San Diego, CA-based indie artist Kiseme is on a run as he drops a slew of releases that cover his musical input over the past year till now. What he has for us are 5 singles that are not attached to a project but rather stand-alone tracks


The first track  “Make It Work Out” is a laidback lofi track made up of gloomy textures and snapping drum grooves underpinned by his expressive flow and vivid lyrics that centre on his work ethic and daily goals of staying away from fake friends and keeping his dreams close to his heart.

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“Need More Profits”  is the next track which uses a melancholic jazz piano riff and a sparse drum break. Here, Kiseme shares his thoughts on finding ways to fund his creative endeavours while staying afloat and out of debt.




“Wear Confidence” is an aptly titled track that sees Kiseme trying to find the right balance between chasing his dreams and living up to his true potential. He uses a solemn vocal sample with warm piano riffs as his backdrop and pours his all-on wax.



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“Get To A Check” is a reflective and honest take on finding one’s true purpose in this unforgiving world. He acknowledges his daily struggles and why he has to stay focused on getting money to keep him out of trouble. This is a weird dichotomy because he also treads on the blurred line between being good and bad.


“Make Something Out Of Nothing” is introduced by a soulful vocal sample and moody piano riff layered over punchy drum breaks underpinned by Kiseme’s stream-of-consciousness raps. He talks about detractors and sends warnings to naysayers trying to derail him from achieving his goals.



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