Multi-talented Dallas, TX-based artist Larando Suave delivers his new project Secret Garden, a 12 song body of work that blends a wide range of sounds ranging from alternative R&B, rap and lofi-elements.


The first record “Wi-Fi OG” sees Suave flexing on the naysayers with a nonchalant attitude with lines like When I’m in the space jams, damn I’m fucking Coolio/ She’s like, Suave, boy you too too cold” he flows over the atmospheric soundscape with ease. This is followed by the dreamy “Loop 2” which is introduced by an exotic flute sample underpinned by rich textures and Suave’s off-center melodic flow. In a similar vein, Suave steps into the forefront with bravado and vivid lyrics that give audiences a glimpse into his exquisite lifestyle. Next is “Cat Daddy” with its surreal pads and snapping drum grooves which are lined by Sauve’s stream-of-consciousness raps.


“Dope Yatch”  is a collaboration with Nigerian artist Fortress Nino and continues the go-getter theme set in the first track. The track is led by Nino’s melodic flow delivered in Nigerian Pidgin English followed by Suave’s autotuned vocals. Overall, both artists remind us that they are always on the grind and don’t have time for nonsense. On the flipside, “Mint Tea (Over Ice)” has an engaging sample and strays from the previous songs with its laidback and lethargic groove similar to beats made by Derringer.

On the guitar-driven “Sunday”, Suave takes us into his lifestyle and the ladies he comes in touch with. As the title suggests, the track sees him making plans on a mellow Sunday with a lady who has caught his eye.“King Of Tigers” starts with a jazzy horn pass and surreal textures with sparse but punchy drums. Again, Suave employs a stream-of-consciousness flow and off-kilter references and wit. “Cat Daddy 2” serves as the sequel to the track of the same name but the production is quite exquisite and soulful while “Panther Cub (Sup)” ramps up the energy with pulsating bass lines, and cinematic textures which drown out Sauve’s vocals at certain parts. The project closes out with three remixes respectively and audiences get new versions of “Mint Tea (Over Ice) Remix”, “King Of Tigers Remix” and “Cat Daddy 2 Remix”.


Overall, Secret Garden, is an enjoyable project that sticks to its strengths. Suave doesn’t try to rattle heads with mind-blowing lyricism but rather something easy that everyone can rock with. His extensive use of autotune melodies are engaging but might get a bit repetitive for some folks but then it all depends on your preferences.



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