We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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K, Le Maestro – “CAN´T FAKE IT!”

UK-based prolific producer K, Le Maestro opens up this week’s list with “CAN´T FAKE IT!,” a certified banger of a beat. It is built on soothing textures, heavy pulsating basslines, and solid drum grooves that will keep your head ringing from start to finish. The track is taken from his forthcoming debut album WHIP MUSIC.

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$UMMER$ shares his new release “HER” on our playlist and it’s quite punchy and dark. The drums are thick and the textures have a moody feel but the cake is the solo electric guitars towards the second half.

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CaliCronk – “Density”


CaliCronk churns out something refreshing for our playlist in the form of his single titled “Density.” The record has a moody and reflective vibe and punchy mellow lofi aesthetics to match.

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Vicstradamus – “Uproot”

Vicstradamus‘s “Uproot” is a bass-heavy punchy track ripe with an ominous string/pad and a weird vocal-like sound design to boot. Quite interesting and a bit off the cuff but it works.

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Man With Roses – “No Objection”

Man With Roses caught our ears with this magnificent release titled “No Objection.” The production here is quite dynamic and blends elements from jazz, funk, and soulful vibes. From the cinematic strings, heavenly horns, rousing drum grooves and gripping brass arrangement, the track is solid from start to finish.


Funk Andrews – “Midnightride”


Funk Andrews‘s “Midnightride” is a calming and somber beat ripe with layered textures from airy synths, pulsating bass lines, and a nostalgic arp to close the deal.

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Jomy – “Pear”


Jomy got something refreshing in the form of his new release titled “Pear.” A mid-tempo soulful jam that is chock full of smooth soulful vibes.

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loophole – “Orbit”

Swiss producer loophole brings out the funky vibes on his new piece titled “Orbit.” The laidback tune is ripe with lush guitar riffs, warm basslines, and a head nodding drum.

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vast ness. – “Blue Skies.”

vast ness. delivers a somber and moody vibe on his new release titled “Blue Skies.” The lo-fi beat is ripe with pitched-down vocal samples and moody textures over sparsely arranged drum grooves. He is signed to the lo-fi label Pueblo Vista.

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Wavey Singh – “Wud U Bb?”

Wavey Singh‘s newest release “Wud U Bb?” is a sexy and soulful beat made up of lush keys, guitar licks, punchy drums, and sultry vocal samples to boot. This single is from his forthcoming album Soul on Wax which is focused entirely on 70’s soul samples to create beats.

ThaHyst – “fasho”

ThaHyst shares the instrumental version of his song “fasho” which was actually released a year ago. The production here is a mix of R&B with trap elements. It’s lush and somewhat somber as well.

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Terem – “Jazziest”


French producer Terem shows us who is the “Jazziest” on his new release. The track is a multi-layered piece ripe with slick guitar riffs, warm vocal textures, horns, punchy drum grooves, and airy synths. Quite a lot to unpack but the arrangement works well.




Ogi feel the Beat – “After Midnight” (feat. Paradeigma)


Ogi feel the Beat‘s new single “After Midnight” is a collaboration with instrumentalist Paradeigma and the result is a solid cinematic piece ripe with moody textures, lush guitar runs, and punchy drum grooves to boot.
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Severe loops – “Muerte de plata”


Spanish producer Severe loops brings that dark Cartel vibe on his entry titled “Muerte de plata” on our list. The drums are crunchy and the textures are sinister and we love it.

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CaliCronk – “Stuck Inside”


CaliCronk delivers a soothing Lofi track titled “Stuck Inside” for us this week. The track is as reflective and somber as they come and perfect for your calming evening playlist.



Kubuch x Adam Dejnarowicz x Chill Quest – “Simply Sunday”


The trio of Kubuch, Adam Dejnarowicz, and Chill Quest brings us the smooth vibes on “Simply Sunday” a chilled mellow track bolstered by lush guitar riffs, moody textures, and drum grooves to match.

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Mr. Jello – “Love In The Air”


Mr. Jello‘s new release “Love In The Air” is a smooth guitar-driven piece that is both soothing and nostalgic in many ways. Just like the title suggests, it exudes the same emotions one feels after falling in love.

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Av.i – “Don’t Forget”


French producer Av.i aims to thrill our earbuds on his new release titled “Don’t Forget.” A blend of a handful of genres from electronic, funk, soul, the track is ripe with pulsating drum grooves, thick basslines, and well-chopped vocal samples to match.

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ohmonstre – “OG”


Producer ohmonstre titled his beat “OG” for good reason. He packs in copious amounts of retro funk and west coast G funk into this jam. From the slinky guitar riffs, pulsating funky bass, and drum grooves, the whole affair results in this well-crafted jam we all can rock to.

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Dal Bosco & Koenig – “Rope”

“Rope” is a mid-tempo soulful beat by Dal Bosco & Koenig who have teamed up to bring us this solid piece. From the somber synths, lush keys, and head-nodding grooves, the beat sure has a relaxing and engaging vibe.


Gruber Han$ – “Phurba and Scepter”



Gruber Han$ shares his new release “Phurba and Scepter” which is a weird mix of soulful, jazz, and off-kilter elements. The track is quite engaging and has a dynamic feel as it progresses.
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DannyKBeats – “The Thief”

Orlando, FL.-based producer DannyKBeats closes out this week’s list with his track “The Thief.” The track is ripe with a smooth bassline and cinematic textures o boot.

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