We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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DOZU – “Dog Walk”

DOZU takes us on a “Dog Walk” with his newest release. Using lush keys, thumping bassline and horns, he blends a jazz/soul and boombap vibe together that keeps listeners locked in.





leen one – “not home”


leen one makes an entry on our playlist with “not home”, a solemn and heartwarming piece that aims to soothe the spirit. The pads and strings are sublime and lush guitar plucks all merge perfectly.






Mr. Donsai – “Whispering Raindrops”


Mr. Donsai‘s “Whispering Raindrops” has the quintessential lofi vibe with its warm and soothing textures and mellow progression.




Jah Born x Jordache Grant – “Bless”

Veteran producer Jah Born teams up with Jordache Grant for this hopeful tune titled “Bless”. The track is bright and has a nostalgic element to it too, the layered pads, orchestral stabs and soft vocal hums all come together.




kirillovlov – “Passing Shower”

kirillovlov‘s “Passing Shower” is a summer-tinged jazz-lofi track made up of a rich and layered piano arrangement, a chilled bassline and a solid drum groove to match.



lateve – “moonlight”

lateve drops this soulful and contemplative track titled “moonlight”. The production is layered and smooth, each element plays off each other nicely. The guitar plucks, the warm pads and chilled grooves all come together as one.





vhskid. – “Quiet Thoughts”


vhskid. delivers a thrilling piece titled “Quiet Thoughts” on our playlist. The piano-led track is nostalgic and solemn and the slow progression adds a profound emotional oomph to it as well.


korben palace – “pleasure”


French producer/instrumentalist korben palace shares his new single “pleasure” on our playlist. The record is bolstered by a gripping soulful texture, engaging bass line progression and subtle vocal samples as well.


Hak Black – “Priced In Dreams”


Hak Black delivers a sublime and soulful piece titled “Priced In Dreams”. The track has a R&B and lofi feel with its rich pads and guitar plucks and subtle vocal sample to match.


Chinless Wonder – “Land Crabs”.

UK bedroom musician who goes by the moniker Chinless Wonder takes us to the “Land Crabs” with this epic-sounding piece. The production has a moody string sample with lush bell-like synths with punchy drums to match.


wiglu – “Buying sunset”

Spanish producer wiglu shows us what he means by “Buying sunset”. The track is as relaxing and soulful as can be. The sounds are layered and complement each other without being distracting.


Sleepy Slim -” Home Sweet Home”

Sleepy Slim takes us into the comfort zone in “Home Sweet Home”, a chilled piano-laden beat that oozes pure nostalgia and allows one to contemplate good times.


snoozegod x Nick Wolf – “Lost at Sea”


snoozegod and Nick Wolf team up for “Lost at Sea”, a mellow and sombre tune made up of sparsely arranged guitar plucks, ominous bell-like synths and throbbing basslines. It really exemplifies the song title and gives listeners a true feeling of being far from the shore.


Dariush – “It Goes Without Saying”


Austrian producer Dariush thrills us with his latest effort “It Goes Without Saying” which is both nostalgic and soulful. It is made up of soulful low tones, choppy drums and layered pads and overall it reminds me of the mid-00s Nujabes/Dilla tracks.


Cuezy. – “Flow State”


German producer Cuezy helped switch up the mood of the playlist with “Flow State”. The track is a mix of styles ranging from jazz-hop, boombap and lofi soul. The guitar plucks, airy horns and soulful piano keys all lend their strength to the thick boom-bap drums.


bad at math. – “mermaids”


bad at math.’s “mermaids” is an atmospheric lofi track that is as sublime as they come. The ethereal pads and soft grooves all come together perfectly with the blissful guitar riffs and warm textures.



L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “Blissful Breeze”

L O F I L U V and Starburst Records continue their music release with the latest track titled “Blissful Breeze”. The aptly titled track has. hints of lofi, soul and chillhop. From the soothing vocal hums, lush guitar plucks and sombre keys, the track ramps up the emotional element to the max.


Elijah Nang – “Kirameki”


“Kirameki” is a piano-led track from British producer Elijah Nang who makes another appearance on our weekly list. The track is as solemn and reflective as they come and its quite layered and sublime.


Groove. – “TrainOfThoughts”


Groove‘s “TrainOfThoughts” is the perfect playlist closer with it’s jazzy textures, soulful aesthetics and hypnotic percussion driven grooves. Overall its sublime and nostalgia-laden vibe makes it dope.

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