Emerging Seattle-based rapper LnO returns to the forefront with two singles, “Maybe” and “Moment of Clarity”.


“Maybe” is a motivational tune that explores the concept of fate and destiny and coming to terms with one’s present situation. LnO reflects on the days when it feels difficult to continue the never-ending cycle of struggles. He takes baby steps to reconcile his emotions and accepts his lot by stepping up and appreciating the little wins while converting efforts to do better. The production is solemn, soulful and warm while LnO’s emotion-laden delivery takes precedence and draws audiences in with its refreshing candour and authenticity.

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“Moment of Clarity” continues LnO’s continuous growth as an artist and man who has been through a lot and is somewhat world-weary. Backed by the vocal-sample-driven backdrop, he talks about the many events and experiences that shaped his worldview as he went through betrayal, loss and developing self-reliant skills through the ordeal. In the end, LnO realizes that he can’t let anyone’s actions or opinions hold him back.

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