The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ninja Rem – “Testament”

French emcee Ninja Rem caught our ears with his newest release “Testament”. The track is as heartfelt as they come and sees the rising rapper detailing his trials and tribulations and his experiences in this thing called life




KS LiveO – “10 Past 10”


UK rapper KS LiveO makes his entry on our site with “10 Past 10”, a laidback track that showcases his vivid lyricism and expressive flow. Here, he takes us deep into his borough and the many experiences that shaped him.



Ol’ Burger Beats – “For the Family” (feat. Awon)

Ol’ Burger Beats links with prolific rapper Awon for this new single titled “For the Family” which is lifted from the Norwegian producer’s forthcoming album 74: Out of Time. The laidback track is as warm as the summer sun and is ripe with lush horns, downtempo drums and warm pads all underpinned by Awon’s insightful and bravado-laden bars.

ConSensus – “Out of this World” (feat. Moses Boyd)

ConSensus takes us “Out of this World” alongside Moses Boyd in his latest effort. The concept track sees him blending storytelling with scientific terminologies as he flows effortlessly over the gloomy and bouncy soundscape laid before him. Here, he takes listeners into the mix of different social interactions using terms from Newtonian physics, Kepler’s laws, and planetary motion. The result is a playful and enlightening track that shows how music and academics can go hand in hand.


James Aris – “Hold On” (feat. Blu)

Jersey City-born artist James Aris teams up with legendary rapper Blu on “Hold On”. The track is a solemn and reflective tune that talks about perseverance and self-reflection and sees both artists sharing their perspectives on the various issues they come across.




BIG TY STICK, Scarface, Queen Aries – “Fell In Love With The Game”.


BIG TY STICK recruits the legendary emcee Scarface and vocalist Queen Aries for this tribute track titled “Fell In Love With The Game”. The track has a mid-tempo bounce and rich synth-driven soulful vibes and sees the emcees sharing their celebratory tales with much gusto and passion.

Erik Frank – “Wishing You The Best”

Singer/songwriter Erik Frank is bringing to the fore, his unique blend of R&B/pop and hip-hop. On his latest release “Wishing You The Best”, he delivers a heartfelt track that dwells on heartbreak and the aftermath of it all. Over a soulful piano-driven soundscape, he pours his true feelings on wax and finds the strength to move on.





D. Green – “Gravitational Pull”.


Songwriter and producer D. Green makes his entry on our playlist with his new release titled “Gravitational Pull”. The soul/pop-infused jam displays his versatility as an artist as he employs a soothing melodic style with heartfelt songwriting. Here, he pours adulation on a special someone whose bright and joyful spirit draws him in.



LnO – “Stranger Things”

LnO shares his new single “Stranger Things” taken from his 3-song EP/episode Inception. The track has a dark and moody vibe underpinned by his graphic storytelling and engaging flow. Here he talks about his experiences and how these events shaped him into being the man that he is today.


Jezeb – “Infinite”

Rapper Jezeb delivers this introspective tune titled “Infinite” which dives into the concept of time, space and the daily struggles we must all go through. Over a solemn guitar riff and warm soundscape, he takes us through time with vivid words and rap schemes.






A-1 x Baghead – “H2o”

San Francisco California-based A-1 teams up with Bagheadfor this vibrant party jam titled “H2o”. The track is an upbeat cut ripe with anthemic textures and punchy drums that would make your speakers rattle. On the track, A-1 reflects on the daily struggle and drama we all face and implores us to break from the norm and have a good time.




StillJune – “All I Know” (feat. Stilljune & Young Benji)

StillJune links with King Quansh and Young Benji for “All I Know”, a vibrant anthemic tune that is made for all the go-getters out there. Over the dark brooding soundscape, the emcees share their respective perspectives on getting their goals accomplished and clearing out the detractors.



Pierce Elliott – “So Good”

Pierce Elliott‘s “So Good” is a laidback soulful jam made up of rich vocal samples layered over snapping drum grooves and an overall warm summer texture. Here, Elliot delivers a commanding flow and vivid lyricism ripe with bravado and a touch of insight. The song is taken from his new EP entitled Lost Rhymes.


Gabby Poli – “Change”


Singer/songwriter Gabby Poli was born to a Grammy award-winning producer father Poli Paul who has worked with luminaries like Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Nas and more. She started singing at a young age in the local church choir and developed her art over the years. Her blend of R&B and inspirational/Gospel style is as refreshing as they come and on her new single “Change”, she delivers a heartfelt and reflective piece that talks about wanting change with the help of God. Armed with her lush vocal runs and praise-laden lyrics, she turns to the lord for mercy to help guide our souls toward the light.


SumnLike Rappers – “Let’s Get It”


“Let’s Get It” is the latest effort from SumnLike Rappers who take time to break down the ups and downs of life and how to move through the drama-filled world we live in.


K. Prime – “Your Problem”

North London singer/songwriter K. Prime makes his entry on our site with “Your Problem”, a sultry heartfelt track that explores the dynamics of relationships. From the fights to making up and annoying the skin out of each other, K. Prime looks candidly at what makes two lovers value themselves.



ZENtheRapper x King Cooper – “Smoove Rendition”.


ZENtheRapper and King Cooper team up to execute a “Smoove Rendition”, a soulful and warm production ripe with nostalgic aesthetics. The raps are insightful and sentimental as well.

Kvng Grimm – “Kvng Grimm IMPULSIVE” (feat. DaviJinx)


Kvng Grimm and DaviJinx team up for this hard-hitting jam titled “IMPULSIVE”, a hard-hitting synth-driven jam that captures pure lyricism from the duo.  “IMPULSIVE”  is the newest song taken from his upcoming EP Titled Til Death.






Swedish songstress /actress ANNA VEE delivers this sultry track titled “GET TO KNOW YOU”. The pop-infused R&B jam sees her pouring her emotions over soft plucks, hushed drum grooves and warm pads. here, she vividly details what she needs from her partner and what they need to do to get acquainted with each other.



Online Counter Psyops – “The First Day of Spring”


Online Counter Psyops made up of the duo of E. Grizzly and Marko Level return with “The First Day of Spring”. The track has a moody and ominous soundscape underpinned by its nonconforming lyrics and reflective bars. E. Grizzly and Marko Level have also teamed up with the A-HA Network to produce their 2nd release called Hello, Hello Are You Still There? Stream it here.



2wiin Kingz – “It Depends (On how you feel)”


Flatbush, Brooklyn’s own 2wiin Kingz drop their new single “It Depends (On how you feel)”. The anthemic track is an emotional piece that explores the daily struggles we all have to face and the never-ending cycle we find ourselves in. The duo carry the track with their impassioned flow and unfiltered raps that capture their true feelings about the present situation.



Bamis – “Freeze Time”.

Montreal,Canada-born rapper Bamis comes through with the edgy single “Freeze Time”. The dark and moody production has an ominous vibe and is underpinned by Bamis’ smooth flow and vivid lyricism.



ben haydn – “minimal”


Uprising rapper ben haydn keeps things “minimal” in his latest effort. Over a soulful and lofi soundscape, he reflects on the ups and downs of life and how it’s best to keep things minimal in order to stay afloat.




Eli Elliot x Austin Lara – “Throw Me A Line”


Eli Elliot, Austin Lara, Matthew Golub and Dvyn Drake deliver  “Throw Me A Line”, a heartfelt and soulful tune that is bolstered by rich melodic runs, and edgy jazz-infused hip-hop vibes with pop sensibilities. The track has a rich summer feel and it’s quite catchy as well.



Empress Lee – “Bad Night”

Singer Empress Lee and rapper Steamer deliver the track “Bad Night” which is a vivid account of an alcohol-fuelled altercation between a married couple. The conceptual song is a brutal take on such a delicate issue and explores the dynamics of love, toxic behaviours and having the strength to come out of a bad situation better than before.


AMYRA – “Terrified”

Eclectic singer/songwriter AMYRA delivers a new track “Terrified”, which serves as the third single from her forthcoming album Color Me Saffron. The track is a heartfelt effort that blends edgy soft rock elements with soulful aesthetics all underpinned by AMYRA’s commanding vocal runs and soul-stirring songwriting that cuts deep into the emotions that come with being terrified.




Dios Negasi x RJ Payne – “THE CHAMBERS” (feat. Rj Payne & Dios Negasi)”


West Coast vet Dios Negasi and super lyricist RJ Payne team up for “THE CHAMBERS”. The hard-hitting track is pure bravado on steroids as both emcees proceed to wreak havoc over the ominous orchestral soundscape. No stone is left unturned and lovers of that hardcore unfiltered rap will love this one. The track is taken from the forthcoming Black Violens LP (to drop soon via Reagan Era Records / Chamber Music) which sees Negasi pairing up with serious guest features over his production.  




TheoryMartinX – “Anything”.


TheoryMartinX teams up with Rollin B for the aspirational and reflective track titled “Anything”. The record talks about having tangible aspirations and dreams and of course, the spirit to break from the complacency and redundancy of life. The verses are vivid and touching and the chorus sums it up as it tells us “Anything, I just can’t settle for anything“.



JRoberts – “Paid In Full” (feat. Shottie)

JRoberts returns to our playlist with a new single “Paid In Full” featuring Shottie. The track has a scenic and sombre vibe laced with crunchy drum breaks and edgy bars from both emcees.




Jess Renn – “News to Me”

Rising singer/songwriter Jess Renn helps wrap up this week’s list with  “News to Me”. The heartfelt track explores the subject of love and support from close ones and how often we get blinded by our own thoughts and do not pay attention to those who have shown us love. The soundscape is quite dynamic and blends a touch of alternative rock, and pop with the pure essence of neo soul and her vocals are magnificent as well.

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