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Blue Sirens – “It’s Time To Move Forward”

Blue Sirens‘ “It’s Time To Move Forward” is a profoundly reflective tune inspired by the emotions of moving on. From the sentiments that linger on, sadness ensues as the production exudes a rich solemn energy that audiences can relate to


Terror Firma – “Still Here”


Terror Firma shares new single “Still Here” from his forthcoming album, Last Revival. “Still here” is a guitar-driven lofi piece that exudes reflective vibes with a touch of solemnity. The grooves are steady and the progression of the beat is dynamic as well.




Evening Stroll – “French Riviera”.


French producer Evening Stroll leads us across the  “French Riviera” in his latest release. The mellow jazzy piece has nostalgia-inducing vibes with its soft undertones, prevalent bassline layered with solemn horn riffs and hushed keys.



Jason May – “Plure”


“Plure” is a lofi-soul track from emerging producer Jason May who makes his entry on our site. The mellow pads, layered strings with soft textures and a headnodding groove all come together like white on rice.

Esdaile State – “Springtime Rush”.

Glasgow, Scotland-based producer/instrumentalist Esdaile State thrills us with some good old “Springtime Rush”. The jazz-hop-soul-infused track exudes pure warmth and good memories with a mix of bright keys, airy horn passes and alluring melodic vocal chops.




Jonathan Rufino Ramos – “Tu Lume”.

Netherlands-based producer/instrumentalist Jonathan Rufino Ramos delivers this brilliant “Tu Lume” piece to our earshot. Teaming up with guitarist Ronny deCarlo who adds a gripping solo, Jonathan crafts a jazz-soul-R&B-infused jam that captures the warm essence of summer.



Know Life – “Turn Me Up Some”.


Emerging producer/instrumentalist Know Life proceeds to raise the ante with “Turn Me Up Some”. The mid-tempo hiphop track is ripe with vocal samples from Redman, rich piano riffs, and airy horns with a prevalent bass-driven groove.




Cephas – “Timeless”

Cephas shows us the true meaning of “Timeless” in his newest release. The track is layered with rich textures, brooding pads, vocal samples that blend melodic hums and hip-hop chants over punchy drum breaks.


konb x Takada Fu – “Outside of the Atmosphere”.

“Outside of the Atmosphere” is the new collaborative piece by instrumentalists konb and Takada Fu who worked remotely to create it. The track blends dusty retro jazz vibes with lofi-hiphop elements and the result is a headnodding, nostalgia-inducing track that is perfect for our study or meditative playlist.





Hoffy Beats – “Spiraling”.

Hoffy Beats teams up with dennisvnvc and Bertram Kvist for this smooth lofi-jazz track called “Spiraling”. The dreamy pads, pulsating bass-guitars and layered chords all come together like white on rice.


Refeeld x Kloetie – “Marble”

Refeeld and Kloetie tap into the slick and refined attribute of “Marble” in their new collaboration. From the prevalent guitar riffs, solemn pads and atmospheric strings, the duo creates a stunning and comforting ambiance that whisks listeners to a mystical place.


shrimpnose – “Cannonier”

shrimpnose takes us on an aural adventure in his new effort titled “Cannonier”. The mellow and reflective track comprises of guitars, rich pads and a warm texture to boot.


SBLofi – “Abyss”.

SBLofi‘s “Abyss” lives up to expectations with it’s soulful and transportation feel. Its dreamy pads and sparsely arranged guitars and groove all work together seamlessly.

Fallen Roses – “as the people we were”


Fallen Roses enters this week’s playlist with “as the people we were”, a guitar-driven track that exudes pure warmth and introspection from start to finish.



so.tired – “Breathe in Life”

so.tired taps into memories on this much-needed boost titled “Breathe in Life”.  The layered production has soul-stirring vibes with a touch of nostalgia.


Lowe’s Retreat – “Out the Window”

Lowe’s Retreat caught our ears with their latest effort “Out the Window”. The track is anchored on a sombre pad arrangement, solemn guitar plucks with hushed drums. Overall, the record is reflective and sad.


Felix Hien – “Warm Up”.

Producer Felix Hien ramps up the groove with “Warm Up”. Punchy drums, airy vocal hums with prevalent basslines and electrifying guitar licks all come together seamlessly and the result is a rousing piece that will get listeners locked in.



Blue Sirens – “Mourning Birds”.

Blue Sirens‘s latest release “Mourning Birds” is an ode to spring and the coming of summer. He blends the sounds of birds chirping with sad piano arrangements and warm strings over sparse sluggish drums to create a melancholic ambiance tat listeners can bask in.


StanSmithOnDaTrack – “Yours”.

StanSmithOnDaTrack helps us wind down with this fluid soothing track titled “Yours”. The layered production is anchored on lush chords, warm strings with rich guitar plucks to match.

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