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O-mayz – “No hook”.


Uprising rapper O-mayz delivers this semi-autobiographical track titled “No hook” to our earshot. Over a soulful and bass-heavy backdrop, he details the many experiences that shaped him from a boy to a young man.


Prime Sinister – “What Am I?”

Prime Sinister is currently preparing for his new album The Thing Is but in the interim, he shares “What Am I?” which serves as the second single. The track is made up of a melancholic texture and guitar lick underpinned by punchy drums and the rapper’s reflective look at the current state of humanity. He questions our true purpose from the lens of identity and existentialism and gives his audience something to ponder on.



Naomi Cheyanne – “Believe”

Rising singer/songwriter Naomi Cheyanne shares her new single “Believe” with us. The Daniel Robert produced track is a love ballad ripe with surreal pads, dreamy textures and hushed drums underpinned by Naomi’s soft vocal runs and sublime melodies. Here, she details how she found inner strength in the face of detractors.



K the Chosen – “Keeper”.


Zimbabwean-raised and currently based in Calgary, K the Chosen returns to our playlist with his latest effort titled “Keeper”. The heartfelt track spins a tale of love and the emotions that comes with finding that special someone.


Jason Flame – “Aura”

This song titled “Aura” is an affirmation by Jason Flame who takes time to reflect on the daily struggles and the ways by which he overcomes them.

Matt Brown x Sko Gudiño – “Rooftops”

Matt Brown and Sko Gudiño take us to the “Rooftops” for some feel-good vibes. The summer-tinged track is a tribute to life and basking in the good times while smoking up a fat one.



CD Spinz – “Rise”

Jackie Marua recruits CD Spinz to join him on this latest track in his Sunday Samples series. The track in question is titled “Rise” and it’s a mellow and soulful tune that is underpinned by CD SPinz’s introspective lyrics that dwell on growth and the dynamics of finding one’s true purpose in life.


Bullet Brak – “Burn It Down”.

Bullet Brak is ready to “Burn It Down” in his new release. He went all the way to Athens, Greece to work on this hard-hitting tune and it’s taken from his forthcoming project.


The Black Buddhist – “Timeless”

Seattle-based rapper/producer The Black Buddhist gets his thoughts across in his new single “Timeless” which also showcases his fiery raps and vivid lyricism. The production is choppy and well-crafted and his use of vivid rhyme schemes and stylish expressive themes makes it distinct.



Matt Brown – “Pacino – Remastered”

Matt Brown and von archer team up for “Pacino – Remastered”, a mid-tempo piano-driven track that is ripe with no-holds-barred lyricism and a memorable hook to boot.



BREIS – “Think Big”

UK emcee BREIS drops something refreshing and uplifting in his new single titled “Think Big”. Always the type to leave us on a positive note, the veteran emcee crafts the perfect motivational anthem needed to get us through these tough times.





Fish.Scale – “What a Time”

Fish.Scale shows us how he is living in  “What a Time”, a reflective piece that explores the ups and downs and rigmaroles of this thing called life.


Ayo Da Don – “Suddenly” (feat. Mic Picasso)

Ayo Da Don gifts us with his latest release “Suddenly” featuring Mic Picasso. The Queens, New York-based rappers remind us that real hip-hop is still alive and kicking on this one. This will be on the upcoming mixtape Lost Wages from Ayo Da Don.



Fish.Scale – “Go”.

Fish.Scale makes its debut on our list with “Go”. The punchy and bravado-driven track is a showcase of pure lyricism with a touch of insight. the production is experimental and sparse and the use of varying cadences and rhyme schemes make it engaging and dynamic.


Bre Maa – “The Incredible “Flowstyle”

Long Beach, CA rapper/poet/singer Bre Maa and Beat Composer, JonesJamesEarled (together known as The Missed) return to the forefront with “The Incredible “Flowstyle”, an insightful take on social commentary on the current state of affairs where black folks are stereotyped and boxed in by the powers that be. This single will be on “The Missed” forthcoming album titled, Love Restoration/Epoch of Equinox.

Bando. – “Swim”


Bando‘s newest release “Swim” is a reflective tune that centers on being self-aware and avoiding situations that might be detrimental. The production is quite sublime and bouncy and the laidback melodic flow is alluring and well-crafted.


Aka Kelzz x Ria Boss – “Mango”

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Aka Kelzz returns with her new summer-tinged single “Mango” featuring fellow singer Ria Boss. The sublime piece is ripe with layered and hypnotic melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on true love and attraction.


You Heard Right – “D.O.C”

Rising UK rap crew You Heard Right brings back a blend of grime and trap in their latest project which is led by the focus track “D.O.C”. The track is haunting, cinematic and underpinned by fiery rap performances by the trio who showcase their varying and expressive lyricism.







The Coldest – “Red Velvet”

Montgomery, Alabama-based rapper/songwriter who goes by the moniker The Coldest enters our playlist with his newest release titled “Red Velvet”. The track is a sensual and unapologetic tune that dives into an intimate session between him and his lover. Armed with his melody-tinged flow and use of vivid imagery over the moody and dark soundscape, he explores the sensual side of life with a focus on pleasing his lover.




Yero – “Cold”.

Singer/songwriter Yero makes his entry on our site with “Cold”. The heartfelt track is bolstered by a solemn and moody soundscape nad his reflective lyrics that dwell on the emotional turmoil that comes after heartbreak.



Pawz One x Farazi – World Champion (Farazi Remix)”

Los Angeles emcee Pawz One celebrates the 10th anniversary of his debut album Face The Facts and the release of the special vinyl edition of his collaboration with DJ Dister on the 2020 album entitled Watch & Learn. with this new remix of his song “World Champion“. The remix was produced by Turkish producer Farazi who takes the original to new heights with a hard-hitting bass-heavy soundscape and a classic dancehall sample which adds an extra punch to Pawz One’ssmooth lyrical exhibition.




Elysium – “One Shot”

Elysium takes “One Shot” in his newest effort. Backed by a dark and ominous synth-driven backdrop, the rapper reflects on making every move count because life doesn’t give us extra lives, it’s best to take that shot and go for the goal.






Akete – “Blu Muud”

Songwriter/producer/rapper Akete drops his new single “Blu Muud” with much gusto. The self-produced track is made up of summery guitar licks and upbeat drum grooves underpinned by his fast-paced and off-kilter flow.



Luther Ford x Guilty Simpson – “Again”

Luther Ford and Guilty Simpson team up for “Again”, a menacing and haunting track that is filled with hard-hitting bars and a cinematic backdrop that aims to keep listeners locked in from start to finish.


M.I.C Mike – “Get 2 It”


M.I.C Mike gets back to the forefront with his latest release “Get 2 It”, a punchy cinematic trap track that sees him embodying the spirit of a go-getter who is going all out to achieve his goals.


Smallgod x Haile x King Promise – “Oh My Days”.

Rising afrobeats musician Smallgod recruits Haile and King Promise for his new release titled “Oh My Days”, a smooth infectious tune that celebrates prosperity in the face of the detractors.



Monty – “What It Takes”

Rising North Carolina-based artist Monty connects with fellow artists Bouvair and OfAllBank$ for “What It Takes”, a reflective tune that explores the ups and downs of this thing called life. Over the soulful and solemn vocal sample-driven backdrop, the emcees share their personal experiences.





Schama Noel – “Back To Me Remix”


Schama Noel delivers a solid verse over Kanye’s “Back To Me” instrumental with the intent to showcase his lyrical proficiency. The lyrics are a mix of reflection, insight and bravado and it’s dope.

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