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lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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B4Lasers – “Lies & Truths”.

“Lies & Truths” is the newest release from producer B4Lasers who crafts a chilled and heartwarming track comprised of soulful and reflective aesthetics. From the soft drum grooves, subtle vocal sample chops and layered arrangement, the track delivers the goods in copious amounts.




Toifoi – “Plunge”

Emerging Swiss producer Toifoi helps us take the much-needed “Plunge” beyond our comfort zone. His latest summer-themed/jazz-hop infused release is a horn-driven, guitar-laden piece with head-nodding grooves and an overwhelming soul-stirring vibe.





Ghostnaut – “Sonidos del Barrio”

Montreal-based producer/instrumentalist Ghostnaut helps start this week’s playlist with the rich sounds of the Barrio in the aptly titled track “Sonidos del Barrio”. Inspired by the soulful textures of Latin music and Cuban rhythms, Ghostnaut crafts this soul-stirring piece underpinned by warm reflective guitar plucks, summer-drenched chords and a solid rhythm to complete the job.



Amoona – “Plunge”.

Producer/instrumentalist Amoona helps us take the proverbial “Plunge” with this uplifting tune. The piano-driven track has a soothing and warm vibe that aims to give listeners the extra boost for taking a leap of faith.




YJKL and KOHEI YOSHII lead us “In The City” with poise and tact. The track is a brilliant blend of the old and new with jazz, soul, lofi sensibilities. The keys are bright and warm and exudes cinematic vibes as well.



Phat Panda – “Snap Draggin'”.

Phat Panda breaks away from the norm with “Snap Draggin'”, a hard-hitting and cinematic piece that uses urgency as its watchword. From the pulsating bass-synth, rich dark textures and rousing grooves, Phat Panda delivers a dynamic and progressive piece that everyone can rock to.


Le vaag – “Lago di Garda”.

Le vaag helps switch up the vibe with this retro-folk-pop lofi jam titled “Lago di Garda”. The guitars have a warm and nostalgic vibe and the warmness captures a time often forgotten.


MindLight – “Evening Light”.

MindLight‘s “Evening Light” aims to light up our evening with a laidback and warm vibe. The production is laden with smooth texture, bright guitar licks and hushed drum grooves to boot.


deliBass – “Koyaku”

deliBass delivers this psychedelic -funk infused piece titled “Koyaku” to our earshot. The production is sublime, atmospheric and the layered arrangement adds an extra layer to it as well.



Nogymx – “Kaleidoscopes”

Nogymx‘s “Kaleidoscopes” is a bright and groovy track that exudes pure summer bliss with a hopeful vibe to match. The guitar licks are rich and the warm chords are soothing.


Jonny Alias – “Night Journey”.

Jonny Alias and Tony Anderson lead us on a “Night Journey” in their latest effort. The track is solemn and oozes pure nostalgia as the chords progresses with hushed percussions and lush guitar licks.



Lofi Milk – “Water Moon”.

“Water Moon” by Lofi Milk and Kemsuke Ohmi is a surreal and atmospheric track ladened with soulful guitar plucks, sparse drum grooves and a sublime texture to match.




Gary Alesbrook – “Forest Rain”.

Gary Alesbrook‘s “Forest Rain” is a lofi jazz-hop piece made with bright keys, sublime horn riffs, soft drum grooves and hushed sound design of rainfall to create a warm, reflective ambiance.




cola valley – “coltrane and coffee”.

cola valley brings a much-needed emotional oomph to the playlist with this new effort titled “coltrane and coffee”. The track has a solemn and reflective vibe with its rich horns and cinematic pads.




Dariush – “Water from the Daiti River”.

Dariush’s “Water from the Daiti River” is a heartwarming track that is ripe with rich guitar licks, dreamy pads and a head nodding drum groove to complete the job.


ojalvo – “lovely”.

ojalvo thrills us with some mellow vibes in his new release “lovely”. The track is soothing and solemn from start to finish.



Morning Coffee – “Cosmic Reverie”.

Morning Coffee lightens up our emotional load with “Cosmic Reverie”. The jazz-soul track is layered with rich keys, smooth horn passes and warm chords that come together to create an ambient and sublime vibe.



deepsleeper – “orbit”.

deepsleeper leads us into “orbit” with this soul-gripping and dreamy piece. The production is sublime and soulful while the drums are headnodding.




FalafelBabaganush – “Glass and Bass”

FalafelBabaganush drops a heavy hitter in the form of his new release titled “Glass and Bass”. The track is ripe with a buzzing bassline, cinematic strings, surreal pads and a plucked synth layered over a punchy drum groove. A solid one if you asked us.

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