Showtime Ramon has been on an incredible run and his 2023 was filled with more than a handful of singles, videos and collaborators so it’s only right for him to launch 2024 with a brand-new project to solidify his artistry. Titled Abominable Snowman, the project is a 10-track body of work that is filled with hard-hitting beats and no-holds-barred raps.


“Jack Johnson” is the first cut and it’s a collaboration with producer Xynfe who laces the rapper with a haunting and cinematic backdrop that helps set the tone for the rest of the project. Ramon races off with a plethora of rhyme schemes underpinned by his distinct stream of consciousness. As the title pays homage to the legendary boxer, Showtime Ramon embodies similar stature with his verbal theatrics. The second track “Gods Gift” starts with a potent quote from the legendary Mike Tyson before Ramon comes through with his distinct gruff flow and boastful lines like “No one can see me, my technique is immortal/Rapping out my ass, pretty girls give me oral/He mad because he normal“ and it’s followed by another equally hard-hitting track titled “Crossface” which continues the rapper’s bravado songwriting. Once more, he flexes on the opposition and leaves them scattered on the canvas with splinters and broken bones. The production used on “Mark Henry” and “Get a Grip” are as cohesive as they come. The former uses vocals from Wrestler Mark Henry and is ripe with wrestling elements with a touch of Showtime’s off-kilter references while the latter’s cinematic backdrop is underpinned by a go-getter theme.


Showtime Ramon teams up with fellow rapper Freetown for  “DDP” which serves as the first vocal feature on the project. Here, the duo trade bars over Cultxre’s moody and haunting boombap infused soundscape while paying homage to pro wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page and Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage. The song is chock full of engaging bars but my favourite is “Zangief, rub a nigga out, treat him like he CBD/I won’t say a motherfuckin’ word, bitch, I ain’t Keefie D/Death Row, no limit records, ain’t that the same chain“. The last 4 songs on the project are quite engaging for what it’s worth and with Showtime Ramon holding down the fort on all fronts on the tracks besides the veteran rapper Chuuwee appearing on the tribute track “Pam Grier”. The collaboration is a standout for me, it uses some blaxploitation clips at the start before switching to the main parts made up of scenic keys, warm pads and edgy drums. As expected, Showtime Ramon and his guest flip the script with their action-packed rap schemes that reference a handful of blaxploitation stars and expressive bars. Other notable tracks include the 80s-vibe “Fastest Whip” which is made up of cinematic synths and thumping kicks and “JLO” with its retro cinematic feel and it’s ripe with jazzy horns with punchy grooves.


The final track “Versatile Dynamics” has a melancholic vibe but that doesn’t stop Showtime Ramon from doing what he knows best. he paints a hedonistic picture with lines like “Her body all natural, pussy taste organic/That’s why I beat it up like the baddest man on the planet/gem spit ramon, she got me harder than granite/Shorty so bad, just looking at her is orgasmic” and closes it with a bit of self-reflection.





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