Rising Australian hip-hop artist Tomcat caught our attention with this insightful and introspective track titled “Good Living” featuring legendary West Coast lyricist Blu. The track is made up of warm and solemn jazzy piano riffs, warm textures and a smooth head-nodding groove that serves as the perfect backdrop for the motivational and inspiring lyrics. Tomcat takes time to reflect on how social media comments can affect uprising artists who might not be emotionally ready to face harsh criticism and uses his own life as an example as follows

My inspiration, comes from real life
An abstract look at what is going on outside
When you’re talking to somebody, look them in the eye
Everybody has a story if you take a little time

This is followed by Blu who adds a unique perspective from an OG standpoint, giving audiences some useful life lessons and the essence of being content with one’s situation.
good living is three meals a day plus a
bed where ya’ head lay all ya’ bills and ya’
rent paid plus a good paying job to
reward you for your good grades

Together Tomcat and Blu ultimately deliver a much-needed positive message in this age where negativity rules supreme and we are here for all the motivation we can get.

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