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49th Parallel – “Bout Time”.

49th Parallel made their first entry on our playlist with their new single titled “Bout Time”. The mid-tempo soul-trap track is well-crafted and showcases its bravado-driven style and dynamic arrangement. The track serves as the perfect introduction to the duo and a glimpse into what is to come.




HarveyDent – “Bash Bros”

Canadian rap duo HarveyDent set 2024 ablaze with their first single “Bash Bros” which serves as the lead single from their forthcoming project scheduled to drop in the summer. The track has a classic sample with distorted basslines and punchy drums underpinned by their stylish flows and smooth vibes



Elesia Iimura, O.T x Busta Rhymes – “Chooky”

Elesia Iimura, O.T and Busta Rhymes bring a new vibe in their new collaboration titled “Chooky”. Over a bass-heavy bouncy soundscape, the trio delivers smooth playful bars with a catchy hook to match.



BOŸBAND GKFAM – “Pumps and the Bump”

Hardworking genre-bending band BOŸBAND GKFAM raise the ante in their new release “Pumps and the Bump”. Over a dark and moody backdrop, the crew proceeded to wreak havoc with their fiery and energetic performances.



UraelB – “Dirty Toothbrush”.




UraelB ‘s  “Dirty Toothbrush” is a reflective semi-autobiographical tune that explores his childhood and the many events that helped shape him into the man he is. Over a jazzy and soulful backdrop, UraelB takes us back in time with his vivid stories and heartfelt nostalgic theme. The track is taken from his latest project – the NOSTALGIA EP.


Jaron Ikner – To The Stars Above”


Rising multi-media artist Jaron Ikner makes his debut entry on our playlist with his new single titled  “To The Stars Above”. The track aims to encourage listeners to tap into their inner strength and look for a better tomorrow no matter how difficult it gets.


Freedust – “Do Your Thing”

Eclectic boundary-pushing band Freedust opens up the year with “Do Your Thing”. The track is an uplifting positive anthem that centers on living up to one’s potential and implores everyone to push through the negativity and make life happen.



More or Les – “Ole Man Logan” (feat. Swamp Thing & D.J. Irate)

Toronto DJ/producer/rap veteran More or Les drops “Ole Man Logan” featuring Swamp Thing and D.J. Irate. Over the dark and haunting soundscape, the emcees deliver fiery raps with no-holds-barred tendencies.



Yung Gravy – “Mozzarella” ft. Lil Keed

Yung Gravy delivers some fresh “Mozzarella” alongside the late Atlanta rapper Lil Keed. The production has an anthemic feel with its punchy trap drums and horns underpinned by the rapper’s playful and devil-may-care demeanour.





Conspiracy x DJ Matto x District Prime – “Prime Conspiracy” by Conspiracy & District Prime

Conspiracy, DJ Matto and District Prime team up for “Prime Conspiracy”, an experimental tune that is made up of moody textures, clicks and pops with sparse drum grooves provided by DJ Matto. Here, the emcees proceed to drop off-kilter and lyric-dense performances that quote out-of-this-world science theories and engaging wordplay to match. This is also the second and last single in a collab project put on hold and is now never to be completed.



Delphi – “Free/someday”.

Singer/songwriter Delphi never disappoints and on her new release “Free/someday”, she delivers a much-needed heartwarming piece that centers on the true essence of love and unity. Inspired by the never-ending war and strife going on in the world, Delphi pens the most inspiring and soul-lifting piece for everyone going through it. The track is an embodiment of positivity and hope for everyone.


Jah Bankzz – “Success”

Miami-based singer/songwriter Jah Bankzz caught our ears with her newest release “Success”, an aspirational and reflective track that explores the struggles she faced in this dog-eat-dog world. Over a lush and moody backdrop, Jah delivers a compelling and relatable tale that listeners can tap into and learn from.





T Clipse – “MARIANA”.

Greater Boston, Massachusetts-based Rapper/Producer/Engineer T Clipse drops his new single “MARIANA”, a solemn and sad tune that centers on broken love and the aftermath of heartbreak. The piano-laden backdrop is underpinned by his reflective lyrics and a smooth melodic chorus that shows his vulnerable side and how he copes with his pain.



QUE K –  “What if pac never died?”

QUE K discusses this delicate topic in his new single titled  “What if Pac never died?”. The track is a laidback and sombre piece that sees the rapper looking at different What-If situations and how we don’t really have answers to these questions.





Jared Matthew – “So High”


Wilmington, NC artist Jared Matthew shares his new single “So High” which is taken from his new album Lost Boy 2. The track is an insightful and introspective piece that details his journey as an artist and the experiences that shaped his artistry and more.



Moschino Jones – “BELLE ISLE” (feat. prod.myles)

Detroit, MI-based rapper Moschino Jones delivers “BELLE ISLE”, a laidback and reflective piece that showcases his vivid storytelling skills. Over the classic soul-sampled backdrop provided by myles, Moschino takes us behind the scenes into his daily activities and how he gets down.


TYE – “Pace”.

TYE gets us up to speed with this aspiration tune titled “Pace”. Backed by a dark and punchy backdrop and armed with his laidback flow, he shares his thoughts on running one’s race and reaching goals without getting distracted by others.






Pierce Elliott – “Guilt Trippin'”


Northern Chicagoland-raised rapper/songwriter Pierce Elliott pours his heart on wax in his new single “Guilt Trippin'”. The track samples a classic soul track and turns it into a warm and nostalgia-inducing backdrop underpinned by Elliot’s insightful bars that center on pacing oneself and following through with plans.



Moguido – “The Torus” (feat. Donnie Adams)

“The Torus” is the latest release from producer Moguido who teams up with Chicago rapper Donnie Adams. The guitar-driven tune has an offbeat groove and moody texture that is peppered by Adams’ fiery bars and expressive flow. The track is underpinned by a vocal narration on the hook and it’s the last single before Moguido drops his debut album, My Fantasy Infinity.








Classik – “The Forgotten”


Veteran Canadian rapper/producer Classik delivers his new release titled “The Forgotten”, a laidback and introspective tune that explores real-time issues like world peace, daily strife and the need for us to choose peace instead of the opposite.





Superfi¢ial – “MoMA”.


NY-based producer/rapper Superfi¢ial drops “MoMA”, a melody-driven trap tne that explores his versatility. He uses a sing-songy melodic flow and adulation-filled lyrics that give listeners a glimpse into his love life. The song is off his new upcoming project In The Grand Scheme of Things.



Citero – “Plots”.


Citero makes his debut on our list with “Plots”. The self-produced track has a solemn and reflective backdrop made up of piano-riffs, dark textures and punchy drum grooves. His lyricism is quite layered and he touches on several topics ranging from daily hurdles, his lyrical prowess and more as he threads his lines with vivid wordplay and wit.




LoCeRa – “Talk On It” (feat. 3T3N)


LoCeRa and 3T3N raise the ante with this hard-hitting anthemic track titled “Talk On It”. The 808-driven trap beat is underpinned by dark piano riffs and the rappers’ unflinching and unapologetic raps.


JRoberts x RJ Payne – “Keep It Moving”


JRoberts, RJ Payne and Body Bag Ben help close the playlist on a gritty note with this no-holds-barred track titled “Keep It Moving”. No stone is left unturned here and listeners get heavy doses of that pure unfiltered hip-hop from these rappers.

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