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lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Morning Coffee – “Gentle Glow”

“Gentle Glow” is a warm lofi/pop tune from German producer Morning Coffee who makes his first appearance on our site. The track lives up to its title and gives audiences a comforting and alluring feel from start to finish. The instruments are crisp and are well-arranged.

Brajeen Beats – “Ronin”

German producer Brajeen Beats caught our attention with this anthemic tune “Ronin”. The track is a homage to the Japanese Ronin warrior who charts his lane with stoicism and resilience. Blending Japanese koto instruments with modern electronic and boombap vibes, Brajeen Beats delivers a solid jam that is perfect for your gym playlist.



88FULLY – “Mayhem”.

88FULLY‘s latest release “Mayhem” is a piano-laden piece that sounds opposite to its title. The beta is mellow but bouncy and the piano textures have a solemn and reflective feel. 



Yokō – “Alva”

Yokō makes their first appearance on our playlist with “Alva”. The title is a subtle nod to an electronic company that makes fans and household electronics but more importantly, it is a brilliant uplifting piece that uses layered chord arrangements and moody lofi textures to bring out the emotions that audiences can feel.


ØDYSSEE x Gatz2Gatz – “Lavender Haze”.

ØDYSSEE and Gatz2Gatz team up to gift us with the smooth vibes on “Lavender Haze”. The track has a 90s jazz-pop vibe and uses rich pads and layered chords to create a nostalgia-inducing ambiance.





Half Blue – “half flip”

Half Blue‘s “half flip” has a blend of sadness and reflective aura. The piano riff is dynamic, and rich and exudes mixed emotions while the jazzy basslines and choppy drum grooves all come together like white on rice.

AMIA – “Say Hello”.


AMIA‘s “Say Hello” is a solemn and sad piano-driven beat that exudes a lovelorn feel. The production is layered, and dynamic and the use of subtle sound design and effects makes it quite unique as well.







Vladislav Kurnikov – “My Oasis”

Vladislav Kurnikov drops off deep into a blissful  environment in his latest release “My Oasis”. Here, he blends rich vocal chops, engulfing pads with bright synth plucks over bouncy drums to create the perfect alluring ambiance for audiences to relax to.








smplsmth – “still so far to fly”.


smplsmth’s newest release “still so far to fly” is a relaxing and meditative piece that is ripe with sublime vibes and rich pads that offer hope and a better tomorrow. 



vhskid. – “Memories Unfold”.

vhskid. takes us back in time with “Memories Unfold”, a smooth introspective track that takes elements from modern jazz, soulful lofi aesthetics with a touch of experimental vibes.


Lost Son – “barquinho”.

Lost Son drops off some sweet summer vibes in “barquinho”. A rich piano-laden piece that slowly progresses into  a gripping soulful track that everyone can rock with.





illi mel – “lemonrise”

illi mel makes his entry on our site with “lemonrise”, a collaboration with Mum Child. The track is an eclectic piece comprised of slick guitar licks, and atmospheric pads with rich moody strings peppered by soft and sparsely arranged drums.

Morning Coffee – “Quiet Nights”

Morning Coffee thrills us with some warm and comforting vibes with his “Quiet Nights”. The track has a sublime and relaxing vibe that is fit for an evening session of meditation. 




Black Ship Japan – “KAMIACHINE”.

Japanese producer Black Ship Japan brings a whole different vibe to our earshot with his modern-jazz improv production. His latest effort “KAMIACHINE”, is a rousing and dynamic piece inspired by the island of Okinawa, and the Tremolo guitar. Black Ship Japan brings something unique with a rich and layered composition that oozes solemnity and introspection. The title is a reference to the old street merchants in the old days in Okinawa who peddled their wares with luggage on their heads. 





Phat Panda – “East in the West (Instrumental)”

Eclectic producer Phat Panda gives us a glimpse into his life in “East in the West (Instrumental)”, a smooth horn-driven jazz-lofi jam that was produced poolside while he was on vacation in California. The track has a summer and warm feel and captures the producer’s relaxed and uplifting mood.





deepsleeper – “infinitely more”.


Lofi music maestro Deepsleeper helps close out this week’s instrumental playlist with “infinitely more”. The aptly titled record is a testament to his production prowess as he pushes the ever-evolving boundaries of lofi sounds with a brilliant blend of soul/R&B and jazz. The layered guitar licks, warm chords, punchy drums and acoustic guitar plucks all come together like peas in a pod

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