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M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L. – “WHO ME?” (status)”



M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L. once again flexes his lyrical biceps on his new single “WHO ME?” (status)”. Over a moody and somewhat barebones backdrop, the emcee takes us through the hills and valleys of his distinct thoughts and unique lyrical schemes that blend thought-provoking themes ranging from religious themes with facts and a whole lot of bravado.


Befoureye – “Nah Ima Stay”

Befoureye’s “Nah Ima Stay” is a tribute to his late friend/mentor who passed away. The sombre tune is as sombre as they come and sees the rapper reflecting on his loss and the inner demons he has to overcome to stay afloat.



JustFresh – “Suspended In Air”.



JustFresh‘s “Suspended In Air” is a single from his recent release What’s it Worth?  EP. The track is a contemplative tune that sees the rapper looking within himself as he acknowledges the daily struggle he has to face, stating he’s not the one to play with and lines like “it inspires me to rise in occasionally bad weather, weather the storm, whether or not you feeling let up/ Never drop I keep my head up, focus always ahead of me, never know when a fucking friend of me turn enemy” shows how focused he is on what he has to do to stay afloat. The track has a foreboding atmosphere with its dark production and gloomy energy.


Larry Coleman 2020 – “FRIENDS”.

Larry Coleman 2020 and Acustom2Society take time to talk about “FRIENDS” in their new release. The soulful track has a rich piano riff, blaring horns and bouncy grooves all underpinned by the rapper’s heartfelt tale of true friendship.




Cesar Jesus – “Tiger Style”.


Cesar Jesus delivers an offbeat single titled “Tiger Style” which showcases his vivid storytelling skill and stylish rap schemes. He reflects on his life and the many events and characters along the way. The beat is pretty mellow and easy to follow while his lyrics are relatable.



Mr. Green – “The Ultimate Hustler” (feat. Boosie Badazz)

Mr. Green and Boosie Badazz team up for this anthemic track “The Ultimate Hustler“, which explores the mindset of the go-getter. Over the sombre piano-driven drum, Boosie sounds right at home over the plucking strings and gritty percussion as he spits ferocious rhymes about how he’s been hustling since he was 10 years old.





North West London-based rapper L.D.N presents a what-if tale in “IMAGINE”. The sombre and reflective track presents a parallel universe where some of the world-changing events never happened and how things would be different. It’s quite engaging and makes listeners think deeply about how easily life can change with just a little tweak. He is joined by WESTSIDE BOOGIE who closes it out on the last verse.




Pavy – “Wine by the Fireplace”

Pavy recently released his album, The Bachelor and now he drops the single  “Wine by the Fireplace”. The record is a chilled sensual track that vividly details a steamy session between Pavy and his lady. Over the lush and smooth soundscape, he shares with us her endearing attributes ranging from her intellect and her voluptuous figure. Here, Pavy sets the mood right with the right drink and situation where a certain type of magic is created.



Dre A.M. – “The Upswing”.

Dre A.M. switches up the energy levels with “The Upswing”, an upbeat bouncy tune that showcases his versatility as a lyricist and songwriter. The beat has a club and commercial vibe but the pen game is strong and sharp.




Bugsy H. x Matticz – “Time to Expand” prod. by The Nerds Music Productions

Boston emcees Bugsy H. and Matticz get back in business with “Time to Expand”, a cinematic track bolstered by an ominous piano-laden backdrop provided by The Nerds Music Productions. The emcees take turns in detailing their mission parameters with vivid lyrical displays cojoined by movie samples.




Dope TAF makes his first appearance on our site with his latest release “ITS GOING DOWN!”. The sombre piano-driven track sees the uprising artist in introspective mode as he digs deep into his journey in the concrete jungle.




Pronto Valid – “’08 CIVIC”.


Uprising Chicago rapper Pronto Valid makes his debut appearance on our playlist with “’08 CIVIC”. The track is a laidback sombre tune that dives into the rapper’s journey and self-growth after many events that shaped him. Armed with a distinct and engaging flow and knack for penning heartfelt and candid storytelling, listeners can easily relate to his trials and tribulations.




Noware Fast – “Saw A Body” (Prod. Jedos)

Noware Fast drops “Saw A Body” which serves as the final single from his album Cold in Massachusetts. Over the soulful and nostalgic soundscape provided by Jedos, Noware Fast delivers a reflective tale that listeners can relate to.


HENRY ABERSON and Nariah Taylor – “Green”

HENRY ABERSON and vocalist Nariah Taylor return with a new groovy single titled “Green”. The love-laden tune is a funky-soul tune that explores the emotions that come with being neck-deep in love with that special someone who brings nothing but pure joy into one’s life.



Iman Selachii – “Queendom”

Pakistan-born, NYC-based poet/rapper Iman Selachii shares her debut single “Queendom” which is an expressive track that pays homage to her childhood musical aspiration and her own journey to personal emancipation. Over the soft and atmospheric soundscape, Iman delivers her bars with her uniquely light and airy vocals underpinned by profound and heartfelt lyrics that give listeners a glimpse into what makes her tick and her journey. The single is a precursor to her upcoming project titled Memento.



Da_Milli -” Yes I Am – Remix”.


Da_Milli shares ” Yes I Am – Remix” which sees him featuring Sequence Clark and Ace Phalos. The backdrop has a sombre piano riff and punchy 808-driven drum grooves and the lyrics are insightful and give listeners a deeper glimpse into the lives of the artists as they navigate through the craziness of this world.


J4YY-B – “Superstar Status” (feat. Jefe Yung E)

J4YY-B returns to our list with  “Superstar Status”, an anthemic single featuring Jefe Yung E. Bolstered by the rich and punchy soundscape, the emcee gets into his element and delivers a fiery performance ripe with insight and bravado.



MC Ortho – “I want your love” (feat. Thir13een)


MC Ortho pays homage to all women folk in his new release “I want your love” which sees him teaming up with vocalist  Thir13een. The R&B/hiphop-infused track is an adulation-filled tune that explores the blossoming relationship between him and his girl and the many attributes that makes her adorable. Thir13een ties it up with a soothing melodic performance on the chorus.



Miles Gaines & The Game – “Waiting”.


Miles Gaines and legendary Westcoast rapper The Game team up for”Waiting”, a heartfelt and reflective single that talks about daily struggles and tribulations. Backed by a sombre and melancholic piano-laden soundscape, Miles and The Game share their thoughts on the cycle of drama that occurs in the hood and how their lives changed over time with respect to the hip-hop culture.




C-Styles – “God’s Favorite” (feat. That Mexican OT & DaRoach)


C-Styles delivers  “God’s Favorite” which sees him teaming up with That Mexican OT and DaRoach. The production has a soulful and reflective feel with its piano riff and punchy boom-bap drums. The emcees take time to reflect on their respective daily struggles and how they managed to stay afloat despite coming from nothing.




Sargeant X Comrade – “Straight To The Moon (Mo Gravy Mix)” [feat FLYTRAP]

Sargeant X Comrade and producer FLYTRAP take us “Straight To The Moon (Mo Gravy Mix)” in their latest release. The track is a revamp by FLYTRAP who makes use of a soothing and atmospheric funky soundscape ripe with sparse grooves, layered ethereal textures and sublime vocal runs.



HoodieMikeee – “How I Took Her”

Pittsburgh, PA-based rapper HoodieMikeee delivers this heartwarming track titled “How I Took Her”. The track is built on a soulful piano riff and punchy drums that form the perfect canvas for the rapper’s vivid lyricism. He tells a tale of blossoming love between him and a lady on a certain Saturday night and the many events that led to the proverbial climax.




j dreaming – “20”

Uprsing rapper j dreaming gets introspective in his newest release titled “20”. The track sees him reflecting on his life as a young black man dealing with raging hormones, family drama and self-growth from the perspective of a 20-year-old. His flow is quite engaging and the use of subtle melodic elements also makes this authentic and distinct.



Three Cords – “You’re Safe Now (All Is Well)”

Three Cords delivers this anthemic and heartfelt track titled “You’re Safe Now (All Is Well)”. Over a cinematic and rousing guitar-driven backdrop, the emcee talks about a personal loss and dealing with inner demons and aims to implore listeners to keep theur heads up high and look at the bright side of life.





Kyere & Nessa A – “astray”

Kyere and Nessa A team up for “astray”, a heartfelt track that explores being neck-deep in love with someone who is not who they pretend to be. The production is atmospheric and sublime and the vocal runs are quite commanding and soothing.



K Folks – “not rn”

Uprising Virginia-based rapper/producer K Folks aka Kaeleb Folks drops”not rn”, a self-produced track that gives listeners a glimpse into his life. His lyrics are unapologetic, engaging and reflective.







Q.Rock639 – “Don’t You Know!?!”.

Q.Rock639‘s new release  “Don’t You Know!?!” is a self-reflective track that reminds us of checking ourselves instead of judging others and engaging in shady actions. The beat is nonconformist and slowly switches up alongside Q.Rock639’ double time flow and unapologetic lyrics.



SSY – “Crown”

SSY delivers this inspirational and uplifting track titled  “Crown”, a reflective tune that talks about self-belief and also implores us to take our innate ability to achieve what seems to be impossible.



MRK SX – “Reach for the stars”

MRK SX delivers “Reach for the stars”, a lyric-dense track that displays his vivid lyricism and engaging cadence that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.


Chase Soundz – “P.U.S.H”

Chase Soundz pours his heart out on wax with his new single “P.U.S.H”. The piano-laden soundscape is ripe with uplifting lyrics that show the rapper’s gratitude to life and his little wins.

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