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fortyforty – “nerver erverrr”

“nerver erverrr” is the newest release from Israeli producer fortyforty who crafts a blend of dusty jazz textures with cinematic elements comprised of quick sample chops, horns, rich guitar lines and a punchy drum groove to boot.


saint rumi x BASH x Theo Juarez – “Window Seat”



“Window Seat” is a brilliant jazz-hiphop infused jam bright to us by saint rumi, BASH and Theo Juarez. The trio joins forces to deliver a live hip-hop ensemble filled with pulsating bassline, rousing head-nodding drum grooves and rich guitar lines that everyone can rock with.


Nohn Nadda – “imported” (feat. cabbage)

Nohn Nadda and cabbage team up to bring us “imported”, a mid-tempo instrumental that sounds like a scene from a low-budget horror sci-fi scene. The duo uses various vocal chops, moody textures and a thick bass-driven drum break to complete the job.




end of youth – “I can do”.

Japanese producer end of youth gifts us with “I can do”, a choppy lofi tune that blends obscure melodic vocal samples with moody textures and punchy drum grooves. The track is a non digital offering so you can order the CD here.

Aaric Mychal – “Stage 3”.

Aaric Mychal taps into the spirit of the legendary Sega Genesis game Streets of Rage 2 for his new single “Stage 3”. The result is a cinematic and punchy beat comprised of video-game-infused synths, plucks and atmospheric leads layered over punchy drums.


Lofi Milk – “Alone in My Room”.

Lofi Milk and Kensuke Ohmi team up for “Alone in My Room”, a sombre heartwarming piece peppered with solemn guitar licks, and brooding keys all accumulating to an emotionally overwhelming ambiance.






Steve Nguyen x Steve’s Job – “Cloud Chasing”

Steve Nguyen and Steve’s Job got us “Cloud Chasing” in their new collaboration. A smooth laidback beat with soulful and reflective vibes that we can all rock with.


StanSmithOnDaTrack x nead – “Chill Time”

StanSmithOnDaTrack and nead‘s “Chill Time” is an aptly titled record that is inspired by downtimes and the need never to neglect a good old R&R.




cola valley – “drifting off”.

“drifting off” is the newest piece from producer cola valley who uses atmospheric and dreamy textures as his musical tapestry for this blissful track.




Chill4est x DertyLee – “Cosmic Silk”

Chill4est and DertyLee gift us with some “Cosmic Silk”, a dreamy and surreal lofi track that lives up to its title. The production is clean and the layered instrumentation is rich and soul-gripping from start to finish.


smplsmth – “flutters”

smplsmth help us with some much-needed summer vibes with his newest effort titled “flutters”. The bright pads, sublime keys and rich guitar licks all come together like white on rice.


Less Gravity x Trix. – “Cycles”

Less Gravity and Trix. take us through the “Cycles” of life in this heartwarming and relaxing track that exudes pure summer vibes from start to finish.


Toifoi – “Bloom”

Multi-talented producer/photographer Toifoi knows a thing or two about the seasons as he drops his newest track “Bloom”. The US-based Swiss producer crafts a summer-inspired jazz piece comprised of sublime textures, lush horns, layered strings and soft drum grooves to complete the mission.






Flapjaques – “chicago lofi authority upbeat spring soul-fi city mini mix [trap beats, jazzhop, dusty work lo-fi]”

Hardworking producer Flapjaques shares a new project titled chicago lofi authority upbeat spring soul-fi city mini mix , a 25 minute collection of trap beats, jazz hop and dusty work lo-fi instrumentals that is worthy of your playlist.





Silent Music – “Railroad Town”


Saskatoon, SK-based electronic artist Silent Music helped close our list with “Railroad Town”, a punchy offbeat pop-infused track with layered guitar lines, crisp drum grooves and a slow progressive arrangement.

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