Shaheed and DJ Supreme recently put out their new album The Art of Throwing Darts, which blends jazz, hiphop with a touch of profound and relatable lyricism and storytelling. Now the two are back with a 2 track release for the singles “Jazz Men” featuring legendary Jazz guitarist Eric Essix and ” Something to Ride To” featuring Lauren Strain.

“Jazz Men” is a smooth jazz-infused jam ripe with neo-soul elements with a classic hip-hop vibe. The production is rich with smooth textures pulsating basslines and a mid-tempo drum groove underpinned by Shaheed’s fiery flow and commanding vocal tone that keeps listeners locked in as he breaks down the history of the interconnectivity between jazz and hip-hop. In the accompanying music video for “Jazz Men,” directed by Richard Giles, we join our three jazz men lounging and enjoying each other’s company and music. The use of simple transitions, cut scenes and performance shots is well-crafted


The second track  “Something to Ride To”, is a laidback feel-good jam that aims to take us back to the bright vibes of the summer with it’s West Coast-infused production. The production is bouncy, warm and relaxing and fits Shaheed’s blend of lyricism as he pays homage to different rap crews who made us bop our heads while using vehicular metaphors to drive home the theme of the song. The duo is joined by vocalist Lauren Strain who peppers the track with some sublime melodic runs.

The music video, once again directed by Richard Giles, follows our hip-hop heroes through their community as they enlighten fellow drivers (and even some BMXers!) to the joy of the ride. The intention expressed in the song’s hook, “to provide you with something to ride to,” is gradually fulfilled one encounter at a time, until no one is left without a smile on their face—and yes, we believe that will include you as well.

Check out Shaheed & DJ Supreme’s next progression of thought and sound on their new album, The Art of Throwing Darts, and follow along with their community efforts at their non-profit K.R.U.—these men talk the talk and walk the walk, and want you to sing and stroll with them.

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