We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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NappyHigh x Brad Bellard – “308”

LA-based producer/DJ/rapper NappyHigh teams up with Memnoc and Brad Bellard for “308”, a future funk tune that really ramps up the energy. The production is crisp, punchy and layered.



CaliCronk – “From A Distance”

CaliCronk gives us a view “From A Distance” in his newest effort. The production here is solemn and mellow and the use of soft piano progressions with airy pads is brilliant.


Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Executive Floor”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles comes through with this smooth piece titled “Executive Floor”. The track is a mellow chilled affair ripe with smooth piano-phrases, warm tex




88FULLY – “Mindstate”

88FULLY drops “Mindstate”, a hard-hitting 808-laden beat that is heavy on the low-end and has a cinematic moody synth to match.

Kabuki – “Quantum Rainbows 1/4”

German music producer Kabuki caught our attention with his latest release titled “Quantum Rainbows 1/4”. The track is an eclectic piece that is made up of funky bass synth arrangements, snapping drum grooves with ethereal and dreamy textures that move between lofi, future funk and chill-hop.


NoSugarMan – “The Triad | Futuristic Trap Synthwave Beat”

NoSugarMan gives us “The Triad”, a futuristic Trap Synthwave Beat that knocks the speakers off course. The production is dynamic and made up of sizzling synth arrangements, menacing textures and atmospheric melodies peppered by pounding trap drums.






harukanaroo – “Going Home”.

harukanaroo‘s “Going Home” is another solemn and rueful tune that fits our playlist. The piano progression is smooth and slowly evolves as the chorus section comes in and the use of warm textures and soft drums make it rich and engaging.

OuroborosDog – “Lune”

OuroborosDog changes the tempo on the list with this downtempo and melancholic beat titled “Lune”. The production is pretty cinematic and rich with atmospheric and nostalgia-inducing pads, airy guitar plucks and soft synths to match.


strewing x Starburst Records – “Ethereal Wishes”

“Ethereal Wishes” is the aptly titled song by Strewing in conjunction with Starburst Records. As the title suggests, it’s a mix of solemn and sombre melodies and lush textures made up of guitar plucks and synths.

East Mane – “Wide Awake”.

East Mane makes a solid appearance on our list with “Wide Awake”, a soul-stirring chill-hop track made up of layered wobbly synths, atmospheric pads with pulsating basslines and a head-nodding groove.


Study Buddy – “Golden Hour”.

Study Buddy‘s “Golden Hour” is a reflective and sombre tune made up of warm and solemn pads, strings and rich guitar riffs that cascade the entire backdrop from start to finish.

Alpech – “O d y s s é e”

French producer Alpech taps in with us with this relaxing tune titled “O d y s s é e”. The beat is a mix of lively guitar plucks, low-tone keys and dreamy textures layered over soft drum grooves.

Mr. Freed – “Top Of The Peak”.

Mr. Freed brings us to the “Top Of The Peak” in brilliant fashion. The track is a smooth summer-tinged piece made up of crisp guitar plucks, dreamy bell synths and warm keys peppered by playful horns.

Jah Born x Hermantra (feat. Just1Beatz & Jordache Grant) – “Levitate”

Jah Born and Hermantra team up with Just1Beatz and Jordache Grant for “Levitate”, a smooth genre-bending track that takes from soul,lofi-jazz and chill-hop. There is so much to unpack but the layered approach is engaging and the use of key changes, warm pads and pulsating bass-driven grooves is solid from start to finish.

Ogi feel the Beat X IGR – “Tranquility”

“Tranquility” is a collaboration between Ogi feel the Beat and super-talented producer IGR. The genre-fusing track is as soothing and sombre as they come and has a nice retro hiphop bounce with jazz aesthetics like horns, subtle guitar plucks and warm keys to match.


Deuces x Zane Massey x Pea Stew – “Dreams”

Deuces , Zane Massey and Pea Stew help us wrap this week’s list with “Dreams”. The mellow track is ripe with sublime textures, airy horns and ethereal textures underpinned by soft drum grooves.

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