I’ll be damned if bugseed and ill.sugi aren’t two of the dopest, flyest beat makers on the scene right now, and after many previous collaborations it’s time to prepare for another one with Pier 7. They flip some luscious few bars on ‘doxy’ (listeners of Gang Starr will know what it is) and shuffle with the high hats. Prepare for a BIG release, out April 24th on Urban Waves… info after the jump!

Urban Waves is proud to present this new project by Bugseed & Illsugi, two of the finest beatmakers out of Tokyo, Japan. Pier 7 is designed around the idea of a youthful free spirit inspired by the docks of San Francisco. The concepts exposed here are independence, skateboarding, freedom and love. With this album we went all the way designing a limited release on unique formats like white vinyl and red cassettes it goes without saying that both are absolutely mandatory if you are a collector and or a fan of the new generation of hip hop and beatmaking. With the art of our very own Alex Brade for the cover and two outstanding producers that put their minds together, this album can only please you!
– Urban Waves

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