We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Yabu Beats – “Hat Job”

Romanian producer Yabu Beats brings in something different in his new release titled “Hat Job”. He starts off the beat with a classic sample from a blaxploitation flick and switches into a moody soundscape made up of pitched down vocal samples, solemn guitar riffs and bells.

FriendlierBear – “always”

FriendlierBear caught our ears with “always”, a soulful and upbeat track made up of lush textures, smooth vocal samples and head-nodding drums to match. This is the 2nd single from the new ep, nostalgic aesthetics.

720p – “BLINKERS”

720p brings in some experimental sounds with “BLINKERS”, a punchy and bass-laden track ripe with dark moody synths and cinematic bells. It has a scenic feel and the drums are engaging.


Federico Gasparini – “Shine From Dark Shapes”

Italian producer Federico Gasparini makes his first appearance on our list with “Shine From Dark Shapes”. The track is a laidback, moody beat made up of rousing piano progressions, cinematic sound design and soft drums.

CaliCronk – “Out There”

Prolific producer CaliCronk takes us deep into the heart with this solemn and reflective instrumental titled “Out There”. The production is crisp, mellow and sparse and oozes a lot of emotions


Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Precious”

Tokoname and Starburst Records present “Precious” and it fits perfectly on our list. The laidback soulful lofi tune is made up of ethereal bell-like synths, soft airy pads and woozy textures which all blend together like white on rice.


92elm – “Radiate”

Ain’t nothing like that good old jazz-infused chill-hop and producer 92elm sure delivers with “Radiate”. The soundscape is quite alluring and is layered with ethereal sound design, effects, and warm textures with a pulsating bassline that helps raise the soulful element.


nobel x Fred Paci – “Tokyo Adventure”.

Producers nobel and Fred Paci give us the near-perfect study beta in the form of this brilliant piece titled “Tokyo Adventure”. The use of jazzy horns, mellow keys and somewhat bouncy drums really makes it engaging.

vhskid. – “Spring Dreams”

vhskid. delivers this soul-soothing piece”Spring Dreams” which is as blissful as morning dew. The mellow drums are underpinned by soft horns, lush guitar plucks and comforting pads and rich piano riffs. This is perfect for one’s study playlist.


Skill Syrup – “Decaf”


Skill Syrup caught our ears with “Decaf”, a vibrant genre-bending track that gives off trip-hop, trap and lofi all at once.


bad at math. – “saturday morning mimosas”.


bad at math. sure has the right idea when he serves up the “saturday morning mimosas” on our list. The track is dreamy and exudes a summery vibe with its layered guitar plucks, warm basslines and atmospheric pads to match.


Chillin Cat – “Bleath”


We head to the land of the rising sun with the assistance of producer Chillin Cat who thrills us with “Bleath”. The record is as sombre as they come and is made up of melancholic guitar riffs, and sublime and dreamy pads with soft percussions.


Hak Black – “If You Gonna Leave”


Hak Black got us nodding our heads with “If You Gonna Leave”, a mid-tempo funk/soul tune that sounds like something Justin Timberlake would sing over. The fun starts when the chorus section comes in with those magnificent guitar phrases and rousing percussions.


bo: – “When It Rains It Pours”

bo:‘s “When It Rains It Pours” is a piano-laden piece that is as colourful as the rainbow-lit skies. The arrangement has a soothing and airy vibe and the use of ethereal vocals and subtle pads adds a punchy layer to the track.


Trell Daniels – “25th Hour”


Trell Daniels energizes the playlist with this vibrant chillhop track titled”25th Hour”. He brings a mix of heavenly horn passes, soft mellow basslines and wobbly synths over crunchy drums.


Sihu – “A Rainy Tuesday in July”


British producer Sihu delivers “A Rainy Tuesday in July”, a melancholic tune made up of airy guitar plucks, moody strings and sparse percussions. Overall this gives listeners a solemn vibe akin to a rainy Tuesday in July.


Walt Dolla – “Ocean View”.


Walt Dolla‘s “Ocean View” is a beautifully crafted tune that is sublime and summery from top to bottom. He makes use of bright keys, soulful pads and snapping grooves and the result is dynamic and engaging.


[zoethecat] – “the night owl”


Canada’s [zoethecat] shows us why he is “the night owl” with this jazz-infused soulful jam. He employs solemn piano riffs, Owl hoots and pulsating basslines to good use.


East Mane – “Sleepless”


“Sleepless” by East Mane is a dreamy and sombre tune made up of moody pads, dreamy textures and cinematic lofi sound design that exudes nostalgic vibes all the way.



Halibab Matador – “Skyline”



German producer Halibab Matador makes the effort to close our list with his new release “Skyline”. The track is a summer-type feel-good jam ripe with warm keys, soulful progressions and lush guitar licks layered over soft drum grooves.

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