We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Claytonisokay – “Follows”

Claytonisokay‘s “Follows” is a heartfelt song that details the story of a young boy who wants to be like his father which eventually leads to his downfall.
Over the song, he discovers how there are people with real problems, and his problems don’t compare. For some reason, others strive to seem like they must survive, even when they are well off.
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Nathan – “Soon Come”

UK R&B singer Nathan shares the video for his uplifting track titled “Soon Come.” Backed by a smooth, bouncy track by Grammy-nominated producer, P2J, Nathan reflects on his comeuppance and his journey so far in the industry and life. Get it on Apple Music



Mike G – “Ride Out (Black Version)”

Mike G celebrates Juneteenth with. the release of the visceral song “Ride Out (Black Version).” The song is produced by Left Brain and sees Mike G speaking out on the movement and how things can change when we all unite.
The music video (edited by Detric Cooke) is a collection of powerful clips from the Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the US and the world from the last 3 weeks. Feeling moved by the swell of what finally feels like a true revolution, Mike G wanted to energize the Movement with a song made for building even more momentum as we continue to change the world together.
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MoneySign Hines – “Get Away”

MoneySign Hines ‘s “Get Away” is all about finding inner peace and solace with all the craziness going on in the world. He makes use of a smooth soulful backdrop to deliver his thoughts as he gives the listener an in-depth look at the mindset of a black male in America. “Get Away” also talks about racial injustice, as well as serves as an inspiration to every listener.
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The Thought – “Amberwood”

Pomona, CA-based rapper The Thought shares a harrowing account of growing up on his new single “Amberwood.” A heartrending piece that is both vivid and solemn as he details the ruptured relationships within his family. The song explores his relationship with his brother and the path to the dynamic they currently suffer.
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CLOAQxDAGGER x Aztech x Paranom – “Razorface”

Massachusetts production duo also known as CLOAQxDAGGER team up with Aztech (of Hybrid Thoughts) and Paranom (of Tragic Allies) for this hard hitting cut titled “Razorface.”
On the second single from their upcoming album A Working Title, the duo sculpts a richly intense soundscape for Aztech & Paranom to display their intellectual prowess on. The video is shot and directed by Rose Glen Ent. who goes for a an experimental style visuals that enhances the dark sonic masterpiece by visually vibrating your frontal cortex.
Crack Sizzlack and Mathias are “CLOAQxDAGGER” a Hip-hop production team based out of Boston, MA. Their debut album “A Working Title” Coming Soon!!


Vice Souletric – “Father In My Life”

Vice Souletric takes some time to reflect on his father on the soulful Dj Flash produced track titled “Father In My Life.” He gives thanks to his father and reveals the various things he did to make him who he is today. This relationship ultimately evolved into the relationship he now has with his own kids. In true Vice fashion, the track is relatable to everyone young and old and makes for the perfect father’s day song.
“Father In My Life,” is the lead single for his latest album, The Reality of All People which is fully produced by DJ Flash of the Justus League.
Check out the entire album at www.therealityofallpeople.com
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The Muses Matter – “B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary)”


Musical collective The Muses Matter lend their voices tot he movemtn with their new anthemic track titled “B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary).” The track is set off by a profound snippet of Malcolm X which opens the flood gate for the artists to share their thoughts on racial discrimination and profiling of people of color.
The Muses Matter is a new collective of musicians, songwriters, singers and graphists from Paris, New-York and London.
They are currently preparing an EP with a unique blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Electro.



Sargeant X Comrade – “Romance In Outer Space” (feat. Kool Keith & DJ WeezL)


Sargeant and Comrade team up with Kool Keith & DJ WeezL for some spacey soulful vibes on this tune titled “Romance In Outer Space”. From the smooth texture and atmospheric sound design to the alluring sultry vocals, the cree deliver the goods from Earth to outer space.
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Viktoria Csik – “god knows what”

Singer/songwriter Viktoria Csik makes her debut on our top list with this solid piece titled “god knows what.” The laidback solemn piece sure showcase her unique vocal style that’s both alluring and commanding. The beat was produced by D’Artizt and sure fits her like a glove.
The emerging Hamilton singer’s debut EP Unpleasant Conversations, which features True Friend and 6 additional new tracks, is now live on all DSPs here.



True C x Chuuwee x Aaron Cohen – “Load The Mic”

“Load The Mic” is a collaboration between True C, Sac town emcee Chuuwee and Aaron Cohen. The trio goes for the jugular with their off-kilter rap style over a cinematic backdrop. This is a heavy dose of bravado and swag.
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Claytonisokay – “Orchestra”

Claytonisokay -pays homage to NY on his song “Orchestra.” He makes use of a classic soul sample and layers it over a smooth drum loop to fit his laidback flow. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud

Passport Rav – “Never Die”

Passport Rav reflects on life as a black man on the cerebral song “Never Die.” The solemn piano-laden piece is very vivid and insightful as Rav takes time to ponder on the variables that make him who he is, a black man in Amerikkka. The video is shot/directed/Gfx by Zach Joplin and its mostly made up of performance shots with solid visual effects.
“Never Die” from the Dual Citizenship EP VINYLS/CDs available. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud//Spotify//Bandcamp


Don Strapzy – “Different Rules”

UK emcee Don Strapzy(fka Dru Blu,) is pushing the boundaries on his heavy single titled “Different Rules.” He makes use of a booming grime backdrop(courtesy of Mikey Joe and HK The Engineer ) for his solid raw British style that blends bravado and insightful elements.


Ramz – “Underneath”

Ramz’s “Underneath” is not only a fiery tribute to black women but also to embracing being comfortable in your own skin, both mentally and physically.
Backed by a booming backdrop courtesy of Capri (with additional production from 169), Ramz takes time to celebrate the beauty of dark skin girls while imploring women to strive to be comfortable in their own skin and being proud of it. Directed by Kirx, the accompanying stripped-down, performance led music video for ‘Underneath’ was shot in London, in strict adherence to social distancing guidelines.
The track is the follow up to the ‘Brixton to Oxford Circus’ freestyle and first official single release for 2020. Get it on all DSPs here.


Yng Amilli – “Get My Money”

Nigerian rapper/producer Yng Amilli is al bout the hustle on his anthemic single “Get My Money.” The young rapper is focused on his grind and that is totally exuded on wax over the booming trap backdrop.
So far he has 3 singles out and this will be the fourth, the released singles are “9-5,” “OMG” and “Amen.” Yng Amilli is a member of BLACK FEDERATION, an indie record label in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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