We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Red Rose Panic – Get Busy.

Dynamic Akron, OH based hip-hop band Red Rose Panic make a solid entry on our playlist with their new bass guitar driven single, “Get Busy”. Backed by the lush enthralling textures and thought-provoking lyrics that everyone can relate to, “Get Busy” is a perfect intro to those not familiar to their music.
With Red Rose Panic, you’ll hear more than one type of sound. Inspired by various genres, their live shows and recorded singles span the musical spectrum of Rock to Jazz, to Funk to Hip-Hop, which is also highlighted by their diverse fanbase and eclectic improvisational stage performances.








DLNQNT – Clockwork.

Philly based DLNQNT(pronounced (duh-linq-went) ) shows up on our list with “Clockwork”, a dark offbeat trap song that showcases the young emcee’s unique flow and unpredictable style.

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Anthony Bailey – God Will Rise (feat. Unique Asun, Dolo, DelRoy M., Mr. Severe, Mindless 1406 & Dj Upperkutz)



After the tragic and unexpected murder of the iconic Los Angeles emcee Nipsey Hussle, a musical tribute project took birth in the ‘’Centre-Sud’’ area of Montreal city. Only a couple hours after the devastating news, 7 artists from the Montreal agglomeration came together to compose this heartfelt tribute to the hurtful loss of Nipsey Hussle. Producer Anthony Bailey, (also known by the name of Prodbybailey) crafted the emotive yet hopeful beat for the 5 Mc’s: Unique Asun, Dolo, Mindless, DelRoy M., and Mr. Severe.
The visual was helmed by Daniel Julien Inacio, a committed Filmmaker and cinematographer. Inacio managed to immortalize the amazing triumphs of Nipsey Hussle while he was alive as much as today; all in a music video showcasing their verses in company with professional Hip-Hop dancers in “God Will Rise”

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Dabieh & Santino Le Saint – City of The Living.

“City of The Living” is a rap/rock collaboration between Cloud X label owner Dabieh and London based act Santino Le Saint. It blends heavy rock guitars over a mellow drum groove peppered by heartfelt lyrics.
This is the first release by the duo and also serves as the soundtrack to unreleased film “The Great Moth”.






SHIGGY – Cissy Houston (feat. 3DM., Mike SB, ZEO).



New York based budding producer, Shiggy teams up with 3DM., Mike SB and ZEO on his new record titled “Cissy Houston”. Backed by a solid sample from the legendary singer, the song captures the vintage hip-hop sound with the emcees doing their thing as expected. The producer also threw in a classic Biggie sample into the mix

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Manus Bell – Legacy (feat. Jonah Wright).

Today, Copenhagen-based rapper, Manus Bell’s new single “Legacy” is a heartfelt/poignant record that sees the emcee reviewing his life on all levels. He also takes some time to detail the defining stages of his journey to adulthood.
The song features upcoming rapper Jonah Wright, who delivers a powerful, emotional chorus.







Dax – My Last Words.

Dax’s newest release “My Last Words” is a heartfelt, thought provoking look at imminent death and the inner drama that comes with it. He asks What would your last words be? What would he try to change before meeting his demise? So many questions, so little time.






chris x slikk – you know how i’m rockin.

St. Louis based duo chris x slikk make a splash on our list with a smooth soulful gem titled “you know how I’m rockin.” The duo blend a smooth mix of jazz, lo-fi, electronica with their carefree demeanor. “you know how i’m rockin. is off their mixtape “104.1”





PWR CPL – Vital Signs.

The PWR CPL return with a very heartfelt and ethereal single titled “Vital Signs”. The song is pretty alluring and is helmed by Jon’s emotion-filled singing and rapping while Summer accentuates the overall vibe with ethereal harmonies.







joe p. the MC feat. HKneverdie – day 1.

joe p. the MC team up with HKneverdie on his new single “day 1”. A mellow profound look at his struggles as an indie artist trying to make a way for himself.


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