The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms
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Kalon Mac – “Testimony”

Kalon Mac shares his “Testimony” on this reflective record. Over a sombre and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, he runs through the ups and downs of life and how he manages to weave through the craziness.




PemTheO.P – “Lay It Down”


Emerging Australian rapper PemTheO.P makes an entry on our list with “Lay It Down”, a reflective and introspective track that explores his own journey as an artist. Over a somewhat soulful and anthemic backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his life with lines like “The stress of this era man, I am feeling it for sure


Hugh Klein – “Lead The Way”


Melbourne Australia-based singer/songwriter Hugh Klein helps “Lead The Way” in his new single. The track is his first release since his 2020 debut Quand C’est Mou. The record is a sublime piece made up of funky guitar riffs, dreamy textures and mellow tones all underpinned by his rich layered vocal runs.


Sevee – “Better Off Alone”

Boston-based singer/songwriter Sevee delivers this heartfelt single titled “Better Off Alone” which sees her walking out on a toxic relationship. Backed by a smooth guitar-laden backdrop, she details how her ex became estranged and now she is taking the high road and leaving him behind.



Rico Blu – “TEMPLATE”.


Rico Blu’s “TEMPLATE” is a heartfelt and insightful track that dwells on the feelings of uncertainty and hesitation that can come with pursuing one’s passions, as well as the fear of the unknown and the consequences of our choices.  Over a sombre soulful backdrop, Rico runs through his thoughts checking all the boxes and clearing out the proverbial closet with each bar.




Brice Robell – “Tick Toxic”.


Emerging rapper/songwriter Brice Robell pours his heart on wax in his new single titled “Tick Toxic” Over a sombre guitar-laden backdrop, he delivers a laidback and emotion-laden performance ripe with lyrics that dwell on self-discovery and fighting the demons that reside within.



Elmer Andersson – “Don’t Know Why”.

Elmer Andersson delivers this genre-fusing track titled “Don’t Know Why” on our list. Over warm textures, and pop aesthetics with soul elements, Elmer takes time to reflect on the dynamics of love and the ups and downs that come with it.


Marie Dahlstrom – “Make It Up To You” (feat. Kofi Stone)


London-based Danish musician, producer and vocalist Marie Dahlstrom returns to the forefront with her new single “Make It Up To You” featuring Birmingham’s Kofi Stone. The mellow love ballad sees her teaming up with south London producer and Young Poet/Ninja Tune signee Conor Albert who laces her with a lush guitar-driven backdrop ripe with rich layered textures and a rousing drum groove to boot. The track dwells on tracing the cracks developing in a relationship and the inner strength it takes to pull through it all.
The single is taken from her upcoming new album A Good Life which will be out 22nd May via her own JFH Records label.

Artis Bourne – “Evolve”


Eclectic rapper/songwriter Artis Bourne shows us what it means and takes to “Evolve” in his new release. The experimental piece is made up of airy and ethereal strings, horns and sublime synths all underpinned by his impassioned spoken word performance that dwells on the continued evolution of being and consciousness bringing awareness to universal love and the oneness of all things.


Rhyme Assassin – “Rhyme Apostles” ft. Jadakiss, Crooked I, Keith Murray, Canibus, Chino XL, A-F-R-O, Craig G., Reks, Ruste Juxx & more!

UK Based, Zimbabwe-born Rhyme Assassin assembles the best of the best in his newest track titled  “Rhyme Apostles”. The track features  Jadakiss, Crooked I, Canibus, Reks, Craig G., Keith Murray, Ruste Juxx, Antlive, Chino XL, A-F-R-O, Prodigal Sunn and K-Solo. The track produced by UK’s Deep Voice is as menacing as they come with its ominous textures and hard-hitting drums that fit the bill for the emcees to showcase their lyrical prowess. Inspired by the story of Jesus and his 12 disciples, Rhyme Assassin brings it into the hip-hop world with 12 legendary emcees who represent the art to the fullest. Rhyme Assassin began his emcee journey in the year 2000 where he quickly established himself as a battle rapper and artist in his native Africa. After moving to the UK he put his music career on hold for a time. However in 2012 after linking with UK producer Deep Voice he began creating music again. Starting his own label, Uncle Rhymez Records he has amassed a discography of solo work and is also releasing work by Bulawayo-based T9yce.



jamesbetamax & PRiM – “The Mask”.

jamesbetamax and PRiM unveil “The Mask”, a rousing drum-break fuelled lyric-dense track that is perfect for our playlist. The lyrics are quite vivid and the use of stream of consciousness aesthetic makes it expressive.



Reblah – “Spread the Word”

UK emcee Reblah and Texas-based rapper S.O are out on the streets to “Spread the Word”. The track is an inspirational track that sees the two upholding their faith as they set out in the power and authority given by God and sharing the news of love and salvation for those who need it. The track is bolstered by a cinematic drill soundscape and underpinned by the duo’s commanding vocals and insightful Gospel-driven raps.



CODE:STICKS – “Kazooie”

NY-raised rapper CODE:STICKS delivers this anthemic horn-laden track titled “Kazooie”. The track sees him in playful mode as he delivers a laidback and impassioned performance bolstered by a catchy hook. The track is taken from his new album titled STIXTAPE.



Worms Ali x Lase 28 – “Yin to the Yang”

“Yin to the Yang” by Worms Ali and Lase 28 is a mellow, reflective track that details the bittersweet struggles of life and finding self-value in your authentic passion. The soundscape is warm and somewhat moody while the lyrics are heartfelt and insightful.




Talé Sheezy – “Legendary”.

Zambian rapper Talé Sheezy teams up with Chase Iyan for “Legendary”. The bravado-laden track is made up of dark moody textures and fiery raps that dwell on his integrity and how he charted his own path.


Monteasy x Musiq Soulchild – “Pressure”

Monteasy teams up with R&B/soul royalty Musiq Soulchild for his new single “Pressure”. The track is dark and punchy and sure gives listeners a different vibe with its unique mix of r&b melodic flow and hard-hitting hip-hop.


SV x Alyssa Jane – “Down to Zero”

Producer SV teams up with vocalist  Alyssa Jane for “Down to Zero”, a mellow and reflective tune made up of moody and solemn pianos, punchy drums and atmospheric textures. Alyssa’s vocals sure cuts through the mix as she delivers a soul-stirring melodic performance and a heartfelt rap as well which showcase her versatility.


Datta Boy – “Rewind”

West LA California-based multifaceted Black/ Fijian artist Datta Boy aka Snuka is not new to us and on his new release “Rewind” he teases us with a plethora of off-kilter raps and engaging flows over a dark moody synth-driven backdrop.


Craig Vill – “Nobody’s Favorite”

North Philadelphia (Born and Raised) rapper/songwriter Craig Vill pours his emotions on wax in his new release “Nobody’s Favorite”. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, he shares the ups and downs of his life and the many events that changed his trajectory and made him who he is today.


Matthew Leary x Hersoul – “AT LEAST I’M HERE”


Matthew Leary connects with Hersoul for “AT LEAST I’M HERE”,a chilled soul-infused track that sees the artist reflecting on their respective life’s journeys. The lyrics are candid and heartfelt and overall they both agree that life is not rosy but it’s far from being terrible so they bask in the little mercies that come their way.


DJ $crilla – “Let It Show”


DJ $crilla brings the energy levels up in his new release “Let It Show”. The track is as energetic as they come and he easily rides the beat with his commanding and stylish flow and playalistic rhymes


Brianna Yancey – “One Day”


Emerging singer/songwriter Brianna Yancey makes her debut on our list with this uplifting record titled “One Day”. backed by the soulful and summery soundscape she delivers a soul-stirring performance with spirit lifting lyrics that helps get us through the craziness.


Alyssia Davis – “Tragic”


Emerging singer/songwriter Alyssia Davis shares “Tragic”, a heartfelt track that sees her reflecting on how to hurt people hurt people and the cycle needs to end. Over a sombre and soulful backdrop, she delivers a laidback and soothing performance ripe with candid lyrics as well.



Carl C Beats x Nuttso – “The Struggles of a African”

Producer Carl C Beats and rapper Nuttso team up for this insightful piece titled “The Struggles of a African”. Over a mellow and sombre soundscape, the rapper shares his experience as an African in a foreign land and how the crab in a barrel mentality does nothing but bring us down. The lyrics are candid, and unapologetic and make one think deeply about the current situation.


Jhyve – “Where U Are”


Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jhyve returns to the forefront 2 years after his EP Rapture, with his latest release titled “Where U Are”. The track is an experimental r&b/soul effort that blends off-kilter and solemn soundscapes against his rich melodic runs and heartfelt songwriting. “Where U Are” is his first single from his forthcoming album, WAR&PEACE.


Bravado Bard – “Dinner Is Served”.


Bravado Bard‘s “Dinner Is Served” is a vivid storytelling of his journey as a young man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world. Over a sombre and reflective soundscape, Bravado Bard runs through timelines and the dynamics of being true to oneself in a sea filled with sharks


Redd Rebel – “Mass Hysteria” prod. by The Nerds Music Production”


Greece-based production team The Nerds Music Production connects with Providence, RI artist Redd Rebel for their hard-hitting new track “Mass Hysteria.” The boom-bap flavoured gem is a tough and menacing track that sees Redd Rebel in his element.


IM’PERETIV – “Every Bullet”.

Prolific producer IM’PERETIV teams up with Montreal rapper Slik Jack for this cinematic effort titled “Every Bullet”. The unapologetic banger is ripe with gripping lyrics and rhyme schemes from Slik Jack who singlehandedly carries the beat with his gruff and commanding vocals.


Knightstalker x Timbo King – “Scattered Thoughts”


Knightstalker was born and bred in the southwest of Germany’s capital Berlin and got into hiphop at an early age. His last single “Nocturnal Tragedies” featured. Killah Priest and now he follows it up with another mellow, yet thumping and thoughtful track called “Scattered Thoughts”. The track is once again produced by long-time collaborator Falling Down and features Wu affiliate Timbo King of Royal Fam fame. The beat is moody and punchy and both emcees deliver their candid thoughts on wax.


NappyHigh x Blu x Jay Worthy – “ChiliFritos”


Los Angeles-based Record Producer, DJ, Musician, Songwriter, & Rapper NappyHigh teams up with rap veterans Blu and Jay Worthy for his new single “ChiliFritos”. The track has a laidback retro-r&b vibe and sees the emcee delivering graphic raps that take listeners like a cruise through the city of angels.


Powermitts – “Human Photocopier”

Powermitts’s new single “Human Photocopier” is a detailed and reflective track that talks about exploitation and people who imitate others for lack of creativity. The beat is punchy and somewhat off-kilter while the lyrics are vivid and candid.



Kenny Sharp – “Nights Like This”


DC-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenny Sharp helped close out the list with his newest release titled “Nights Like This”. The sound is a retro-tinged soul/blues mix which he calls Brown Liquor Music. The production is rich, and nostalgic and his vocal runs are commanding and alluring from start to finish.

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