The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Dibbs x Mark Battles – “Groovy”


Dibbs teams up with Mark Battles for “Groovy”, a bouncy track laced with atmospheric synths and thick 808 drums. The duo delivers a solid collaboration that showcases the chemistry between the producer and rapper who comes through with edgy bars.




LUCI – “Stranger” (feat. Hey Hannah)


LUCI and Perth-born singer/songwriter Hey Hannah team up for “Stranger”, a smooth feel-good jam that will surely uplift the mood. Armed with her distinct melodic vocals and a rich bouncy backdrop, Hey Hannah delivers a sublime vocal performance rich with heartfelt lyrics.


Natalie Clark – “FREEDOM”

Scottish indie singer/songwriter Natalie Clark delivers this resounding and empowering tune titled “FREEDOM”. The uplifting tune is a blend of contemporary R&B with Gospel elements and a whole lot of inspirational themes that aim to give listeners that extra boost to reach their true potential and live the life that have always dreamed of.



TOURE – “Lifestyle Vicious” feat Vory + Life Of The Party EP


West Philadelphia rapper  TOURE shares his single “Lifestyle Vicious” with us and also releases his new project Life Of The Party EP. The new single features Vory and both emcees deliver smooth melodic runs that is both catchy and heartfelt.


J(X) – “Heart”.

J(X) continues his biweekly music releases with the latest entry titled “Heart”. The soulful tune sees him pouring adulation on his wife and celebrating the love they have together.



Treyone – “Wish/Want It”

Kansas City, Kansas -born rapper/songwriter Treyone delivers this heartfelt track titled “Wish/Want It” to our playlist. Over a soothing and soulful soundscape, he reflects on the unpredictable journey through the music industry and its many pitfalls.


Rello XP – “Untitled (The Greatest)”


South Carolina Rello XP caught our ears with “Untitled (The Greatest)”, a laidback and scenic track that truly showcases his lyrical prowess. Armed with his commanding vocal tone and stylish flow, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with bravado and a touch of insight.



Chai Tulani – “Angels follow” (feat. Joslyn Marie & ONU)


Chicago IL-raised,Nakuru Kenya-born rapper Chai Tulani delivers “Angels follow”, an aspirational tune that sees him teaming up with Joslyn Marie and ONU. The soulful soundscape formed the perfect backdrop for Chai’s insightful bars about his life and his daily struggles but as long as his angels are behind him, he has nothing to fear. Vocalists Joslyn Marie and ONU add a soul-gripping melodic run to the track.



Mykii J x The Kelly – “Trouble”

Brother/sister duo Mykii J and The Kelly deliver their new single “Trouble”, which serves as the lead single from their forthcoming album titled Mutant Dynasty. Over the cinematic drill backdrop, the duo trade fiery bravado-driven bars with pure unapologetic vibes.




WOLFMAN JECKYLL – “Blind “(feat. Madeline Hogan)


Providence, Rhode Island’s own Wolfman Jeckyll teams up with Greece’s The Nerds Music Production for this heartfelt and social-political track ripe with vivid and unapologetic lyrics that detail all the underhanded activities of the reigning political system. Over the gloomy and melancholic backdrop, he pours his true thoughts with no filter and he is joined by vocalist Madeline Hogan who touches it up with her soul gripping melodic runs.

The social commentary-powered track is taken from the forthcoming album WOLFMAN JECKYLL Meets The Nerds 2 dropping this Halloween (10/31).



Nairao x Deca – “No Trust”


UK emcees Nairao and Deca OTA team up for “No Trust”, a reflective tune that dives into their daily struggles and grinds in their borough. Over a thumping bassline, horns and warm pads, the emcees take us deep into their lives with expressive and fast-paced flows.


SlimYungMan – “NO FACETIME”


Rapper/producer SlimYungMan deliver his newest self-produced track titled “NO FACETIME”. The record has an ethereal pad and thick 808 drums underpinned by his whispered and expressive flow and raps that dwell on the day-to-day grind that we are all used to and the need to take time out to unwind on the weekend.


Clay Sutton – “Fuse Box”


Upcoming rapper Clay Sutton takes the steps to perfection in his new single “Fuse Box”. Armed with a mellow vocal tone and subtle melodic tinge, he shares his true thoughts over a vocal sample-driven backdrop.


Rodoski – “JESTER” (feat. Chris King & Chuuwee)


Rising emcee Rodoski teams up with Chris King and Chuuwee for “JESTER”. The track is a mid-tempo jam that pairs a wide variety of styles and the emcees bring their A-game to the forefront of it.


Wess – “Rhyme Paid”


Wess‘s “Rhyme Paid” is a tale of epic proportion that takes listeners deep into the mechanics of the street life and the ups and downs that come with it. The production is moody, and dark but Wess’s demeanour has a hint of hope as he aims to climb out the gutters and taste his much-deserved success.


IM’PERETIV x DYSTRAKTED x Ty Farris x Mav x Asun Eastwood – “Health it Costs”


Health it Costs” is the third collaboration between Asun, Mav, and Ty Farris and they recruited producer IM’PERETIV and DJ DYSTRAKTED to help out with the soundscape. Over the ominous and dark backdrop, the emcees deliver insight-filled and vivid lyricism that keeps listeners locked in. The track offers a taste of what’s to come from the collab project, I AM THAT I AM, by Asun and IM’PERETIV, slated for early 2024.


Pawz One – “Tell Em I Was Here”


Los Angeles emcee Pawz One shares the title track for his latest EP Tell Em I Was Here entirely produced by Water The Plants. “Tell Em I Was Here” serves as a reminder and a warning from Pawz One who delivers a reflective performance over the sombre and soulful backdrop and implores people to pay attention before it’s too late. The 3 track EP is available on all digital stores and vinyl. The vinyl includes an extra track featuring Masta Ace & DJ Rhettmatic and comes in marbled yellow/purple colours. The B side of the vinyl includes the instrumentals and acapella.



M7 x Mic Righteous – “All In”


“All In” is the newest release from M7 and Mic Righteous who go tandem with the bars. Over a cinematic and anthemic backdrop, listeners get to hear what these guys have in store and their bravado and off-kilter raps is more than enough to bring the house down.


Skee – “Colosseum”

Skee‘s latest release “Colosseum” is a bravado-laden track that showcases his fiery raps and commanding flow. Over the moody and cinematic soundscape, he delivers a solid performance ripe with insight and reflection.


Ju$t Tha Realne$$ – “Know Her Worth”

Ju$t Tha Realne$$ shares “Know Her Worth”, which is the 3rd Single Of his upcoming 3rd Album God Was Showing Off When He Made Me . The track is an ode to all women and pays homage to their strength as divine feminine creatures who are doing their best in this world.


Acediac – “Cabo”.


Uprising singer/songwriter Acediac makes his entry on our site with “Cabo”, a bouncy pop-infused R&B jam that showcases his versatile melodic runs and catchy hooks. Here, he delivers a playful take on blossoming love and how indecision often leads to complications.


F.ACE – “Real Life”


UK rapper F.ACE shows us the ways of “Real Life”, a heartfelt track that explores the ups and downs of love and loyalty. Over a gloomy but punchy backdrop, the rapper reflects on his past love and how the pain made him stronger than before.


Soul_ x Mat Trewhit – “Soul’s Goal ” (feat. Rebecca Sichon)

“Soul’s Goal ” is the latest release from Soul_ and Mat Trewhit who have teamed up with Rebecca Sichon and the result is a feel-good jam ripe with catchy melodic runs and smooth drum grooves. The lyrics are uplifting and aspirational and aim to give us something to rock.


Tireek – “Baby Boy” (feat. Nyzahir)

Rising emcee Tireek teams up with Nyzahir for his new single “Baby Boy”, a blend of R&B/soul with hip-hop. Over a moody and sublime soundscape, Tireek takes us deep into his life and the many experiences and situations he has to face as a young black man.



Wild Bounce – “Look Back”


Wild Bounce is the new genre-bending electronic duo made up of Daniele Carmosino (Freedust, Skyways) and Mabreezee (Karmasound, EmJayEm) have teamed up to drop “Look Back”, a new vibrant funky tune that blends the old and new with a touch of the future. The vinyl-inspired drum groove-rich piano riffs pulsating bassline and rousing percussions are all underpinned by Mabreezee’s versatile flow that blends joyful melodic runs and feel-good raps.

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