber horn-driven beat courtesy of Shaun and DJOP1, the duo delivers an impassioned performance filled with comic book character references and off-the-cuff wordplay. ‘The Boys’ is their first single since the 2017’s Flash Peasants EP and is released through the new indie label, YUK Records.

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Krys K – “Kiss”


Emcee Krys K is in full unapologetic mode on her new release titled “Kiss.” She makes mincemeat of the punchy off-beat backdrop, she lets her cheating partner know that it’s payback time and there is no going back after this.


Original Virtuoso – “Fake Shit”


Indie rapper Original Virtuoso shares his 5th release titled “Fake Shit” which sees him in boss mode as he sends warnings to the fake emcees and naysayers out there.

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Perri Jones – “Don P”


“Don P” is a hard-hitting, no holds barred banger by Houston singer Perri Jones who embodies a whole new rap persona to bring us something different.. She makes use of a booming trap backdrop to showcase her smooth flow and unbridled lyrics laced with bravado and of course love for her city. The song is produced by frequent collaborators and production duo FastLife Beats (Coi Leray, YBN Nahmir)

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The Lique – “Feels Like”


The Lique takes time to reflect on a better tomorrow on “Feels Like.” Over a smooth soulful backdrop, he delivers an uplifting performance ripe with profound lyrics that everyone can rock with.

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Tuisku – “Words Hurt Saying”


Tuisku puts his candid thoughts on wax on his new release “Words Hurt Saying.” Over a solemn jazz-infused backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance with thought-provoking and reflective lyrics.

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Deleteeglitch – “let go”


Deleteeglitch dives into his emotions on “let go” over a trippy backdrop.
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JUHPYTHER – “Brothers”

JUHPYTHER shares new single “Brothers” which dives into the sensitive issue of racism and details the dynamics that come with different cultures and human nature.

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$L badmon – “sunsets”


$L badmon reflects on growing and drifting relationships on his new single “sunsets.” He employs a somber backdrop on this tune and delivers a heartfelt performance ripe with evocative and homage paying lyrics to his friends.
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dezabel – “Before It Began”


Dezabel’s “Before It Began” is an engaging fusion of pop and soul with futuristic elements. The vocals are sublime and flow seamlessly over the anthemic backdrop.

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Rich Caviar reveals some interesting facts on the heartfelt song “DATING A STRIPPER.” Armed with his fiery flow and vivid storytelling skills, he makes use of a moody guitar-laden backdrop provided by his dad, Caviar reflects on the relationship between him and a stripper.
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D.P.S – “I’m Tellin U”


Philly artist/producer/songwriter D.P.S. shares the visuals for his song “I’m Tellin U.” The song reflects on his experiences being in love and the unpredictable dynamics that come with the feeling. “I’m Tellin U” is taken from his Cardiology EP.

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Trav B Ryan – “Leo Woman”


Trav B Ryan pays homage to the “Leo Woman” on his new single. Over a booming trap he delivers an adulation-filled performance and celebrates the Leo woman.


Pat App – “ill Routine”


Indie emcee Pat App shares a soothing and reflective single “ill Routine.” The track dives into his use of marijuana to find his path and grow into a better person and it’s produced by RealAgeBeats.


Cypher x Nez Tha Villian – “Rap Appétit”


Austin, TX rappers Cypher x Nez Tha Villian return with solid bars on their newest single “Rap Appétit.” Bolstered by the boom-bap drum groove and classic vocals scratch provided by Big&Little Productions, the duo deliver the goods Track is off Cyphers first tape Choice Beats on Loose Leaf available everywhere now.
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Chizabam x B-Ware – “Prophecy”

Chizabam and B-Ware team up for this thought-provoking track titled “Prophecy.” Over a vibrant and soulful backdrop, the duo reflects on real-time issues from police brutality, inequality, and more.
“Prophecy” is the title track from B-Ware and Chizabam’s first collaborative album entitled Slum Prophecy: Vol I.

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