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Jimmy ValenTime – “Victory Road”

Jimmy ValenTime‘s “Victory Road” is a heartfelt song that sees him sending best wishes to those special people in our lives who impacted us but are threading their path. The sombre production is nostalgic and warm while Jimmy’s touching lyrics look at how time diverges even the closest friends but the memories we share still linger.


Latravian – “What Is It ?”

Rising rapper/songwriter Latravian‘s newest release “What Is It ?” looks at life through the lens of a man searching for his true purpose.  Backed by the surreal and melancholic backdrop, Latravian proceeds to battle his demons the best way he knows how by looking within for answers.



ManyLights – “Fly Away”

ManyLights‘s “Fly Away” is a homage to a friend who recently passed away and sees the rapper reflecting on the good memories they shared and how the loss affected him. Overall, the track is quite relatable and anyone who has experienced personal loss can appreciate the candour and heartfelt lyrics.




Jay Erve – “Peaks & Valleys”

Rising rapper/songwriter Jay Erve leads us into life’s “Peaks & Valleys” in this reflective tune. The jazz-soul soundscape forms the best backdrop for Jay’s vivid lyricism and storytelling that talks about the never-ending cycle of life and how we as humans must stand tall to overcome our daily struggles.




Khern$ x Apollo Davar – “Pi”


Khern$ teams up with Apollo Davar for this thought-provoking and hard-hitting track titled “Pi”. Backed by the anthemic choral vocal sample-driven backdrop, the emcees take turns crafting graphic lyrical pictures while bemoaning the state of the industry.



Küf Knotz x Christine Elise – “Rotation”

Rapper/producer Küf Knotz and vocalist/harpist Christine Elise are currently working on their forthcoming collaborative album titled Hypnagogia but in the interim, they share “Rotation” with audiences. The second single is an experimental fusion of future soul, boom-bap drums and experimental aesthetics. Küf leads the charge with his insightful songwriting and use of themes such as self-belief and motivation as a driving point. Christine buttresses the message with her rich vocal renditions that add an extra soulful feel to the track.



UglyFace – “Shoot”.

UglyFace is ready to “Shoot” in his latest release. The sombre and reflective tune is made up of a melancholic string sample layered over crunchy drum breaks and a pulsating synth bass to match his vivid lyricism. The rapper tells a tale of trauma, and domestic violence that leads to a never-ending cycle.




Sean D… – “Contemplating Death”

Sean D… releases a new single titled “Contemplating Death”, a sad and reflective tune that talks about staying positive under cloudy skies. The melancholic soundscape sets the tone for Sean D’s introspective look at his life.




Myer Clarity – “HIATUS”

Myer Clarity breaks his “HIATUS” with his aptly titled single. The self-produced single is ripe with rich guitar licks and a thumping drum groove and marks the multi-talented producer/rapper/songwriter’s return to the forefront. Here, he details his journey, reflecting on loss, self-love and finding inner strength to return to the most important thing in his life.

The track follows a significant hiatus from Myer Clarity, who took time off to grieve the loss of his best friend and rap partner, Skevious Tips, to cancer. During this period, he dedicated himself to curating Skevious Tips’ posthumous album, showcasing his commitment to mental health advocacy. ‘Hiatus’ was meticulously crafted over 18 months, featuring contributions from Toronto Hip-Hop legend Fresh Kils and renowned engineer Gabe Gallucci for top-tier mixing and mastering.



BMA – “Ambitious”

BMA gets extremely “Ambitious” in his latest single where he reminds us that the clock is ticking and we are running out of time. Backed by the dark and edgy soundscape, the rapper shows urgency and tenacity as he proceeds to achieve his goals.


Samaki – “itsgettingdark.”

Rising rapper/songwriter Samaki‘s first single for 2024 “itsgettingdark” is a punchy club-ready jam ripe with insightful and reflective rhymes. Over the punchy drums and scenic textures, Samaki takes us deep into his life and the various events that shaped his world perspective.



dom ultra – “OF THE NIGHT, Pt. 2” (feat. Signal Coast)

dom ultra and Signal Coast are the creatures “OF THE NIGHT, Pt. 2” in this cinematic and ominous track. The production is dynamic and hard-hitting while the duo’s graphic lyrical schemes keep audiences locked in from start to finish.



Lucid – “I’m Comfortable”.

Lucid and Scooney bring out the verbal big guns on their new collaboration titled “I’m Comfortable”. Over the pounding 808-laden drums, the emcees flex on the opposition with stylish and irreverent raps.


Pisceze – “yin n yang”

Korean-Japanese R&B singer/songwriter Pisceze drops off her new single “Yin n Yang”, a laidback reflective track that sees her confronting a cheating partner and coming to terms with the reality of the situation. The song is bolstered by the surreal vibe and atmospheric textures, over which Pisceze delivers a heartfelt and emotion-laden performance as she confronts a lover and lets them know how she truly feels about the way she is being treated.


Jeristotle – “Kintsugi Beauty”.

Jeristotle pays homage to the art of Kintsugi and the inherent beauty we all contain in his new release titled  “Kintsugi Beauty”. The guitar-driven track sees him pouring adulations on a certain lady who caught his eye at a party and he proceeds to woe her.



John Brown – “Sometimes”.

Rising rapper John Brown takes time to reflect on life in his new single titled “Sometimes”. The Cavemonger-produced jam is as soulful as can be while John’s vivid and candid lyrics take precedence.




Nanii Acosta – “New Me”.

Rising singer/songwriter Nanii Acosta taps into her inner strength in “New Me”. Over a bright and energetic soundscape made up of lush synths and punchy grooves, the singer steps into the arena with poise, confidence and a go-getter mindset that will surely propel her to the top.



Rajah Marie – “Take”.

Uprising rapper/songwriter/singer Rajah Marie makes her debut on our playlist with her new release titled “Take”. The Newark, Delaware-born artist has found a calling in music and after dropping out of college to pursue her dreams, she teamed up with her current manager Sole London and hasn’t looked back since. “Take” is a bouncy go-getter anthem that details Rajah’s superhuman work ethic and dedication to her craft



Slick Da Sniper – “Murkin Bagz”.

Slick Da Sniper keeps knocking the opposition out as he returns with another menacing jam in the form of this new release titled “Murkin Bagz”. Backed by the dark and guitar-laden backdrop, Slick proceeds to wreak havoc with his edgy and no-holds-barred lyrical display.

5onney D – “Under the Sun” (feat. Brandon Yancey)

5onney D and Brandon Yancey find a common interest in “Under the Sun”, a smooth future-R&B-infused track that explores blossoming love between two individuals who want to spend every living moment together.

StillJune – “100 Racks”.

StillJune delves out “100 Racks” in this hustle anthem made by KMF who crafts an edgy and thumping backdrop for StillJune’s impassioned flow and financially sound tips. The rapper knows more than a few things about true financial freedom and implores audiences to follow his lead.


Ice Meez – “My Moment”

Ice Meez’s “My Moment” is a much-needed inspirational anthem that reminds us to never waste any second on this Earth and seize the day with all our might.





Louis Davis, Jr. – “Rightfully So”.

Bay area Louis Davis, Jr. helps close out this week’s list with “Rightfully So”,a solid reflective anthem that dives into finding one’s strength despite the odds


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