Multifaceted rapper/producer/audio engineer T.E.E deliver his latest projec Everything, a 14 track body of work that follows the artist as he moves from hometown of Goldsboro NC, to Chicago IL and all the experiences along the way.


The project kicks starts on a reflective note with the solemn “Uber Backseat Freestyle”, where T.E.E recounts his journey and the feeling of uncertainty as he takes a leap of faith. Over the melancholic backdrop, he paints graphic imagery with emotional lines like

They sing songs of praise when it don’t happen to them/ol boy get a raise as soon as he walks in/

Man, shit’s crazy, it got me like damn, how I be reflecting lately

as he hopes for the best. Next up is “Work”, a punchy boom-bap track that flips the classic TLC single “Creep” albeit slowed down. Here, T.E.E shows us his work ethic and how he stands on business in everything he does. This is followed by “How It Goes” which features Jay Skillz Khan and Greg Dos who all give their A-game on the triumphant soundscape. Over the blaring horns and booming bass-laden drums, the artists proceed to state their claim and take what they deserve. The vibe switches up on “Bug Out” a bouncy Spanish guitar-driven jam ripe with slick and memorable hooks and relatable lines that dive into the never-ending hustle and strife he faces to earn his keep.


The energy rises once again on “No Clout” and the title speaks for itself as T.E.E steps up to bat with his expressive lyrical schemes and unapologetic demeanour with lines like “I’m on a mission, obtaining success in the living/ Honoring whats important, ambition is what it’s given” before sending a warning on the hook as he playfully sings The world ain’t prepared for what ama bring about/I’ma keep Carolina, born between the North and South”. The fun continues on the cinematic and no-holds-barred track “Minding My Bidne$$” and the  Lyrical assault on “Brolic Cypher”, a posse cut featuring King Moe and T-Quail who all bring out the verbal big guns. Next up is “Soul Fire”, an introspective piece that explores topics such as modern-day gimmicks employed by culture vultures, social media-influenced lifestyles and lack of integrity on all fronts. Over the moody and somewhat surreal backdrop, he bemoans the state of affairs but reminds us that he is always working on being better regardless of the facts.


T.E.E shares his thoughts on the topic of love in “Long Distance Lover”, a modern-day love tale that started on Facebook. It’s quite relatable, heartfelt and candid as audiences get an emotion-heavy performance from singer SeQuence Clark who peppers the track with his rich melodic runs alongside T.E.E’s adulation-filled storytelling that shows the progression of 2 soulmates meeting online and turning their love into reality. “No One Else” is a collaboration with singer N.R.M.N who adds an extra soulful touch to the compelling track that talks about life progression and the never-ending hurdles that seem to keep one back. The final track “Time” is a perfect closer that sees T.E.E manifesting his dreams to life as he pours his true thoughts over the soulful soundscape. He acknowledges the hard times and makes a move towards achieving his goals no matter what. Other dope tracks that thread the rappers’ story together include the nostalgic “Propane” featuring Blac Kami, and the sombre “Express/Confidence” with fellow rapper Rizzay.


Overall Everything, serves as a perfect introduction to T.E.E and gives audiences a glimpse into his journey. He gives us his flaws, shows us his scars and pours out his all on this project.

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